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Standards for Estimation

        1. Introduction – Self-Presentation:

          • types of loans: types of loans description, how funds are transferred, speed of money transmission;
          • terms of use: borrower age, loan amount, interest rate, period, with / without employment;
          • application: documents, guarantors presence, speed of application processing;
          • re-payment: ways to repay a loan, possibility to pay a loan back earlier / partially, delay of payment, penalties;
          • extension: possibility to extend a loan, for how much times it is possible to extend a loan, a possibility to take a loan if the first has not been paid yet;
          • bad credit history
        2. Technical Data:

          • secure connection;
          • mobile version;
          • antivirus;
          • convenience of application.
        3. Is website legit? (ScamAdviser.com)
        4. Reviews:

          • 4.1. reviews on site itself;
          • 4.2. reviews on foreign recourses.
        5. Contact:

          • 5.1. contact information: phone number, contact address and e-mail;
          • 5.2. locations: in what locations this online service is present + map;
          • 5.3. support group: life chat; contact form.

Creteria of Estimation:

    • 5 star rating – presence of all points in a unit + quality and understanding information;
    • 4 star rating – absence of one point in a unit;
    • 3 star rating – absence of two or three points in a unit;
    • 2 star rating – absence of three points in a unit;
    • 1 star rating – absence of information or unknown requirements in a unit.