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Elcloans.com Review: Unreliable Broker with Negligence To Clients

Self-Introduction of Elcloans.com

logoElcloans.com site is not a lender providing clients with payday loans online. Elcloans.com is a service which selects the best conditions in exactly your case and connects you with a lender online. Elcloans.com service is free of charge that’s why all the operations are carried our fee-free. The majority of aspects for this online broker will be described already with lender you are going to cooperate with. If someone calls you naming itself to be a representative of Elcloans.com, believe it is a scam, because site administration provides the following information:


Types of LoansMin Loan AmountMax Loan AmountPeriodInterest RateDocumentsBad Credit History
  • payday loans;
  • Direct Deposit Loans;
  • Emergency Loans;
  • 30 Day Loans;
  • Loan Till Payday.
$ 100$ 1 000agreed individuallyagreed individually
  • Social Security Number;
  • ABA/Routing Number;
  • Account Number;
  • Driver’s License OR State ID.

Types of Loans

Elcloans.com provides access to lenders specializing in payday loans online and its subtypes:

  • Direct Deposit Loans;
  • Emergency Loans;
  • 30 Day Loans;
  • Loan Till Payday.

Elcloans.com starts your application processing almost instantly at the moment a client submits it. In most cases, funds are transferred into active bank account on the next business day. There are cases when cash is transferred with delay, but in the majority of cases, such delays happen because of bank office incompetence.

get a loan online

Terms of Use

To apply for a loan online by means of Elcloans.com, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • be a legal United States of America citizen of at least 18 years of age;
  • have a stable income of at least $1,000 per month;
  • have a bank account that can accept the deposit and automatically take the repayment.

general requirements

Elcloans.com lenders do not offer payday loans to anyone under the age of 18. Available loan amount is from $ 100 – 1 000, but there are cases when lenders individually may increase loan amount. Interest rate and period are discussed individually as well with a lender you will cooperate. It is not clearly stated that a client should work, he should have a steady income at least $1,000 per month, but there are cases when it is not working place but another source of income available monthly.


To qualify for a loan, you have to provide the following documents:

  • Social Security Number;
  • ABA/Routing Number;
  • Account Number;
  • Driver’s License OR State ID.

Predominantly a client is not required to fax any documents but if a lender has any doubt concerning to data resented, lender may require to fax documents to be surely approved. It is claimed that an application is processed within 3 minutes. It means that you will get access to different lenders within short period of time, almost immediately. After that you have to cope all issues with lender itself and get funds the next business day.

There are such situations when clients change their mind to spend money funded by an online lender, what to do in such a case? A client is not obliged to take the loan. If a client changes his mind, you is eligible to stop process at any time. Lender will send you approval notification along with a loan agreement that clearly describes the terms of your loan.

There are no hidden fees and everything is spelled out for you in black and white. If you decide not to take the loan, simply do not sign and return the agreement.

There is no actual information about contact persons and while filling in an application form, we won’t be asked any additional information. It means that there is no need to provide any guarantors to be approved.


When due date reaches to pay the loan back, lender, you are working with, debits it automatically. Most of the loans from Elcloans.com lenders should be paid on the next payday so if you get paid in 2 weeks then your payment will be debited in 2 weeks on your payday. The actual period for which you borrow money can vary depending on lender and you will get all the details about repayment plan when you read loan agreement with definite lender.

There are cases when a client becomes disabled to pay a loan back in time and if you think you may obtain problems with paying off the loan timely, it is better to contact your lender as soon as possible. It may help you avoid penalties and additional fees because in most cases, late payments bring penalties and as a consequence bad credit history.

There is no actual information whether a client qualifies to pay a loan back earlier, but a lot of lenders practices such an option to attract more clients because earlier payments give an opportunity to decrease interest rate.


The unit “Extension” in this exact case gives only one answer for one question whether a client is able to get the second loan, when the first one is not paid back completely. It’s mandatory that a client is capable to have only one loan at once because payday loans are extreme method to cope with financial troubles and should be applied in emergency cases only. Requirements regarding simultaneous loans vary from state to state.

There is no facts whether a client is able to extend a loan and how much times he is able to do this that’s why it is better to discuss with a acute lender you are working with.

Bad Credit History Importance for Elcloans.com

In many cases, bad credit history will not become a problem. Payday loans predominantly are accessible for clients even with bad credit score or absence of credit history. Lenders may need to carry out credit checks to make a final decision.

Elcloans.com offers to read about 6 main ways to check credit history:

credit check

  • FICO (the Isaac Corporation);
  • Access Your Credit Report;
  • Credit Karma;
  • Your Credit Card;
  • Ally Bank;
  • Credit Reporting Agencies.

If you doubt about your credit history, you are welcome to use one of these methods and get to know status of your credit history. If it is bad, you have a chance to improve credit history with lenders cooperating with Elcloans.com.

Technical Data

Secure Connection

Secure connection is a sing of absolute protection of clients’ personal data enrolled in an application form. Elcloans.com applies 256-bit encryption server to ensure complete protection. The security certificate is verified by COMODO CA Limited. Unfortunately, Elcloans.com does not supply ownership information. Hidden information doesn’t prevent protection procedure conduct. Site administration may everything possible to assure clients everything will be in order while filling in a request loan form.

secure connection

Mobile Version

Mobile version of Elcloans.com is arranged in such a way to provide a convenient service for people appreciating making all operation by means of mobile phones. Everything becomes easier when mobile versions are devoted to the main goal – to provide the highest level of service. Elcloans.com mobile version is oriented to provide access to an application form when using mobile devices. User-friendly mobile version is what you need to apply for a loan even in a traffic jam being in a public transport.

mobile version

Antivirus Presence on Elcloans.com

Nowadays, the Internet is crowded with viruses capable to destroy operation of your device. Not to be involved in such troubles, antivirus should be installed on the website. Unfortunately, Elcloans.com provides no antivirus to protect clients’ gadgets. It is a high level of danger that you may “catch” viruses and other online threats while taking a loan online via this resource.

Convenience of Application

This online service is registration-free, there is no necessity to create account on Elcloans.com. There is a reduced application form looking like:

reduced application

This application allows clients to choose loan amount range:

  • up to $ 500;
  • $ 500 – $ 800;
  • $ 800 – $ 1 000.

ZIP code allows to define location immediately that’s why you have not to fill in several fields in an application form. Three main steps should be undergone to get to know the result exactly:

3 steps

  • personal information;
  • employment information;
  • banking information.

Each step contains information necessary to be provided fairly because it directly influences approval/disapproval result. Completing an application request, a client will see the list of lenders ready to provide an opportunity to get a loan and cooperate exactly with them.

In general, all the procedure is convenient but it is still questionable why people should take use of this service if they can apply for a loan directly from a lender. But application procedure is convenient enough to provide fast access to cash after approval. Everything is clear and transparent.

Is Elcloans.com Legit?

In accordance with ScamAdviser.com, 63-% of security is given to Elcloans.com. This site may have a small chance of risk. The main reason for such a status is hidden location of company owner. Website location is the United States of America, Scottsdale. In the majority of cases, presence of hidden information plays an important role for ScamAdviser.com.


Domain age is 2 years, 331 days but it is still rarely visited. Domain was refreshed for the latest time on August, 17. Such an ambiguous information may provoke people search more arguments in favour or against this service. Elcloans.com administration should correct all the drawbacks to improve security level and make people sure everything seems safe.

Reviews about Elcloans.com

Reviews on Elcloans.com

Unfortunately, there are no reviews on Elcloans.com. We cannot examine this unit because there is no evidence to think that this service is popular. If Elcloans.com is not a lender itself, it doesn’t mean it should not have any kind of reviews left by clients who successfully cooperate with this broker. It is very interesting to read what experience people have and how this service online may help choose a reliable online lender in the United States of America. It is better to arrange such an option for clients who have a great desire to share their opinion or good experience or, controversially, negative.

Reviews on Foreign Resources about Elcloans.com

Unfortunately, there are now reviews left on foreign resources about Elcloans.com working capacity. We try to find even anything but fail. Everything seems to be so unreal because if this service has clients, reviews should be present about Elcloans.com performance.  Absence of either positive or negative reviews makes us believe that this online broker has no clients at all, or they are dissatisfied with work done that’s why they won’t bind with such a broker which cannot perform its functions.

“Contact Us” Information

“Contact Us” Section

“Contact Us” section contains only email address by means of which a client should feel free when having any kind of questions. Moreover they have such a statement as mentioned in an “Self-Introduction” unit. They do nor scam anyone and if someone calls you introducing himself as this organization representative, do not believe in it. That’s a pity, that even telephone number is not present. We remember that contact address given by ScamAdviser.com is the USAScottsdale but we are not able to check its credibility.



Customer Support Service

The only way to contact customer support service is email. We try to carry out this communication sending Elcloans.com a message:

customer support serviceBut immediately we have the following response:

message is not delivered

We try again and again but have one and the same result. We come to a conclusion that customer support service is on “zero” level. We cannot connect with them that’s why we understand, clients’ wellness plays no role for Elcloans.com administration.

Conclusion: Unreliable Broker with Negligence To Clients

Elcloans.com is a broker providing people with an opportunity to get access to reliable online lenders offering payday loans from $ 100- $ 1 000. You need to fill in an application form and connect with a direct lender receptive to your application. We cannot find any information about periods and interest rates, this data is agreed individually depending on lender specification you are working with.

ScamAdviser.com gives 63-% of security with high percentage of hidden information. Company owner origin is hidden, website location is the United States of America. Contact information of Elcloans.com itself is absent at all, except email address, which are not workable.

There are no reviews at all about Elcloans.com performance either negative or positive. We are not able to estimate reliability, usefulness of this online service because people do not share their experience at all. Customer support service doesn’t perform its functions that’s why you will not gain access to them to find the answer on bothering you questions.

To our mind, it will be a great fail if you decide to command the service of Elcloans.com, but, of course, we cannot insist on this opinion because so many men so many minds.


I wasn’t approved for a loan og $1,000. They didn’t define the reason either. After some surfing the Internet, I have not found any definite info about terms they offer.
- John Weaver

Unreliable service! No explanation whether it is possible to take a loan if your credit history is bad.
- Victor Campbell
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