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WireLend.com Review: An Online Service With Hidden Information

What is Wirelend?

wirelend com

WireLend.com is an online service that specializes in installment loans and consolidation loans. This website is NEITHER A LENDER NOR A BROKER and does not make any decisions on loan approval. This website’s goal is to help users to find possible online lenders who may make a beneficial offer that will suit the needs of a consumer. WireLend website involves 2 simple steps: loan application and transfer to a potential lender. This kind of online service is quite popular today. According to the information provided, WireLend.com has been operating since 2007 and over these years managed to have served over 1 million customers.

Loan typesMin.amountMax.amountPeriodAPRDocumentsPoor credit history
Installment loans, consolidation loans$100$25006-9 monthsDepends on the lenderSSN, Driver’s License #Yes

Types of Wirelend Loans

WireLend helps customers to find installment loans and consolidation loans:


  1. Installment loans offered by WireLend.com range from $100 to $2,500. These are long-term loans that are more suitable for large purchases, have longer repayment term and higher percentage rates. These loans are paid back over an extended period of time in equal monthly installments;
  2. A debt consolidation loan is a loan that combines or refinances other loans or debts; usually used to reduce the monthly debt payments of an individual. These loans are often used to pay off payday loans, credit cards, and other unsecured financial obligations. A debt consolidation loan application is similar to an installment loan application.

The company guarantees that once a customer is approved, the money will be transferred directly to his bank account at once. Customers should bear n mind that funds can only be transferred on weekdays so if they decide to apply on weekend, it is very likely that they will receive the money as soon as the next business day.

Terms of Use

If you are applying for an installment loan through WireLend.com, you can get up to $2,500. The company mentions that all lender from its network have different money transfer times and sometimes lenders may require faxing. Completion of a loan application on the website of WireLend does not guarantee that you are approved for a required amount.

Once again, we remind you that WireLend is not a lender and does not control loans but only refers people to online lenders who offer emergency loans. For this reason, WireLend is unable to tell exactly which Annual Percentage Rate will be charged for every particular loan. APRs also vary from lender to lender and according to the personal details provided by a borrower. According to the information mentioned on the website, the APR on installment loan usually range from 200% to 2,290% and cannot exceed this amount. Only a direct lender from WireLend network of lenders cannot predict an exact APR, late payment fees, repayment terms and other details about your loan. All this information will be specified in the loan application process of the lender’s website and mention in a loan agreement (if you accept an offer).

What looks a bit embarrassing is that WireLend is not able to tell customers if they will qualify for a loan until they complete the application. They only mention that customers must be 18 years of age to qualify. Similar online service does not provide the exact loan terms as either but at least supply people with basic qualifications they should comply with. It would be very disappointing to find out in the end that you are not eligible for a WireLend loan because you have insufficient income.

We also found an information that WireLend complies with State and Federal laws regarding lending businesses. So you probably can hope that all loan terms and rates are within the limits determined by law. However, we recommend you carefully read all terms and conditions before signing an agreement.

Application Process on Wirelend.com

On WireLend.com, the loan application process is free of charge. Users can start the application by clicking the “Apply Now” button on the main page of the website. This online application consists of several parts and requires typing some essential information like name, physical address, an SSN number, phone number, email, income, account number and so on. Once you finish this application, WireLend will try to transfer you to the website of a direct lender which can make you an offer, which you can accept or refuse. In some cases, the service is unable to match a customer with a lender. If you accept the offer, you can finally see all loan terms and conditions offered by this particular lender. WireLend promises that every customer will know whether he is approved or not in a couple of minutes. If a client is approved, the funds will be transferred to his bank account the same day.

We also found the information that WireLend loans do not require collateral.

Loan Repayment

All WireLend loans are to be repaid in equal monthly installments. Each payment includes principal and interest fee. As we have already mentioned, every lender has its own loan repayment terms. So you should carefully read the contract before signing.

Bear in mind that every lender may apply additional fees or penalties in the case you are unable to make a payment on time. Again, WireLend.com cannot supply its users with the exact fees or penalties that a customer will have to pay as a result of non-payment or missed payment.

If borrowers fail to make a timely payment, he will most probably get a call from the lender.

Missing a single payment will probably not damage your credit score, but your credit rating will definitely be ruined if you fail on 2 or more payments.

If a customer does not make a payment within next 60 days, hid loan will default. WireLend claims that all lenders from its network operate in a fair and reasonable manner.

Loan Extension

We found no information about the possibility of extending a loan but suggest that this option also differs from lender to lender: some may allow a loan extension, and others may limit this opportunity so clients will have to consult their lender about a loan extension option. You should bear remember that this option may involve additional fees.

Regretfully, the possibility of repaying a loan early is also was not discussed.

Wirelend.com Bad Credit

WireLend is not a lender and does not make any credit checks. But the lenders from its network do some check, however, it’s not hard. For these, they use 3 major credit bureaus including Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Lenders may be interested in whether you have taken other online loans before. According to the website, having bad credit score does not mean your loan application will be 100% declined but it does not guarantee you will be approved either.

WireLend recommends consumers to consult a Credit Counseling company if they have any credit problems.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Checking Encryption

According to the information placed on the website, WireLend.com uses a variety of security technologies to protect customer’s private information from any third-parties. We found out that the website uses a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. The secure connection is verified by Starfield Technologies, Inc.:


Regretfully, we found no information about the owner of the website a green lock still indicates that the connection is secure.

Generally, we are happy that WireLend.com has taken some security measures. However, we’d love to see a more reliable level of protection.

Checking Mobile Version

For such services like WireLend, a mobile version is a very important aspect. According to Google, this website is adapted for mobile audience and can fully perform its functions in this regime.


Using WireLend.com mobile version, users may probably have even a better experience with this service since the mobile version looks more convenient and all the menu points are located in one place – at the top of the page. The application process in the mobile version doesn’t differ from the original version. We were happy to see that the mobile website has no scrolling or other problems. We also noticed that all secondary information was removed from the main block of the main page.

So we conclude that WireLend.com mobile website works well and customers will not have any problems when applying for a loan through this website.

Checking Antivirus

Regretfully, this online service uses no antivirus which increases the threat of virus attacks and online thefts. We suspect that unwanted malware programs can steal borrowers’ personal data.

We’d advise the website’s owner to review WireLend security issue and make it more advanced. People prefer using online services that have done their best to provide a high level of customers’ data protection.

Convenience of Using Wirelend.com

We like that fact that on WireLend.com users can start an application 24 hours a day without registration. They just need to click on the “Apply now” button and provide some personal information required: social security number, driver’s license, current checking account, physical address, the name of the employer, monthly income, and some others.

To start filling in an application form, you need to type in your name, last 4 of SSN, birth date, and zip code. The whole application form looks this way:


Once you completed the application, the service will refer you to the website of a potential lender who may provide you with a loan. In my case, it was Brighter.loans that offer credit solutions up to $35,000:


The website contains the information that some mobile devices do not work correctly with WireLend application software. Obviously, some clients will have difficulty applying. The company mentions that the best options for working with this online service are laptops and desktops.

We also remind you that this website does not give the exact terms and rates – all this information will be available as soon as customers complete the application. So you need to be patient.

We, however, appreciate that the website provides many useful and informative articles the financial world. WireLend suggests taking a moment to read these articles and get a better knowledge of different loan options:


Newcomers may also use an FAQ section which lists the most popular questions about WireLend and answers to them.

Looking at all these aspects, we may say that using this service it’s possible to find a suitable lender in a very short time. However, considering the fact that the application software was not adapted for all devices and there is too little information about approximate loan terms and qualifications, we conclude that there is still much work to be done.

Is Wirelend.com Legit?

To ensure Wirelend’s legitimacy, we used another online verification service – ScamAdviser. The analysis results testify that this website’s trust rating reached 90%% out of 100% on the safety scale, leaving the yellow zones far behind.


According to ScamAdviser, the site looks safe to use. The domain age is impressive – over 10 years. However, ScamAdviser was not able to determine the website’s origin. The probability that the site is located in the USA is only 5%. We also found out that the website is rarely visited. The fact that Wirelend.com is using an anonymous service look suspicious, still, ScamAdviser gave a rather high trust rating to this service testifying that it’s legitimate.

Wirelend.com Reviews

On-site Wirelend Reviews

Positive customer reviews are the best proof that the online service is real and works well. We expected to find at least some testimonials on the pages of this website, but there was none. There is no special page where a client could write about their experience with Wirelend services. Were they really helpful? Did the clients return for more? We were not able to learn. Probably, we will find some external Wirelend.com reviews that will throw light on the service’s operation.

Wirelend Reviews on Other Websites

Unfortunately, we found one single Wirelend review on the net. Gabriella from Las Vegas wrote that this company is stealing money from people and advises all customers to be careful:


Regretfully, it was not what we expected to find. Still, we are happy to find at least ONE comment about this company and now we know that Wirelend does not always satisfy customers. Does it satisfy them at all? No information found.

Contact Us section

Contact Information

Regretfully, Wirelend.com contact details remained unknown. Wirelend phone number, legal address, and email were NOT indicated anywhere on the site, which looks confusing. Perhaps, the company does not feel the need to specify any contact information because it only connects people with potential lenders. However, we’d love to see at least an email address which would be useful in some cases when people have any problems with Wirelend that need to be solved.

Wirelend.com Locations

We found out that Wirelend.com is not available in all states.

Only residents of 35 states are able to use this online service: Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Wirelend services are NOT available in Arizona, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, New Hampshire, Montana, Georgia, Arkansas, Idaho.

The company mentions that the list of these states may be changed without notice.

Getting a Consultation

WireLend boasts of “the excellent customer service”. It guarantees the highest level of customer support group and a quick response to customers who send questions about this service. The company offers too limited ways of contacting the customer support group. WireLend representatives can be reached only be using a contact form. Phone, fax, and email are not indicated anywhere on the site.


We sent an inquiry asking to specify how many lenders WireLend has in its network but we never received an answer. This testifies that WireLend customer support is far from perfect.


WireLend.com could be a good tool for finding legitimate lenders. Although ScamAdviser gave this service a high trust-rating, we cannot recommend this website to other customers due to too many aspects that worry us: the company works with too limited loan options, the terms and rates are not specified, there are no convenient ways for contacting the customer support on the sire, nothing is mentioned about WireLend location. The most alarming point is that we found 1 single review about this online service which was negative. There are just too many things that should be clarified. We give WireLend the rating of 2,6 stars out of 5 and conclude that this service is not worth trying.


I urgently need money for a summer trip. WireLend approves my application. Money is transferred fast. Good service!
- Arlene Quinones

I need money to repair my car. This company offers several loan options for me. One of that options suits me better. I took a loan and paid it back without problems.
- Jeremy Jones
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