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SpeedyLoan.com Review: Reliable Speedy Loan Facility According to ScamAdviser.com

Self-Presentation of Speedy Loan

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Speedy Loan is a company that is a financial intermediary between the borrower and the lender. This organization is not a credit one. It is understood that this organization helps borrowers find trusted credit institutions for short-term loans on the most favorable terms. Speed Loan does not approve loans and not charge additional commissions from customers for their services.

Types of LoanMin loanMax loanInterest ratePeriodDocuments RequiredBad credit history
short-term loans$100$1000agreed individuallyagreed individuallySSN numberYes

Types of the Loan

Speedy Loan provides exceptionally short-term loans for an average period of 25 days. Money is transferred to bank account specified in application, usually within one business day.

banking information

Terms of Use

Customers of Speedy Loan can get a microloan on the following terms:

  • be registered resident in the United States;
  • be over 18 years old;
  • have a permanent and paid work;
  • have a valid account in the US bank;
  • salary should be transferred on a bank account.

The amount of microloan can range from $ 100- $ 1000. The interest rate and term of the loan are negotiated directly with the lender when concluding a loan agreement.


To apply for a loan on Speedy Loan, you need to provide the following information:

  • data about employer;
  • data about incomes;
  • data about your bank;
  • two contact persons;
  • data about military duty.


Guarantees for getting a microloan are not required, but the contact persons are indicated in case the lender can not contact you.

The administration of this service asserts that your application will be processed as soon as possible. The exact time of your application processing is not detected.


Terms of repayment (including: paydown/early) of the speedy loan are considered individually for each client and depend on an organization that grants the loan. In case of delay in payments, Speedy Loan can apply penalties and other actions in accordance with the law. In the event that you have a problem with paying off a payday loan, contact the credit establishment to cope with this situation. If you can not contact your credit establishment, customers are invited to contact Speedy Loan customer support service.


Some credit establishments with which Speedy Loan cooperates can provide the opportunity to re-issue and extend the loan for an additional fee. Before signing the contract, the company recommends you to carefully read the terms and conditions of the policy of re-issuing a microloan. In any case, the client should discuss all issues relating to extension and re-borrowing directly from the lender.

SpeedyLoan.com Bad Credit History

Speedy Loans helps clients get a loan even if banks and other lending institutions reject the application. It means that even if a client has a bad credit history, Speedy Loan provides an opportunity to find a suitable credit establishment for them. Lack of credit history is also not an obstacle to getting a loan.

Technical Data

Secure Connection

The company protects personal data of users with 256-bit encryption.

secure connection

Secure connection verified by GoDaddy.com, Inc. Thus, the data of borrowers (login/password, bank data, etc.) on Speedy Loan are protected and will not be accessed by third parties. Unfortunately, information about the site owner is not specified.

Mobile Version

There is no mobile version of speedyloan.com. When a user visits a site by means of a mobile device, they see the full version of the site in a reduced form. Speedy Loan tried to adapt the site for the mobile version, but it did not give the desired effect because the text is very small and unreadable. Probably, the user will encounter difficulties when processing an application on a mobile device. There is a high probability that the user will leave the site because of interface inconvenience.

mobile version

Antivirus Presence

Speedy Loan administration does not protect users with the help of an antivirus program. There is a very great risk of “catching” the virus and other online threats to your device.

Convenience of Application

The company automatically creates a user’s personal account when completing the “Apply Now” form, which is required to go to the basic application form for issuing a speedy payday loan. The full form of application for receiving a microloan requires the input of the necessary information only.

apply now

During the process of using the site, there may be difficulties with the login/password, since the password/login is generated automatically. E-mail comes with a link to confirm registration, but the user does not receive any notification of this action. Also, a message can be marked as spam and remain unnoticed by the user.

Is speedyloan.com Legit?

The user of speedyloan.com can examine the legitimacy of Speedy Loan using the online service – Scamadviser.com. Scamadviser.com result is provided below:


As we see, Speedy Loan has a rating of 86%. Such a high rating is an indication of the high level of speedyloan.com security. Probably, the company did not get a 100% rating because of that. That the site owner uses a program that hides the real website origin. But website location, detected by ScamAdviser.com and on the site itself is the same, which is a good indicator.

Despite the fact that domain age is impressive – 14 years and 193 days, the site has few visitors, which in turn reduces its rating.

In general, the company’s high rating indicates that the user can trust this resource, but before using its services, it is better to double-check everything.

Reviews about SpeedyLoan.com

Reviews on SpeedyLoan.com

The site has a separate page with feedback on the company’s performance. All reviews are exceptionally positive, but there are only 5. We can not 100% trust these reviews, as there is a possibility that they were written by the site administration itself. We also place in question these reviews, since all of them are dated 2011-2012, and by 2017 the quality of this organization service could have changed. In addition, it is not known how these users were able to leave feedback about this company because the site does not have a form to send a comment.

reviews on Speedy Loans

Reviews about on SpeedyLoan.com Foreign Recourses

We were unable to find reviews about speedyloan.com performance on third-party resources. This fact once again confirms that this organization is not in high demand. Since SpeedyLoan.com does not have any reviews, we can not evaluate its legitimacy and security.

Contact Information

“Contact Us” Section

The company provides detailed contact information, namely:

  • address;
  • phone;
  • e-mail.


The completeness of contact information plays an important role for users in deciding whether to get a loan or not. According to website data, this organization is located in Canada, which was confirmed by Scamadviser.com. Nevertheless, the mode of Speedy Loan operation is not specified, which may embarrass the borrower.

speedyloan.com does not provide a list of states with which the organization operates. Based on this, we can assume that Speedy Loan operates throughout the US. We can not claim this with complete certainty.


Customer Support Service

Speedy Loan does not provide Live chat to resolve ambiguous moments quickly and accurately.

But customers have the opportunity to contact a support group representative using:

  • contact form;
  • phone;
  • e-mail.

We decided to examine their customer support service quality and tried to contact the manager using the contact form. Our goal is to find out which states residents can use the services of Speedy Loan – speedyloan.com. Unfortunately, we did not get an answer to this question, from which we can make a conclusion that the support service performance is useless and inefficient.

Conclusion: Reliable Speedy Loan Facility According to ScamAdviser.com

Having considered all the above points, it can be concluded that Speedy Loan is not a credit establishment, so it is difficult to judge its activities. We could not unequivocally assess the terms of loans because they are individual for each borrower and depend on several factors.

We have some question about company reputation because, in the last 5 years of the speedyloan.com activity, it has not received a single review from its customers. In addition, third-party resources do not contain a single mention of this organization.

Theoretically, Speedy Loan can be a reliable organization providing high-trust service to customers, since it has a high-reliability rating according to ScamAdviser.com point of view. Based on this analysis, it is difficult for us to recommend this organization since we did not find enough data confirming the reliability of Speedy Loan online service.


Had a loan with Speedy Loan. it was a pleasant expereince, no issues. Rates are competitivebut but not the lowest.
- Patrick Carter

Their employees are all nice and care about the work they are doing. Overall great place to borrow some cash.
- Paula Maldonado
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