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PayDayNow.net Reviews: Not Authoritative Enough to Take a Loan from

Self-Introduction of PayDayNow.net

logoPayDayNow.net is not a direct lender. This online service provides online lenders giving you a chance to take a loan. Only a lender you will cooperate with will tell you information about your specific loan terms and APR and implications for non-payment of your loan. PayDayNow.net claims they provide no lines, no waiting, no hassles. They offer different types of loans from different lenders. This online service is working on the territory of the United States of America. There is no exact list of states where they perform so that we may come to a conclusion that Payday Now is working along with all US states.

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Types of LoansMin Loan AmountMax Loan AmountPeriodInterest RateDocumentsBad Credit History
  • installment loans;
  • short-term loans;
  • payday loans;
  • personal loans;
  • title loans.
 $ 100 $ 1000agreed individuallyagreed individually

(between 390% and 780%based on a two-week loan)

  • Social Security Number;
  • Driver License;
  • ABA/Routing Number;
  • Account Number.

Types of Loans

PayDayNow.net provides clients with an opportunity to take the following loans:

  • installment loans – similar to payday loans, but you don’t have to pay them back in a big sum. Instead, to pay your back immediately you pay the loan back over a certain number of months;
  • short-term loans – a loan scheduled to be repaid in less than a year;
  • payday loans – usually a short-term loan for a small amount of money;
  • personal loans – loans meant for those who are looking for a borrowing option to pay urgent bills or unforeseen expenses;
  • title loans – secured loans in which the borrower submits his vehicle title in exchange for a loan;
  • Merchant Cash Advance – financing for companies that permit patrons to utilize credit or debit cards as payment.

As usual, the majority of online credit institutions provide clients with fast approval, money is transferred in the same business day but we remember that Payday Now is not a lender itself that’s why lenders they are working with transferred money on the next business day.

the next business dayAs the majority of lenders are online, money borrowed is transferred on credit card. There is no other possibility to get cash.

Terms of Use

To take a loan from Payday Now, you need:

  • to be 18 years of age or older;
  • to be a citizen of the United States or a legal resident are also required;
  • have a regular source of income of at least $1000 a month;
  • to have a valid email address, a phone number, and a bank account.

These are the main requirements necessary to be met to take a loan via this online service. The available loan amount is up to $ 1000. In most cases, Payday Now offers clients short-term loans that’s why the period during which you have to pay a loan back is determined according to the type of loan. All the periods are discussed with a lender itself provided by Payday Now broker.

There is no concrete information about interest rates but lenders provided by Payday Now may offer a client a loan with an APR between 390 % and 780 % based on a two-week loan. Of course, the actual interest rate will be determined individually.

There is a strict requirement relating to being employed. A client should confirm his solvency that’s why he/she should be employed and have a monthly income up to $ 1000 to be approved. But if a client is able to confirm he has a regular income but having no constant working place, a client may be approved for a loan on PaydayNow.net.


A client for being approved should provide the following documents:

  • Social Security Number;
  • Driver License;
  • ABA/Routing Number;
  • Account Number.

application formThere is no necessity to fax or send any documents via e-mail. Everything you need is to provide a lender with the information stated in the online application form.

There is no information relating to guarantees or contact persons mandatory for contacting you in case if you are off-line. We may guess that lender will tell you this information when contacting you after completing the online application.

In most cases, online credit facilities process an application in several minutes but there are cases when it is required more time to process it. Payday Now defines no exact time required to get acquainted and process your online application for getting a loan.


Before explaining all the aspects of repayment process we should point out that Payday Now is not a lender itself that’s why they cannot provide any kind of actual information relating to repayment specifications.

But they offer to grapple with the following information: “On the day the loan is due, the lender withdraws the money from you bank account. The amount includes the loan, the interest and the fees. The automatic withdrawal makes it easier for both you and the lender.”

All the details will be given by lender itself. After your application is approved you will have an opportunity to come in contact with your lender with which you are welcome to communicate.

Payday loans are loans for emergency situations where your salary should be sufficient to pay for something you need but you just do not have the time to wait for the next payday to pay a loan back. Though these loans types are meant for short-term use only, the terms of payment are flexible in case you cannot repay the loan in full on your next salary. You can opt to pay by installment or roll over the whole loan, but these options will be subject to additional fees.

If a client does not pay a loan back according to its terms, your lender may:

  • charge you late fees;
  • send your account to a collection agency;
  • report your information to a consumer reporting agency, which may negatively affect your credit score;
  • offer to renew, extend or refinance your loan, which may cause you to incur additional fees, charges and interest.



Speaking about an extension, it is necessary to remember that Payday Now is a broker trying to find a lender suitable for clients individually. Clients should agree on all bothering aspects with a lender who borrows him cash. Everything a client needs is to pay a loan back in due date but if he/she comes across with difficult situation usually a lender may give someone a break but with additional fees.

A client is not able to grapple with all aspects of loan extension process because this information is determined individually. If you cannot contact your lender for some reasons, contact Payday Now support group and they will take all the efforts to contact your lender to cope with this problem.

Bad Credit History on PayDayNow.net

For Paydaynow.net credit history plays no role at all. If you are able to confirm your income status, it doesn’t matter for Paydaynow.net administration whether you have a bad credit history or no history at all.

no credit check

A client will not have to worry about a credit history when applying for a payday loan. A client also does not have to submit a number of documents to apply for a loan. The only thing you are required to prove is that you are employed and that you are able to pay the loan back because you will be receiving your salary on the next coming payday.

There are the following requirements to be met to get a loan with bad credit on Paydaynow.net:

  • proof of income;
  • a valid national identity card;
  • an active checking account;
  • non-active military personnel.
  • There are the benefits of loans without credit checks.

They are:

  • less stellar credit score does not eliminate you from taking the loan;
  • no collateral involved;
  • quicker processing;
  • convenient and reliable;
  • fast and confidential;
  • can get you out of emergency easily.

If a clients’ credit history is less than two years, Paydaynow.net will approve you which may help you improve your credit history just in case you have paid a loan back in time without delays.

Technical Data

Secure Connection

secure connection

PaydayNow.net provides secure connection and transactions for clients commanding its service. They use 128-bit encryption service provide, unfortunately, it is not the most efficient method to protect client’s personal data. The security certificate is given and verified by COMODO CA Limited.


But company owner information is hidden. There is no possibility to get to know more about how to secure connection may be. But 128-bit is enough to encrypt personal data to protect them from third parties intervention. As it is mention in the privacy policy of Paydaynow.net, they do not trade or disclose clients’ personal data.

In general, you may be secure while commanding this service. Payday Now tries to provide clients with a secure connection as much as possible.

Paydaynow.net Mobile Version

Mobile version of Paydaynow.net is user-friendly and has no noticeable drawbacks preventing the client to make use of it. People may easily fill in the application form by means of different mobile devices. The text is readable, there is no scrolling, there are no delays when the page is loading.

mobile version

Mobile version gives people an opportunity not to waste time and, for example, get a loan when driving a car. Paydaynow.net mobile version is oriented on people with different mobile devices because this mobile version is adjusted to all kind of smartphones. Everything you need to get a loan by means of online service is to surf the Internet, find Paydaynow.net and cope with your financial problems on the next business day.

Antivirus Presence

There is no antivirus on Paydaynow.net. Clients have no protection from viruses and other online threats. There is the greatest risk that client may “catch” viruses while commanding paydaynow.net online service. We may recommend this online service administration to install antivirus and protect clients’ devices from online threats.

Convenience of Application

To file for a loan on Payday Now, it is necessary to fill in an easy application form containing the following steps:

  • first name;
  • last name;
  • e-mail address;
  • choose state.

application form

After you fill in this information press the button “Get Started Now” and you will see the detailed application form having the following steps:

  • personal information;step#1
  • employment information;step#2
  • financial information.step#3

There is no question which seems to be off the subject. Everything is appropriate relating to your financial status. Having filled in, you have to press the button “Complete Application!” after which you will see which lender is ready to provide you with cash.

complete application button

In general, the application form is convenient. People of different ages may themselves enroll this data into necessary fields and wait for approval. Here a client may use links providing access to Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Read it if you still have questions about what rights you and Paydanow.net have.

Enrollment of an application form takes several minutes, you just need to have everything necessary within reach, for example, Social Security Number. Start it right now and see the result by yourself.

Is PaydayNow.net Legit and Safe?

ScamAdviser.com is online security service giving people an opportunity to estimate the level of security. ScamAdviser.com gives 94 % of security which shows that this online service is legit and safe for commanding its service.

scamadviser.com about paydaynow.net

According to this service, Paydaynow.net seems to be safe for use having such a high rating. The website owner is known, it is Walter R. Smith, which company origin is the United States of America. Website location is also the United States of America. ScamAdviser.com doesn’t find any hidden information but Alert contact email address, technical contact email address and administrative contact email address are a free one which implies that these e-mails have been used in the website setup. This is not necessarily worrying, depending on the site. For online shops, this can be a sign that the site may bring clients some risk.

Domain age is 14 years 44 days but in general, this online service website is rarely visited. But maybe it is not a sign giving people an opportunity to hesitate it its legitimacy and security.

But we should point out one more aspect here – there are 12 other websites which are located on this service involving in its performance. Sometimes, it may be a signal that Paydaynow.com is not a legal institution.

This company owner origin is Fairfax, Virginia but we cannot estimate this information adequately because there is no contact information on the website itself.

So, making a conclusion, we may stress out that 94-% is high rating proving that Paydaynow.net is legit and safe. But before commanding this service, check everything properly.

Reviews about PaydayNow.net

Reviews on PaydayNow.net

There is no separate page with reviews about PayDay Now performance. There are 3 reviews displayed on different pages when surfing the website.

reviews about Payday NowThese reviews show how much clients are satisfied with Payday Now performance. But we should point out that Payday Now reviews are not dated and we really cannot estimate when they were left. Maybe they were written down in 2014, but the performance of this online institution may change considerably for this period of time.

Moreover, there is no special form required to leave a review on paydaynow.net. It is some kind of magic for clients who read these reviews and cannot find the option to leave a feedback. We may throw discredit on Payday Now reviews. They won’t help clients make a decision whether this online resource is trusted, credible and reliable.

Reviews about PayDay Now on Foreign Recourses

We have been surfing the Internet but our search was in vain. We have found nothing left about Payday Now performance. There is no evidence that people make use of the online service and be satisfied with work done. Reviews about paydaynow.net may be an indicator which shows how effective Payday Now performance is. But, unfortunately, there are two explanations whether this online service is not in high demand or whether all the clients are dissatisfied. In the second case, site administration may try to get rid of negative reviews to attract more people eager to take a loan.

“Contact Us” Information

“Contact Us” Section

“Contact Us” section is not rich with contact information. There are only e-mail and phone number.

phone number

E-mail ([email protected]) is arranged to cope with technical problems only. But you may also leave us messages with praise or negative experience with Payday Now. There is no contact address, we understand that this is an online service but, in general, they should have a mail address to which people may send letters. ScamAdviser.com believes that this website is located in Fairfax, Virginia, the USA but we cannot examine this information.

It is preferable for customers to know contact information and have different means to communicate with site participants.

This online institution – paydaynow.net – is cooperating on all the territory of the United States. There is no exact information on what states they are present. When filling in the easy application form, you should choose state but we see no difference when choosing different states. We come to a conclusion that paydaynow.net is available in all the states of the United States.


Customer Support Group

There is no opportunity to come in contact with customer support group but only telephone number. They provide e-mail but it doesn’t work. It means that if you cannot contact them over the phone, you won’t cope with any kind of problems. There are contact form and live chat with an immediate answer. If you do not know how to come in contact with a support group, your chance to change the situation is to call.

Conclusion: Paydaynow.net – Not Authoritative Enough to Take a Loan from

Paydaynow.net is not a lender itself but an online institution providing access to online lenders who approve loans for people even with bad credit history. But this facility is not a reliable one as it seems for the first sight. Paydaynow.net doesn’t provide enough information for bothering questions because everything should be agreed individually with a lender a client is working with.

There is no opportunity to contact customer support group by means of live chat or support group. There are an only telephone number and inaccurate e-mail address. There are no reviews about Paydaynow.net on the foreign recourses which seem to be odd because people like to share their opinion when commanding online services. There are reviews on paydaynow.net but only 3 without dates. There is no form for leaving a comment.

ScamAdviser.com believes this online service if 94-% secure but we find some inaccuracies. There are other websites involved on the server on which paydaynow.net is installed. Site administration uses free e-mails which are an indicator of some risk presence for clients deciding to make use of this online service. Though there is 94-% of security on paydaynow.net, we have still some doubts.

In general, the picture is so unclear that people should check everything twice to make a decision whether paydaynow.net is reliable, legit and safe. It is up to them to decide but we consider this online service is not authoritative enough to take a loan from.


Found no reviews on the net. Has anyone else used their services?
- Kim Kearns

PaydayNow is a reliable service that works with various lenders. If you are looking for fast cash, you should consider this option.
- Greta Moore
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