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Speedy-Payday-Loans.com Review: The Most Reliable and Advantageous Broker in the USA

Self-Introduction of Speedy Payday Loans

Speedy Payday Loans is a broker, main aim of which is to provide access to different online lenders working on all the USA territory except to the following list of state: Arkansas, New York, Vermont and West Virginia. This broker mailing address is Oakland, California. Speedy Payday Loans official website is convenient with user-friendly interface which guarantees a fast operation during all the loan arrangement process. But to tell you the truth, we are going to strictly examine website’s security and legitimacy together with technical data.

Loan TypesMin AmountMax AmountPeriodInterest RateDocuments Bad Credit History
payday loans$ 100$ 1 000agreed individuallyagreed individuallyNo special documents requiredYES

Types of Loans

Speedy Payday Loans offers its clients an opportunity to take a payday loans type. Cash transfer is carried out online only. You do not have to visit the office to communicate face to face because all the procedure is conducted online beginning from application to money transfer. Usually, funds are transferred to your bank account within 24 hours after application approval. This transferal time may be increased or decreased depending on your bank performance quality. It is very important to fill in an application as carefully as possible because banking data is taken from it.

Terms of Use

To qualify for a loan, a client has to meet the following requirements:

  • age over 18 years old;
  • a constant working place for 90 years;
  • active bank account;
  • active phone number and e-mail;
  • the USA resident.

forget financial problems

It is known that in the majority of US states, residents achieving 18 are eligible to arrange a loan in any online organization. You remember that Speedy Payday Loans is a broker but its collaboration with lenders allows all people from 18 years old to be approved for a loan if other requirements are met.

Min loan amount is $ 100 when maximum – $ 1000. Speedy Payday Loans specializes in payday loans only. Interest rates and periods are agreed individually with a lender directly that’s why you do not be afraid the interest will be too high because you may enlarge period till the loan should be paid back. The only aspect for approval mandatory is to have a working place for 90 days at one and the same employer. Even if you have another source of income and can prove it, it won’t work in your favor.


To fill in an application form, you have to make use of a reduced form given on the front-page. When looking at complete application form you have to provide only Social Security Number and banking information because funds are transferred into your active bank account. It means that Speedy Payday Loans tries to make your operation and collaboration with broker and lender as convenient as possible. You do not have to send or fax any documents that’s why you are welcome to command as hassle-free as possible online lending service.reduced application form

There is no necessity to search for guarantors to be approved. Speedy Payday Loans trusts in you and your paying capacity. Contact persons are not also required. As it is mentioned on the FAQ page, only 15 minutes are required for processing application. After that, you will understand what loan amount, at what interest rate and within what period will be borrowed in your exact case. If Speedy Payday Loans administration will hesitate your solvency, they may ask for providing additional information, documents and other possible means to approve a loan for you.


There is the only way to pay a loan back, exactly your installment will be withdrawn on the due date from your bank account. As a result, you have to think about a necessity to have an appropriate sum there not to be involved in a controversial situation when a lender may think you miss in payment. As to speak about loan repayment earlier/partially, it is better to regulate these aspects with lender proximately. But in the majority of cases, earlier repayment is an opportunity to reduce interest fee but partial repayment aspect should be discussed with the lender directly.

If you want to delay a payment, you have to contact a lender you are going to deal with because there may appear the possibility to calculate additional fees and penalties. Penalties are not only one method to punish a client, there exists the possibility of collection team performance. So that, it is better to predicate this situation beforehand.


Unfortunately, brokers don’t possess such an information about possible ways to extend a loan, but the only assurance is that clients cannot arrange two loans in one and the same online financial organization because until the first one has been paid completely, you cannot be approved for the second time. Starting cooperating with a lender from discussing such questionable aspects to become ready for possible circumstances.

cash advance

Speedy-Payday-Loans.com Bad Credit History

Speedy-Payday-Loans.com as a broker, cannot say exactly they will approve all people with bad credit history. But nowadays the majority of online lenders from Speedy Payday Loans broker network system pay no attention to bad credit history, its lack or even absence. One missed a payment is not able to hesitate in payment capacity because there may appear different life situations. A credit score is not so significant for online lenders nowadays, moreover, Speedy Payday Loans network is one of the opportunities to improve bad credit history.

Technical Data

Secure Connection on Speedy-Payday-Loans.com

The secure connection on eCommerce resources is the major part of providing high-quality overall service online. It is required to protect personal data as much as possible. A client should be sure, everything will be carried out top-level. As to speak about Speedy Payday Loans utilizes GeoTrust.Inc security verification of 256-bit encryption possible to ensures protection almost on a 100-% level.


As a result, we have seen the confirmed fact of Speedy Payday Loans proper implementation of their responsibility for clients’ protection. When filling in an application form, you will be under constant 24-hours protection.

Mobile Version of Speedy-Payday-Loans.com

Mobile version is the most convenient way to gain access to online financial facilities. Mobile version of Speedy-Payday-Loans is user-friendly. You will find everything required for completing such a process. There is no scrolling, there is no difficulty with text reading. A reduced application is located on the up front. You cannot miss it in no way. Functionally, the website mobile version is working at the high level that’s why you won’t meet any hindrance which will arrest your application process. Moreover, this mobile version is adjusted to different smartphones that’s why no flaw will appear.

mobile version

Antivirus Presence

Antivirus is one more opportunity to get 100-% protection from viruses and other online threats which are spread over the Internet very much. You do not have any idea of your computer or any other gadget will be infected with the virus “walking” in the world wide web. To tell you the truth, Speedy Payday Loans applies McAfee as one of the most effective means to get rid of the virus threat. It is clickable preventing people even from blackmailing. GeoTrust security service is one more means protecting you from viruses and other online threats. We may come to a conclusion that Speedy Payday Loans perceives their responsibility for clients’ protection.


Convenience of Application

In general, the process of arranging a loan on Speedy Payday Loans, you have to undergo three main steps of filling in information:

  • personal information;
  • contact and employment;
  • deposit information.

three steps

You are not required to provide any kind of specific information because all the procedure is as hassle-free as possible. Overall time for an application for enrollment is from 5 to 15 minutes. When 3 main steps are undergone, you should submit an application and wait for the final result.

During the 1 st step you have to provide your:

  • address;
  • SS#;
  • birth data.

During the first step, you may choose your loan amount because there are cases when people may doubt what sum of money they need to realize their plans.

The second step includes the necessity to provide a lender/broker with all possible contact information in combination with employment issues. And only after that, you have to fill in banking details. In general, all the procedure seems not wasting your time. You will look at application step by step that’s why nothing will be missed. Moreover, there is a reduced form of application, where the fields filled data is transferred into the detailed application. For us, it is one of the most convenient forms we have seen.

Legitimacy and Security of Speedy Payday Loans

To tell you the truth, security and legitimacy should be estimated fairly because people may be cheated when commanding service with the questionable reputation. But speedy-payday-loans.com has 74-% of security level estimated by ScamAdviser.com – an online service providing with detailed information about each eCommerce resource. Of course, ScamAdviser.com doubts every resource but 74-% is high enough to be sure, your rights won’t be broken while commanding this service. There is a suggestion that website origin is hidden but we may suppose that they try to protect itself together with clients’ database.

Domain age is 3 years and 23 days which means that company exists for the decent period of time. Do not pay too much attention to hidden information because clients’ interests are protected by speedy-payday-loans.com administration in full. You are welcome to surf more information about this website on the Internet but in fact, you will get the same reliable information.


Speedy-Payday-Loans.com Reviews

Reviews on Speedy Payday Loans

Speedy Payday Loans is service well-known and very popular all over the world. People may read reviews left by satisfied clients on the website itself. All the reviews are left 2016-2017 which confirms that speedy-payday-loans.com service is advantageous for the majority of the US residents. After reading these reviews you will understand that you won’t be cheated when commanding this service. All the reviews seem not to be fabricated that’s why it is your way to cope with financial troubles as fast as possible.


Reviews about Speedy-Payday-Loans.com on Foreign Resources

Fortunately, we have found reviews about speedy-payday-loans.com on the foreign resources. Of course, it is so good sign for the online broker that people really admire this broker performance. We hope there will appear more resources showing how customers are satisfied with the service provided. Various online websites devoted to leaving reviews are glad to introduce people sharing their opinion. You may grapple with some of them right now:

reviews on trustpilotreviews on mc

Customer Support

Contact Information

As to speak about contact information, in the following section you will find address with Google map. As you remember Speedy Payday Loans online mailing address is in Oakland, California.


If you have any questions you are welcome to utilize e-mail address to find the answer. E-mail address is also located on “Contact Us” page. Remember that working hours are not limited that’s why people may leave applications round the clock. Moreover, the phone number is one more option for coming in contact with Speedy Payday Loans support group.

phone number

Locations of Speedy Payday Loans

Remember Speedy Payday Loans is a broker. Being a broker this organization has the right to cooperate with lenders in almost all states except Arkansas, New York, Vermont and West Virginia. It is banned payday loans in these states that’s why when entering data into reduced application form, be attentive, ZIP code plays an important role in location determination. So that, when deciding to cooperate with Speedy Payday Loans do not think about your residence but ZIP code will deprive you of unnecessary problems.

Customer Support Service

The only means to connect customer support service is an e-mail address. This e-mail is available 24-hours a day. You are welcome to send e-mails at any time of day and night.


After the request is sent, you will be transferred phone number of your lender with whom you will work further. If there are bothering you questions, you are welcome to command this service. We are online every time.

Conclusion: The Most Reliable and Advantageous Broker in the USA

Speedy Payday Loans online is a broker providing legalized access to different online lenders working on all the territory of the United States of America. People living there may command its service and be approved just meeting several standard requirements. Unfortunately, speedy-payday-loans.com offers only payday loans from $ 100 to $ 1 000. Period and interest rate are defined individually but people with bad credit history are able to be approved as well as people with lack or absence of credit history.

According to ScamAdviser.com, website legitimacy and security have 74-% rating which shows the result higher than average. You may read detailed analyses but you do not find anything to put in doubt speedy-payday-loans reputation. Reviews show that this online resource plays an important role in people financial troubles solution. They make use of the hassle-free procedure to get cash on bank account within 24 hours.
In general, it is up to you to decide but we recommend you US broker – Speedy Payday Loans online for realizing your plans or covering unexpected expenses.

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