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Advanceamerica.net Review – The Best Choice to Lend Money Quickly and with No Troubles

Advanceamerica.net Introducing Itself

logotypeAdvance America is a financial institution that runs its activity since 1997. The company legally issues short-term microloans to all people in need of money. Advance America works both online and in-store, having more than 2000 offices around America. The business was founded as a small facility, but now it is one of the largest national money lenders.

The company is a member of Community Financial Services Association, which encourages fair and fully disclosed lending practices. Also the company is involved in various charity events, that is how they give back to the society. On the website you may learn more about where the company is involved and read more details about each of the communities.charity Advance America is rated 97% by their customers in safety level, according to information found on the website. This is information is not proved by any facts, but the company claims itself reliable and secure money lender. This organization offers several types of loans and other financial services, about which you will read further.rating

Types of loanMin amountMax amountInterest rateTermsDocuments requiredBad credit history
payday loan
installment loan
title loan
credit line
$100depends on the statedepends on the statedepends on the stategovernment issued ID
latest checking account statement
proof of income
verification of SSN
proof of residence

Types of Loans

Advanceamerica.net offers its customers several types of loans. The list can be found is a special tab in the head menu. According to it use can ask the company for:

  • payday loan;
  • online payday loan;
  • installment loan;
  • online installment loan;
  • title loan.

For each loan there are individual conditions concerning min and max amount, time of application reviewing, time for transferring the funds. Also for different states the company offers different conditions. So to learn which terms are available for you, you need to choose your location and type of the loan and read all the information.

Also the company offers such services as:

  • tax services;
  • Visa prepaid card;
  • MoneyGram services.

The company promises to issue money in-store in minutes, and for online application – on the next banking day. For title loans you get approval in minutes, and keep driving your car and get money you need. In any case, read details on the website or ask for consultation the support group of the company.

Terms of Use

For different types of loans you have to met different requirement set by the company. Note that these requirement may also vary according to laws of the sate you live in. To get more specifics you need to visit the store or contact the support group. Here are the main requirements applied to all customer:

  • you must be 18 years old;
  • be employed;
  • be a US resident;
  • have US bank account;
  • not be in current bankruptcy;
  • not be an active member, spouse or dependent of the military.

According to this information, it is clear that unemployed customers are not eligible for a loan in Advance America. As an alternative, you can try a title loan, if you have a car, but in some states even for this type of loan you will have too provide proof of income.

As it was said before depending on you location terms and conditions vary, so minimal and maximal amount of loan as well as period of the loan are determined by your state. When applying for a loan choose your state and amount of money offered by the company. Minimal amount available is $100, and maximal amount is set by law of the state. Usually payday loans are issued for 1 month till your next payday, so in this case we think the situation is the same.

Installment loans have different terms, as they may be repaid in several payments. Usually amount for this type of loan is greater than for a payday loan. For title loans conditions also may vary. The only requirement applicable for all states is that you need to bring your car and proof of ownership.

Also Advanceamerica.net provides such service as credit line, which is not included in the list of services for unknown reasons. Credit line can be used for a very long time, besides its size may increase if you make payments on time and have no troubles with you line in general. This option is available not in all states but it is a great flaw that it is not included in the list so that customer knew that there is such option.

Interest rate is not fixed either. For a particular state it will be different, so it is also necessary to clarify this moment on the website of in store with the manager.


On the website you can find information that approval of the application appears in minutes. In-store applications are reviewed faster and you can get money in several minutes on the same day. Online applications are approved fast, but money are issued only on the same day in general.

For payday and installment loans you don’t need to provide any guarantors or references. Even your credit history is not checked, as it is said on the website. But for any application online and in-store you need to provide documents proving that you meet the requirements (may vary by store).

Payday Loans/Cash Advance:

  • government issued ID;
  • latest checking account statement;
  • most recent proof of income;
  • verification of social security number.

Online Payday Loans:

  • government issued ID;
  • income information;
  • social security number;
  • checking account number and routing number.

Installment Loans:

  • government issued ID;
  • latest checking account statement;
  • most recent proof of income;
  • verification of social security number.

Online Installment Loans:

  • active checking account;
  • income information;
  • social security number;
  • valid and active e-mail address.

Title Loans:

  • free and clear vehicle title;
  • proof of residence (utility bill);
  • government issued ID;
  • vehicle (for inspection only);
  • in some states, proof of income and vehicle insurance required.

Make sure to get all necessary documents to avoid problems with application. This information is required only to prove your solvency and won’t be disclosed to any third parties. You can read more about confidentiality policy of Advance America on the website.


Repayment option in Advanceamerica.net depend on the type of the loan you apply for. Please remember that no matter which one you choose, you need to pay it back on time to avoid any additional late fees and problems with collections.

Payday Loans/Cash Advance – you will have to pay the loan back on the due date at any Advance America store. No other options are specified.

Online Payday Loans – your payment will be withdrawn from your checking account automatically on the due date. At your due date, electronic request will be sent to your bank for specified amount of loan fees.

Installment Loans – no information is provided. It can be assumed, that installment loans are repaid as payday loans in a store.

Online Installment Loans – no information is provided. It can be assumed, that online installment loans are repaid as online payday loans via withdrawal from you account.

Title Loans – no information is provided. It can be assumed that the loan is repaid in a store. Please clarify these issues with the manager of the store or the support group of the company.

Remember, please, that your online loans are deposited directly into your bank account, so bank holidays could delay timing of your loan deposit and your payments. The following bank holidays are observed by all Federal Banks:

  • New Years Day;
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day;
  • President‘s Day;
  • Memorial Day;
  • Independence Day;
  • Labor Day;
  • Columbus Day;
  • Veterans Day;
  • Thanksgiving Day;
  • Christmas Day.

For holidays falling on Saturday, Federal Reserve Banks will be open the preceding Friday. For holidays falling on Sunday, all Federal Reserve Banks will be closed the following Monday. Be sure to check your bank‘s holiday schedule.

You can pay off you loan early without any penalties. The company encourages customers to pay back their debt earlier than the due date, this will allow saving on interest. If you have no opportunity to repay your loan on time, the company will try to come to an agreement with you. They do not report to credit agencies, as it is claimed on the website. However, there is no information about any fees and charges for late payments, as well about opportunity to delay your payment.

Also, if you changed your mind and don’t want to use money after the loan was issued, you can rescind the transaction at no cost within a certain period of time (stated by law in your state) by returning the full amount of the advance. For state specific rescission policies contact your local Advance America store.


The company claims to follow federal and state laws. But there is no information about extending your loan. You will have to contact the nearest store to get all details about loan extension. Most probably such option will require additional interest or other charges, so it is better to pay off on time or consider another way of getting money than a loan.

Also the company doesn’t provide any information about issuing a loan while another one is not yet paid off. In some states the law may allow such practice, but it is important to correctly weigh your financial possibilities. Several active loans may be difficult to pay off at one time.

Advanceamerica.net Bad Credit History

The company doesn’t reject customers with bad credit history right away. It is important to evaluate all possibilities of the customer to pay off, and even if you had poor history in the past this doesn’t mean that you will be declined. On the contrary, paying off your loan on time will help to improve you credit score.

However, as part of online application process, Advance America will receive information from third party data providers, including information about your credit history from various credit reporting agencies. If you have defaulted on past transactions, you may be declined for a loan, but only if your application doesn’t inspire trust of the lender.

Technical Data of Advanceamerica.net

Secure Connection

Any reliable website does its website to provide the highest level of protection to the customers. To prevent data theft and unauthorized access to personal information website use special secure connection with data encryption to allow safe use of the service. To check if the connection is secure you need to look at the address bar where URL of the website is written. If it has the green lock and says «Safe», then you can be sure that none of the information you provide on the website will be stolen or disclosed to any third parties.https protocol

We can see that Advance America provides security for personal data, to ensure the most comfortable and safe service for all clients. If you want to get more information about level of protection on the website, you can view certificate of safety at any time. It is at free access to any user of the website.certificatecertificate As we can see, Advance America uses 256-bit encryption, which means that the company provides the highest possible level of protection for sensitive information. But unfortunately information about certificate owner is hidden, which awakes suspicion about reliability of the certificate. Still the level of security is decent, which cannot but please most customers.

Mobile Version

The administration of the website provided a very well worked out mobile version, which ensure convenient and easy use. Customers can use services of the company not only form their computers and laptops, but also from mobile phones and tablets. The mobile version is very attractively organized, the screen is adapted for the mobile devices. The menu has changed its position, but contain all the same information and functions. The text is readable and the lines do not «run one on another». In general the website is very attractive and convenient to use.mobile

According to test by Google.com, the mobile version is mobile-friendly, which is a very good result. This proves that the website is well worked through and no problems with mobile version will appear while using it. There are some issues with loading of several resources, but in general it can be said that mobile version is organized on a decent level, and with come slight correction it will be perfect.

Antivirus Program

It is great to discover, that Advanceamerca.net provides antivirus protection o its customers. Most websites ignore this issue, which sometimes can lead to sad consequences. Absence of antivirus can case damage of devices or data theft, as you can get some malware on the such unprotected devices. Not all customers has their own antivirus on the device, so it is easy to get virus from unreliable websites.antivirus

However Advance America is not included in the list of such irresponsible unreliable services. Here you can freely visit any page and be sure that no malware will get into your computer. But we still recommend to install your own protection, to be double sure in security of your session in the Internet.

Convenience of Application

There are 2 options to apply for a loan. You can file an application in store and get money in several minutes, or you can use online application form, which is more convenient and less time-consuming.options

In-store application procedure is run by a manager, who will explain all the steps you have to undertake. Before going to a store, you need to find the nearest to you, and star application on the website, to accelerate the process of application. For applying for a loan online you don’t need to go anywhere from you home. Application even doesn’t require registering on the website. Your account is created automatically when filling in the application form.

To apply for a loan you have to fill in the form divided into several steps. There will be required only general information about you and you bank information to make sure that you are qualify for a loan you ask. The whole procedure takes about 10-15 minutes, and no papers of references are required, which is very convenient. You won’t have to fax or e-mail anything.applicationapplicationapplication

There is no information about how much time will be needed to review you application. The only thing we know, is that it takes minutes to get cash in-store, and a day to get funds on you account with online approval. To review online application the company needs several minutes as it is claimed on the website. Note, that for different types of loans in different states this time may vary.

Also in the Internet you can find some websites offering coupon codes for Advance America service. Those coupon we found turned out to be not code offering a discount for services but just an advertisement of the website with links to pages with descriptions.invalid coupon

Also we found a coupon for 20% discount for tax services on the website. This coupon is to be printed and as we assume presented to the manager. But the problem is that this coupon is given on the website, but it only can be found via Google search, which is very inconvenient. Besides no banner or note are given on the main page, to inform customer of opportunity to save money on tax preparation fees.coupon

Is Advanceamerica.net Legit?

Test by ScamAdviser.com gave us very positive results. According to ScamAdviser the company has a very high trust rating – 100%. This means that the company is completely safe to use and it can be trusted. Advance America has lots of visitor, and it is also deemed popular by Alexa.com (a website estimating popularity of other website basing on number of visitors) with ranking of 233834. These are a very impressive data.scamadviser

The domain age is really large – almost 18 years. There are no malware or other reports about suspicious activity. The website location is US, and there are no other countries involved. Unfortunately the only address we could find on the website differs from the one in the report, but we cannot claim that this address is the actual official address of the company. It is possible, that this is mailing address for the support group.

In general it can be said that the company is a reliable source for lending money, no suspicious activity was detected. However ScamAdviser.com is not a 100% trusted services, so check yourself everything before applying for a loan at Advanceamerica.net.

Advanceamerica.net Reviews

Reviews on the Website Itself

There are lots of customers reviews on the website. There is a special page for 640 reviews left by customers from different social networks. The reviews are fresh, and constantly updates. Each review has a rating, so the customer can not only leave their opinion but also evaluate the work of the company in 5 star scale.

All reviews are mainly positive, and the overall rate of the company according to customers reviews is 97%. There are very few negative reviews according to information found on the website. We managed to look through all the reviews and haven’t found any with rating lower than 4 stars. So logically we have a question – how does their rating appear to have some percent of negative reviews? Where 97% come from? According to all positive reviews, their rating should be about 99% or higher. So we have suspicions that this rating and the review are not real, or negative reviews are simply not published on the website.reviews

Also on the same page you can find reviews from TrustPilot. This is a third party forum for customers comments about any service in the Internet. This website is reliable and proved to have comments left by real people, not interested in good reputation of the service they comment on. So for customer it is very convenient to read reviews on the website and see comments left on other reliable service at the same time. We consider that Advance America did a great job to help people get a clear idea about what they are and quality of their services.trustpilot

Reviews on Foreign Resources

If you look in the Internet, you can find a lot of websites with comments and reviews about Advance America. There both positive and negative reviews, but in majority of cases people are satisfied with the service.

There is a special website for customers complaints on services – https://www.consumeraffairs.com/finance/advance-america.html. There you can find many complaints on Advance America, claiming they are scammers. But if you read these comments you will understand that all people were scammed by fraudulent companies claiming to be Advance America. On Advaceamerica.net website you can read Security information. This page is specially create for all customers not to be fooled by some scammers. It clearly states that in no case you should make up-front payments or provide your personal information to persons calling or writing to you and claiming that you were pre-approved for a loan and that you need to make some payment or buy a card. Advance America never asks for such actions and will contact you only if your application was approved.complaints

As it was mentioned above, there are a lot of comments on TrustPilot.com. The overall rating of the company on this website is 9.4 stars. Mostly the reviews are positive, though there are some negative, but we think that small percentage of bad comments is acceptable and represents the real picture of the company activity.comments

Another website also contains mostly complaints of people about the company work – https://advance-america.pissedconsumer.com/complaints/RT-P.html. Here you can find some positive comments, but mostly negative. And again, most customers say that they were asked to make up-front payment, and then their money was stolen. Also some customers provided their bank account information, and were fooled by some fraudulent organizations. So we recommend all customers to read security information carefully, and before providing any information or money, call or visit Advance America store and consult a manager. Be careful with such persons calling you and asking to make any payments.complaints

Contact Details

«Contact Us» Page

On the «Contact Us» page you can find several sections. Besides contact information of the organization itself and its support group for online loans, you are provided with contact details of Consumer Financial Services Association, Your State’s Financial Regulator and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. So if any question concerning your rights or about general terms of laws arise, you can contact these organizations and you don’t have to look for contact details in the Internet.

On the «Contact Us» page itself you can find contact form for e-mailing the company itself. Unfortunately, there is no address or phone number of the company, as well as no working hours information.

When you choose «Contact Online Loan Support», you are transferred to another URL address, which looks like designed by the company, but not located on their main website. Here you can find all necessary information: phone numbers, mailing address, working hours and contact form. So basically, this is the page you need, when you want to contact the support group and ask questions. The address indicated on this page differs from the one in the ScamAdviser report, so we can’t claims that it is real, and that there you will find their office. But in general, all information needed for contacting the company is given in full on the website, which is a great advantage for the Advanceamerica.net.online loan support


The company has more than 2000 stores all over the USA. In all states it adheres to applicable legislation, so services and conditions may vary according to the state you live in.map

In some states these or that services may not be available, interest rate may be higher or lower, terms may be shorter or longer. In some states services of Advanceamerica.net may be unavailable at all. Below there is a table with all
states where Advance America runs its activity and services provided by the company.

Alabama (109 stores)payday loans, online payday loans, installment loans, title loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
California (239 stores)payday loans, online payday loans, installment loans, online installment loans, title loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Colorado (20 stores)installment loans, tax services, MoneyGram services and Visa prepaid cards
Delaware (13 stores)payday loans, installment loans, online installment loans, title loans, tax services, MoneyGram services and Visa prepaid cards
Florida (231 stores)payday loans, online payday loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Iowa (33 stores)payday loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Idaho (4 stores)payday loans, installment loans, title loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Illinois (30 stores)payday loans, installment loans, title loans, tax services, MoneyGram services and Visa prepaid cards
Indiana (77 stores)payday loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Kansas (47 stores)payday loans, online payday loans, online lines of credit, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Kentucky (26 stores)payday loans, tax services, MoneyGram services and Visa prepaid cards
Louisiana (67 stores)payday loans, online payday loans, title loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Michigan (144 stores)payday loans, online payday loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Missouri (65 stores)payday loans, installment loans, online installment loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Mississippi (38 stores)payday loans, online payday loans, installment loans, title loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Nebraska (17 stores)cash advances, tax services, MoneyGram services and Visa prepaid cards
Nevada (11 stores)payday loans, installment loans, title loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Ohio (116 stores)payday loans, online payday loans, installment loans, online installment loans, title loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid card
Oklahoma (63 stores)payday loans, online payday loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Rhode Island (19 stores)payday loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
South Carolina (97 stores)payday loans, online installment loans or MoneyGram services
Tennessee (55 stores)payday loans, online payday loans, title loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Texas (175 stores)cash advances, extended loans, installment loans, online installment loans, title loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid card
Utah (2 stores)payday loans,  installment loans, tax services, MoneyGram services and Visa prepaid cards
Virginia (68 stores)payday loans, title loans, tax services, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Washington (7 stores)payday loans, tax services, MoneyGram services and Visa prepaid cards
Wisconsin (20 stores)payday loans, installment loans, online installment loans, title loans, MoneyGram services or Visa prepaid cards
Wyoming (11 stores)payday loans, online payday loans, tax services, MoneyGram services and Visa prepaid cards

As you can see the services vary, so to clarify which loan is available for you, find the nearest store in you state, or contact the support group online to get consultation.

Contacting the Support Group

To check how effective the customers support service, we decided to send a request to the support group. On the page with contact details there is a contact form, as it was mentioned earlier. All you need to do is fill in necessary information and send the message.

After you submit your request, you get a message that your request was accepted and the manager will contact you as soon as possible. So there is nothing left to do but wait.

After about 5 – 10 minutes we got a reply from the support group, answering our question. It should be said that this is a very short period for e-mails. A very big advantage in favor of the company, showing how effective and fast the support group works. Most companies make customers wait for at least several hours, but not Advance America. The customers will be pleased with the level and speed of customer service on the website.reply


Having analyzed all the above points, it can be concluded that Advanceamerica.net is quite a reliable money lender in America. The company offers a wide range of services, which may vary depending on location. You can apply in-store as well as online with minimal troubles. If any questions arise the support group quickly and effectively answers them online in few minutes.

The security level is very impressive and customers can be sure of their data safety on the website. There is protection from data theft and malwares. Legitimacy level is very high – the company rated 100% in safety by ScamAdviser.com.

Application process is very simple and quick, you will have no problems in applying online, and if you decide to apply in-store, competent managers will explain what you need to do in details. The money issues in the shortest time. In 48 hour maximum you will get you loan.

If you still have doubts, you can read customers’ reviews both on the website and on other websites. Most customers are satisfied with the service, and those that are not in majority just became victims of scammers claiming to be Advance America. So in general we can recommend this organization as reliable and safe money lender for you.

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