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UsaCheckCashingStore.com Review: Unclear Terms and Many Conventional Stores


UsaCheckCashingStore.com is a lender offering different financial products since 2000. The company has 22 stores located predominantly in Northern Illinois, Southern Illinois (St. Louis, MO area) and Southern Wisconsin. As stated on the website, this company has gained a reputation as “Your Local 1-Stop Short Term Financial Lending Center”. The staff is professional and constantly undergo teaching webinars and seminars to improve the services provided. USA Check Cashing Store is a part of Financial Service/Lending Companies inclusively of USA Checks Cashed, USA Check Cashing Store, MO Payday Loans, and AAA1 Auto Title Loans, operating more than 90 stores in California, Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin.

For applying for a loan, this company offers either online applications or visit an office in one suitable location. The office addresses are specified on the website itself and in the point “Locations” in this review.

Loan TypesMin AmountMax AmountPeriodInterest RateDocumentsBad Credit History
  • Payday Advance Loans;
  • Payday Installment Loans;
  • Installment Loans;
  • Auto / Car Title Loans;
  • MoneyGram – Money Transfer/Wiring Services;
  • MoneyGram – Bill Payment Services.
$ 100$ 250 (payday loan), up to $ 50,000 (title loan)agreed individuallyagreed individually
  • your most recent bank statement;
  • current pay stub;
  • imprinted personal check;
  • government-issued identification;
  • a utility bill or something with your address.
YES (title loan)

Types of Loans

Usacheckcashingstore.com offers:

  • Payday Loans;
  • Auto Registration;
  • Car Title Loans;
  • DMV Services;
  • MoneyGram;
  • Check cashing (except for Mira Mesa);
  • Money orders (except for Mira Mesa);
  • Utility bill payment (except for Mira Mesa);
  • Netspend Pre-Paid Debit Cards (except for Mira Mesa).

The downtown San Diego Branch also exchanges foreign currency.

Terms of Use

USA Check Cashing Store offers $ 100 up to $ 250 if you apply for a payday loan. If you need a greater loan amount, you have to apply for a car title loan. This option makes it possible to be approved for a loan amount starting from $ 2,600 up to $ 50,000.

To qualify for a loan, you need to meet several requirements:

  • your most recent bank statement;
  • current pay stub;
  • imprinted personal check;
  • government-issued identification;
  • a utility bill or something with your address.
  • a car title loan on regular vehicles, motorcycles, and classics (if applied for a car title loan).

Car title loans are issued for 24 to 36 months. The information about repayment terms of payday loans is not recorded on the website.

If you decide to apply for a loan online, you have to submit an online application form that contains the following information:

  • First Name;
  • Last Name;
  • Address (Street, Apt/Unit, City, State, Zip);
  • Phone Number;
  • Work/Alternate Phone Number;
  • Email;
  • USA Checks Cashed & Payday Advance Nearest to Your Zipcode.

Before submitting any information, please check it twice. The incorrectly provided data may be the reason for non-approval.


There are two ways to apply for a loan through usacheckcashingstore.com either online or visit a store. In any case, you have to provide some documents specified in the point above. There is no exact given terms of your application processing. In any case, you will have to wait for a certain period of time to get to know whether you are approved for a payday/car title loan or not.

If you need some additional info on how loan the application is processed, please contact any store directly. The manager will explain to you all the aspects of your request processing.


To pay a loan back, you may either use a debit or credit card online. You may also visit any USA Checks Cashed location where the company accepts cash or can accept debit payment.

In case, you cannot pay a loan on time, please contact a store you have visited to find a way out of this difficult situation. There is no info that you will be charged penalties, or your debt will be transferred to a collection team. In any case, address the manager to clarify this issue.


There is no clear information on whether you are eligible to extend the loan. Address the store you’ve visited or use a contact form to clarify the extension options.

Bad Credit History

If you have a bad credit history, you can apply only for a car title loan. It becomes possible to apply for a car title loan having bad credit as this type of loan is secured by your title. In the case of non-repayment, you could not use your title anymore. Your car/motorcycle will be confiscated.

Technical Data

Secure Connection

UsaCheckCashingStore.com uses an encrypted connection. The pages are encrypted using SSL-protocol verified by GoDaddy.com, Inc. The key is 128 bit. All the personal data are protected from unlegalized access. Unfortunately, the company provides no ownership information that’s why we cannot say it provides 100% protection.

secure connection

But in any case, this lender takes some effort to keep personal data safe. You may address the company’s customer care department to understand how safe your data will be while applying for a payday loan online.

Mobile Version

mobile version

USA Check Cashing Store has a user-friendly mobile version. It means a client may use the only gadget to apply for a loan. You need to have access to the Internet and use services provided by a user-friendly mobile version. There are no drawbacks that may prevent people from applying for a loan.

So, if you better prefer using your phone, you may do it without any problems.


We have not found any antivirus. Be sure to protect your gadget as the Internet is full of viruses and other threats.

Convenience of Application

The main convenience is the option to apply for a loan online. The application contains the main information without any special requirements. The application includes the following data:

  • First Name;
  • Last Name;
  • Address (Street, Apt/Unit, City, State, Zip);
  • Phone Number;
  • Work/Alternate Phone Number;
  • Email;
  • USA Checks Cashed & Payday Advance Nearest to Your Zipcode.

This lender claims the processing will take several minutes that makes online application as favorable as possible.

apply for a loan

There is no form for creating a personal account that’s why we conclude you may apply for a payday or car title loan as a guest.

One more attractive option is promotions offered by usacheckcashingstore.com. One promotion offers no interest if you apply for a payday loan of up to $ 250.00 for the first time.


The second promotion grants a $20.00 gift card with an auto title loan.

gift card

In general, the website is convenient, user-friendly, contains all the main information except for interest rates and terms.

Legitimacy and Security of usacheckcashingstore.com

According to ScamAdviser.com, usacheckcashingstore.com is a high-trusted company. It might be safe to use this service. The trusted rating is 95%. The information provided on this legitimacy resource contains proved data about the organization, country, email, website location, and etc. The site confirms the website location and company location are coincide – the United States of America (100%).


The domain age is 7 years and 127 days. The website speed is very fast. We cannot find any contraversion information about this financial company. We believe this data is 100% true and relevant. You may also surf other legitimacy websites that will provide additional info about usacheckcashingstore.


Reviews on USAcheckcashingstore.com

Unfortunately, we failed to find reviews of clients on the website itself. The company is founded in 2000 so that, it should already obtain feedback from clients. We cannot guarantee that feedback absence will affect your decision to apply for a loan through. But better try to find some info about this company before filling out an application.

Reviews on Foreign Resources

The surfing of foreign resources brings no results, as well. There is no evidence this company is sought-after. Clients’ feedback is helpful if you want to analyze whether this company is reliable.

After some time, we have found the website with reviews of the store located 10825 Westview Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92126, Mira Mesa. The majority of the reviews share a negative experience with this company. People claim that the service doesn’t provide a set of services as described on the website offered. People recommend it better to find another store to apply for a cash advance even for $100.


You may read many more reviews of this store located in Mira Mesa visiting the website.

Customer Support

Contact Information

This company has different stores that’s why there is no exact company address. You may use a phone number of the USA Check Cashing Store to address this company. 1-855-332-4325 is a hotline. Call and ask all the questions you need to know the answers to.

phone number


The website has a page “Find a Location”. Each community has a number of locations that you may visit in the working hours. The page with locations looks in the following way:


The company cooperates in the following states:

  • Northern Illinois;
  • Southern Illinois (St. Louis, MO area);
  • Southern Wisconsin;
  • California;
  • Missouri.

Enter a ZIP-code in the online application to find out the nearest store to your location.

ZIP code

Customer Support Service

This company provides a contact form that will contact you with the manager. We have no idea how much time it takes to get a response. We hope it takes no more than 24 business hours. In any case, you may use a phone number to address the company in the shortest possible time.

customer support

Conclusion: USA Check Cashing Store – Unclear Terms and Many Conventional Stores

Usacheckcashingstore.com is a financial organization that offers payday and car title loans. There are other services like DMV Services, MoneyGram, Check cashing (except for Mira Mesa), Money orders (except for Mira Mesa), Utility bill payment (except for Mira Mesa), Netspend Pre-Paid Debit Cards (except for Mira Mesa).

According to ScamAdviser.com, this website is high-trust. It is a signal you may use this service. The only problem is the absence of reviews. There are reviews only of the store located in Mira Mesa. Better to visit the store to clarify all the terms and rates offered by this company.

One more attractive option is promotions. There are two attractive discounts that may bring benefits to your financial state. Surf the website to get to know more details.

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