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GuaranteedLoansNow.org Review: Unsafe Website with No Customers’ Reviews

Self-Introduction of GuaranteedLoansNow.org

logoGuaranteedLoansNow.org is a broker provided clients with trusted direct lenders who offer quick payday loans for all US citizens, independently of bad credit history or no credit. GuaranteedLoansNow.org has a BBB label but when clicking on it, you will see the application form that’s why we may guess that Guaranteed Loans Now is not an accreditated online service by Better Business Bureau. We are going to examine GuaranteedLoansNow.org legitimacy to make people sure this online broker is a reliable broker on the territory of the USA.

Types of LoansMin Loan AmountMax Loan AmountPeriodInterest RateDocumentsBad Credit History
payday loans$ 100$ 1 000 ($ 2 500+)agreed individually200% – 2290%noneyes

Types of Loans

Guaranteed Loans Now offers clients to apply for a payday loan online. Payday loans are one of the best options when you are in the difficult financial situation. Such loans may help pay bills, repair a car or plan a journey. In the majority of cases, funds are transferred the next business day on your bank account is given in an application form. Such a speed may be a good financial problems solution.

Terms of Use

Payday loans are the universal means to cope with financial troubles but in what case, a client will eligible to apply for a loan and be approved, what is more important. To be eligible a client should meet the following requirements:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • be the United States resident;
  • have a working telephone number and email address;
  • have a bank account in your name;
  • be employed for at least 90 consecutive days with the same employer;
  • meet minimum income guidelines.

Payday loans or short-term ones are loans available amount of which is from $ 100 – $ 1 000, but in fact, when connecting a lender, it becomes possible to increase loan amount in case if a lender considers a client is eligible for this. Interest rates and periods are defined individually with an acute lender. As one of the main requirements to be approved, a client should be employed for at least 90 consecutive days at one and the same company. It implies that unemployed people cannot qualify for a loan online in Guaranteed Loans Now.


It is said on the website that first-time applicant may need to fax some verification to the lender such as bank statements or paycheck stubs if there will be doubts in their solvency. But generally, no documents for application are required. The same applies to guarantors – there is information that loans granted by lenders of GuaranteedLoansNow.org are unsecured, which means that customers do not need any collateral for an application.

The company claims that application process takes only 2 minutes, that is during this time you can finish the application and submit it. the whole process of getting a loan takes in most cases about 1 business day. After the application is submitted, the answer will come from one of the lenders in several minutes, and after discussing all terms and conditions, final approval will be sent to you in about an hour. After signing the contract, the money is usually transferred on the next business day, however, there are cases when the whole procedure can be finished on the same day.


In Guaranteed Loans Now repayment process is very easy and maximally simplified for the customer. The money is withdrawn form customer’s account together with interest and other fees on the due date. There is no need to visit any offices or banks to make payment. However, if you want to make payment in any other way, contact your lender to discuss the question individually. Some lenders accept paper check or have offices where you can make payments in cash.

There is no clear information about early payments, so this issue is to be discussed with the lender before signing the contract. Some lender can charge additional fees for early repayment, but this practice in uncommon. Usually, lenders encourage their customers to pay off early, reducing thus interest on their loans. However this terms can vary depending on the state law, so ask your lender if there is the possibility to repay debt earlier than the due date.

In case you can’t repay you the loan on time, additional fees can be applied. These fees vary at different lenders and a minimal amount of late fees are regulated by state laws. The company encourages customers to contact the lender as soon as possible if the payment is late, to avoid huge charges. Remember to inform the lender about your difficulties for several days, so that the lender could offer some plan for you to delay payment without applying penalties.

Non-payment always means great fees and problems with collections. As well, Guaranteed Loans Now warns customers that lender can use any legal in the state method to get their money back. Usually, they transfer the case to collections, which sometimes take illegal action to make customers pay. However Guaranteed Loans Now guarantees to work with the lender that adhere to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which excludes any illegal practices. Also for non-payment, any lender has the right to inform one or all major credit reporting agencies — Experian, Equifax and Transunion – that you failed to repay the loan. his report will negatively affect your credit score, and in future, it will be much difficult to get a loan or credit.


If you are unable to pay back your loan on time, you can ask the lender for an extension. Most such organizations meet customer’s needs and provide some extension period to delay payments and avoid penalties. Conditions and possibility of such rollovers depend on lender policy and state laws. In some cases additional fees are charged for each day of extension, and in some cases lender do not charge fees for several days.

Also, the number of extensions depends on the law. In some states such practice is prohibited, in some states – you can get several rollovers. Before signing an agreement, ask the lender to inform you about a possibility to extend your loan if there is such necessity and how much will it cost you.

If you have already active loan but want to get another one, you need to study the law of your state and if it allows such practice, ask your lender if there is the possibility of approval. Usually, if the law allows several loans at a time, lenders do not refuse customers with outstanding loans. However keep in mind, that taking another loan to repay existing one will cause more financial difficulties, so better try to find another way to repay your debts.

Some lenders include automatic loan renewal in the agreement, so be sure to read carefully terms of the point concerning loan renewal. Before signing the contract ask the lender about this issue and maybe there will be other possible options.

GuaranteedLoansNow.org Bad Credit History

On the website, the company claims that your credit score doesn’t matter to its lenders. Since they do not check your credit score when reviewing application, bad or lack of credit history doesn’t influence the decision. Most lender even does not report that you have taken a loan from them unless you refused to pay back. Some lender encourages customers to take payday loans as a way to improve credit score by paying back on time.

So if you have a poor credit score, do not be afraid to apply. Lender reviews your possibility to pay back, and you qualify you can count on getting a loan as well as any other customer. However, as it was said above, non-payment only worsens your credit history, so do not take money if you are not going to pay it back.

Technical Characteristics of GuaranteedLoansNow.org

Secure Connection

Guaranteedloansnow.org uses a special secure connection to protect customers’ data from theft and unauthorized access. This shows the very responsible attitude of the company to the customer and their security. We strongly advise you to avoid suspicious websites not providing any even minor level of protection. To check if the company uses secure connection, look at the address bar – if you see the green lock and «https://» , than the company can be considered safe. But it is always better to get more details about security level on the website.https protocol

As we can see the company uses 128-bit data encryption – not the highest level, but still enough to provide secure usage of services. However, information about certificate owner if hidden, which means that we cannot be sure of this document reliability. But despite all the flaws in security of the website, we can say that better this than nothing – most such websites do not even try to make their services safe for people.certificatecertificate

Mobile Version

The website has a mobile version which allows customers to apply for a loan from any place with Internet access. The version is the same as the desktop, but adapted for the smaller screen on mobile devices. All function and link work as effectively. Pictures and text are enlarged for comfortable reading, so zoom is not needed here. The interface is the same, however, arrangement of the pages is a little bit different, for more convenient use.mobile-friendly

The website is considered mobile-friendly by Google.com. The website functions well, however, there are some flaws in the work of mobile version. There are 3 sources that couldn’t be loaded, but these are minor issues, which do not significantly affect the work of the whole service.


On the website, there is an icon that the company uses McAfee antivirus to protect users from malware. But this icon doesn’t have a link to the antivirus company website. By clicking on the icon you get to the page of an application. So we can conclude that the company only says to protect the website from viruses by in fact there are no guarantees. The same applies to other icons that verify company’s reliability and safety.antivirus

Do not forget to protect your computer with your own antivirus to avoid problems in future. Malware can cause computer damage or even data theft, so if you do not have such program on your computer try to visit only those websites that provide safe service.

Convenience of Application

The application process takes about 2 minutes as GuaranteedLoansNow.org claim on the website. For an application, you don’t need any documents, only information that every person knows about himself. The application requires only minimal details, necessary for the lender to assess your solvency: personal details, employment and bank account information. After all, field are filled in, you submit your application and in several minutes one the lenders on the company will contact you and send you an offer.

Already in the beginning of the first step, you can choose the amount of a loan, which here is larger than the maximal amount claimed on the website. It turns out that you can borrow more than $2500 which is a quite large sum for a micro-loan.maximum amount

Terms of repayment can’t be set by the customer. The lender will send repayment schedule, that cannot be changed. The schedule is determined according to information about pay days in the application.

applicationapplicationapplication The process really seems very easy and quick. During several minutes you can apply for a loan and get a decision. However, there is no information what to do if you changed your mind after the loan is approved. Some companies offer a guarantee period, during which you can refuse the loan without any fees.

The money is issued during several after the application was approved. The approval comes in minutes, so you can make sure yourself that the whole process takes about 1 day or less. Such effective and fact work of the company is a great advantage and this quality will attract more and more customers to the company.

Is GuaranteedLoansNow.org Legit?

ScamAdviser.com gives Guaranteed Loans Now 0% rating – which very low for a company that inspires much trust. Such low rating tells us that the company is unsafe to use and that it runs illegal and criminal activity. However, the company is quite old – the domain age is almost 3 years. It is not clear why the company gets such low rating – there are no requirements that ScamAdviser bases on when estimates reliability of websites.scamadviser

As we can see the owner hides his identity, which can be a sign of dishonest company, or simply the identity is hidden in the attempt to avoid spam. So do not decide against the company basing only on this factor. So according to this report, the company has a very bad reputation, and we advise to check every detail of the company and probably refuse to risk and choose another service.

GuaranteedLoansNow.org Reviews

Reviews on the Website

There is no special page with customers’ testimonials on the website. However in the bottom of the main page you can find 3 comments, claimed to be written by customers of the company. All of them are highly positive and show the company is a very good light. But all this looks very suspicious. First of all, how did these customers manage to leave these comments? There is no special form for feedback and even no page for comments. Second, there are no dates, so it is unclear when they were written. The situation may have changed, so we cannot rely on these reviews. And third, there are no unsatisfied comments, like the company didn’t have any problems at all during the entire period of its existence.testimonials

So these comments can’t be 100% trusted, and making decision relying only on them is unreasonable. We would advise you to do research on your own and find others people’s opinions on the Internet, to make sure that you are dealing with the reliable and safe company.

Reviews on Other Websites

Unfortunately, there are no reviews about Guaranteed Loans Now on other websites on the Internet. This means that the company doesn’t have enough customers that are satisfied and want to share their experience with other customers. It seems that report by ScamAdviser.com, showing almost no visitors, gave us the most accurate information about the website, and the company is nothing but the scam.

The company really has a profile on BBB website. But there are also no reviews and no rating for the company, so the company can’t be trusted only because it has a BBB profile. We strongly advise to check all information you have and took from this reviews once again and try to find any comments about the work of the company. Otherwise you better use services of another company, with more reliable reputation. If you still decide to cooperate with GuaranteedLoansNow.org, remember that put yourself and your finances at risk.

Customer Support at GuaranteedLoansNow.org

Contact Information

On the special page with contact details, the company provided the necessary information so that customer could contact them. However, the information is presented not attractively at all. Here you can find the official address of the company office, e-mail address and phone number of the support group. Of course, this information is quite enough to contact the organization, but still, appearance is also important to customers.contact details

In the footer, there are also contact details, but the strange thing is that working hours on the page and in the footer are different. So it is not clear whether the company works 24/7 or from 9 am till 9 pm. The administration shows control information on all parts and pages of the website so that customers were not confused.

Support Group Service

There is no live chat on the website, so there is no opportunity to have real-time conversation with the support group, other than call them. No all customers have such opportunity or desire to call the company, and there is always a possibility that the line will be busy. So The only way to get a consultation is to use the contact form available on the website.

All you need is to provide e-mail address and your name, and the test of your question. After all this is filled in, you can submit the request. Instantly you get a message on the same page that the request was accepted, so there nothing to do but wait for the answer.support grouprespond message After 24 hours waiting there is still no message back. The support group is extremely ineffective and slow. No one will wait for more than 1 day to get answer to simple question. It is much easier to use another service and get money by several times faster. If the company wants to keep the existing audience and gain new one, it should better look after its work. The support group is one of the most important services of such companies, s its work must be quick and efficient at any time.


After reviewing all sides of the work of the company, it can be concluded that the company doesn’t make a good impression on us. In case of more detailed and cautious studying of the company, it turns out that there are so many flaws in the performance that it is very risky to deal with it.

The security level of the company leaves much to be desired. Reliability test gives very poor results, so the company can’t be trusted in no way. Besides, there are no reviews on customers on the Internet, so it is impossible to get any good impression about the company at all. All these facts do not allow recommending this website to the readers.

In addition website’s interface is awful. It is very uncomfortable to read and view. It only remains to advise the company to do very hard and thorough work over the website, to make it more attractive and pleasant for customers. Also security indicators must be improved urgently. Otherwise all remaining customers, if any, will leave the company for other more reliable and customer-oriented services.


Highly recommend website! They answered all my concerns and questions quickly, and matched me with the suitable lender that offered competitive rates. Borrowing money through this service was a great experience. I borrowed $1000 and everything went smooth. Multiply payment options, competitive rates, no hidden fees, and soft credit check! Would definitely use them again if I need help in the future.
- Elizabeth Nguyen

I am happy that there are still loan companies like GuaranteedLoansNow that work with bad credit! I had some urgent medical bills to be paid, and only this company could conect me to the right lender who approved me for a loan within 10 minutes! Almost no paperwork! They did their job perfectly!
- Mark Hadnot
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