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Speedyloancorp.net Review – Unreliable Company with No Reviews and No Online Customer Service

Speedyloancorp.net Self-Introduction

logotypeSpeedyloancorp.net is a financial facility offering honest and clear operations on installment loans on favorable terms. The company runs its activity in Wisconsin and has several stores on the territory of the state.

The company runs its activity legally and any customer visiting the website or the store can see a copy of a state license. This shows that Speedyloancorp.net is a reliable place to deal with. There are some points that convince you to choose this company on the home page:

  • no hidden fees;
  • lower cost to you;
  • quality loan products;
  • affordable payments;
  • courteous staff;
  • help you CAN afford.

The company provides only quality service and attractive terms for any customer in Wisconsin. You can get all necessary information on the website in «General Terms and Conditions» section, or in one of the stores by asking any manager for necessary information.

Types of Loans

The company offers only 1 type of loans – installment loans. This is a type of a loan that implies several even payments before the whole amount is paid off, unlike payday loans. Besides the maximum amount available for such a loan is larger than with payday loans, which is also a great advantage.

You can apply for a loan online or in-store. Bear in mind, that when applying in-store you get the money on the same day. If you apply online, however, this procedure can take longer, but the terms are not specified on the website. So to find out more details you need to contact the company by phone or visit one of the offices.

In the «FAQ» section there is a statement that the company is not allowed by law to provide information on amount and terms of a loan as well as information on what conditions the customer has to meet to qualify for a loan. This is very strange since this information is essential, and customer wants to know the conditions before they spend time on the application. Maybe if the amount is not enough or terms are unsatisfactory, the client won’t waste his time on dealing with this company. So the absence of such necessary information is a huge disadvantage for the website.

Terms of Use

On the website, there is almost no information of what requirement the company sets for applying for a loan. When going to an application page, you see that you need to be more than 18 years old and be a Wisconsin resident, since the company operates only in this state. No other information is stated.requirements

However, there is a list of documents that are needed for the application, so it can be concluded that since you have to prove your income, you need to employed, hence unemployed customer does not qualify for a loan at Speedy Loan Corp.

No other details are available before you apply. So you don’t know how much money you can borrow, for how long and what interest the loan will have. This is very inconvenient an as it was said above most customer will not want to deal with the company before they know the terms.


Before you apply, you need to gather necessary documents. As it was said in the previous point, any application implies a whole list of documents necessary to prove that you qualify for a loan at this company. So the documents that will necessarily be needed for the application and have to be sent to the company are:

  • your most recent pay stub or SSI award letter or proof of income;
  • your most recent checking account statement;
  • a copy of your photo ID;
  • a  piece of canceled mail from within the last 10 days or the most recent utility bill showing name, address, and a date;
  • a copy of a voided check is helpful;
  • a valid phone number where we can reach you;
  • a completely filled out application, including references.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the necessity to provide any guarantor for taking a loan, but it can be assumed that none are needed. Since the procedure can be performed online and necessary documents are e-mailed or faxed, no other proof of your reliability is required.

Time for reviewing application is not specified on the website. So if you apply in-store, then you get a decision on the same day as well as money, so the whole procedure takes about 1 business day. Online operations take longer, so it can’t be guessed how long you will have to wait.


According to information provided in the «FAQ» section, there are many ways to make payments. The company accepts ACH (direct debit), cash, money order, or cashier’s check, or debit card. In case you need another method to pay, contact the company and the managers will do their best to help you find most convenient way out.

Also, you always have the opportunity to pay back early and save on the interest. The company encourages its customers to pay off early to improve their credit score and save money.

In case you have no opportunity to pay on time, you need to contact the support group as soon as possible to find a solution to your particular situations. The company claims to meet customers needs and has options for emergency situations.

For customers that are in difficult situation the company has an option of refinancing. This means that you can take another loan from any other company to cover this one. However, remember that this way is in no way easier. On the contrary, this will make even more debts, so do not apply for a loan if you are not sure that you can repay it. Refinancing option is available not in all stores, and you need to contact the company to know all the terms of this option is it is available for you.


On the website, there is no information about extension options for customers. Although it is said that for customers running late with payments there are some options, we cannot know for sure, that extension of a loan if possible in this company.

Also, there is no information about taking more than 1 loan at a time. It can be assumed that as many other companies, Speedy Loan Corp doesn’t grant more than 1 loan per customer, detailed information is not available on the site.

To get all necessary answers, you need to call the company or visit one of their stores in Wisconsin. The website has all the addresses of the offices, so finding them won’t be difficult.

Speedyloancorp.net Bad Credit History

Customers with bad credit score should contact the support group before applying to find out if they qualify for it. There is no information on the website on that subject, so it is quite possible that clients with poor credit history won’t be able to get an approval.

According to the list of documents required and policies of most other similar businesses, the customer must prove its solvency, and if there will be no problems with paying back, a bad credit score doesn’t influence the decision of the company. So do not be upset if you have a bad credit history, ask the customers service first if there are available options for you.

Technical Characteristics of Speedyloancorp.net

Secure Connection

On the website, you always have to check if it is safe to provide your personal information to the company. The company must provide a secure connection to ensure that no data theft is possible on their website. That’s why always check the address bar when on the website. If it has «https://» and a green lock than you are safe. As we can see, Speedy Loan Corp has no secure connection on the main page and all other informative pages.not secure connection

However, when you go online application, a secure connection is present on each of the application sections.https protocol

Considering that only this pages require personal details, it is not a big deal that all informative pages of the website are not secured, but this is still a great flaw. You can read details of the safety certificate to make sure, that level of protection is decent.certificatecertificate

We can see that the company uses 256-bit encryption, which is the best indicator, but information about certificate owner is hidden, so its reliability is questionable. It only remains to hope for a responsible attitude of the company to the safety of their customers.

Mobile Version

Unfortunately, Speedyloancorp.net doesn’t have any mobile version. When you visit the website from a mobile device, the pages are not adapted for the smaller screen at all. The text is very small, as well as the pictures, so it is impossible to read. Zooming is not enough for reading all necessary links and information.

However, pages of application are adapted for the mobile version, but with the smallest degree of quality. It seems that the company didn’t care much about this option. The scrolling is not fixed, so the website is still inconvenient to use form mobile devices.not mobile friendly

Test for mobile friendliness only proves that our conclusion was right. The website is not mobile-friendly, with is a great flaw for Speedy Loan Corp. So we advise the company to urgently work this aspect out so that more customers could use the services.


The website has no antivirus program, at least we have found none. This means that customers are unprotected from any malware. If you don’t have your own antivirus on your device, it is better for you to refrain from such website in order to avoid problems with the device or even data theft.

Convenience of Application

The application process at Speedy Loan Corp contains a lot of steps, besides there are a lot of documents you have to provide to the lender. However during application you do not have to indicate all your information, all documents can be faxed or e-mailed, so the application requires only the most basic information about you.

You can indicate the amount of money you want to get, but there is no information on the website about maximum amount available, so probably you will be approved only that amount that the lender decides. Also, you can give some additional contact details of your relatives or friends, but this information is not obligatory to provide.applicationapplicationapplicationapplicationapplicationapplicationapplicationapplicationapplicationapplicationapplication

As it was said before, there is no information on how long it will take to review your application, probably about 1 business day, however, this time may be longer or shorter.

If applied in-store you will get your money on the same day, but it is unknown when you get money if you apply online. Such procedures may take much longer on the Internet.

Also, you should bear in mind that sometimes the company can deny the application. In this case, you will get a letter with an explanation of such decision of the company. So, in general, the procedure is quite simple but requires some time to fill in the application and lots of documents that you have to send to the company.

Is Speedyloancorp.net Legit?

According to ScamAdviser.com this website deserves high trust rating. The company has 95% in safety rating, but it is unclear why the figure is so high. There is completely no information about the website, except for location. There are details that would help to estimate the company. So we cannot rely on ScamAdviser report on the legitimacy of the company.scamadviser

Speedyloancorp.net Reviews

Reviews on the Website

Sadly, there are no reviews on customers on the website. There is no special page of the form to send feedback. So it is impossible to see if other customers are satisfied with the work of the company.

This is a great flaw for Speedy Loan Corp that they do not encourage their customers to leave the review so that their reputation grew. We would advise the administration to work on this issue to improve their service and help customers to decide in favor of the company.

Reviews on Other Resources

As well as with comments on the website itself, on the Internet, there are no reviews on people who used services of the company. It seems like the company didn’t have many customers for the entire time of their work.

Of course, we consider that the company works in-store but many people now like to share their opinion on the Internet, so if the service was good, somebody would have already wrote about it on some forum.

For now, we cannot tell that the company is reliable, while we have no evidence. The company should take some serious measures to make their customers leave comments about their work in the internet or better on their own website. But for now it very suspicious that Speedyloancorp.net doesn’t have any comment at all.

Customer Support on Speedyloancorp.net

Contact Details

On the website, there is a tab with contact information for customers, but when you go there, all you can find is a contact form. No telephone numbers of addresses. It is understandable that there several stores, but there must be one head office, contacts of which must be indicated in this tab.contact form

It is a great disadvantage for the company, that they didn’t manage to give full contact information to the customers. Of course, there is a page with all locations of the company, but if they create another page with contact details, it must contain something more than just a contact form.


As it was mentioned, the website has a page with all locations of the company, with addresses and phone numbers. There are 15 location all of which are in Wisconsin. To each location, there is a link, by clicking which you can find out about working hours of the store, and find it on the map. This is a very convenient services to our opinion.locations

So despite the fact that the page is organized not very attractively, it has all necessary information, that each customer can for himself decide where and when it is better for him to apply.

All the stores prove the same services, so there is no need to describe each of them. If you want to get more information about the company and its services, find the nearest to you store and contact the support group.

Support Group Service

To contact the support group we chose to send an e-mail via contact form as it is the most convenient way for us. Unfortunately, there is no live chat, so having real time conversation is possible only on the phone.

We decided to ask about maximum amount available for us top take, since this information is not provided on the website. After we filled in the necessary information, we press the «Submit» button.support service

But unfortunately, our massage wasn’t sent. This form in invalid and sent us to Microsoft Outlook setup. This is not what most customers expect, so this point is completely failed by the company.


In general, it should be said that the company doesn’t inspire much trust after a detailed look at the website. there is almost no relevant information about the services. Even the most essential details are absent.

Besides security level is not very high on the website, and it not know why ScamAdviser.com gives it such high rate. Reviews of the customer were also not found after long searching in the Internet. And customer service is apparently available only by phone.

All these fact do not allow rating this website as high trust and its reliability is completely not proved. Maybe in future, the company will work on the website and improve it, but for now, we cannot recommend this place as safe to loan money and not face scammers.

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