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Paydayone–com.com Review: Caution! Highly Unrecommended Online Broker for Canada and the USA

Self-Introduction of Payday One


Payday One is an online broker offering clients the opportunity to get a payday loan from different online lenders. This online service is available 24 hours 7 days in a week. But when cooperating with the lender directly you may come across with absolutely other hours of operation. This online company is eligible to provide the US and Canadian residents with payday loans. We are going to estimate the legitimacy and security of this online matching service.

Loan typesMin.amountMax.amountPeriodInterest RateDocumentsBad credit
Payday loans$100$1000agreed individuallyagreed individually
  • SSN;
  • Driver License;
  • ID.

Types of Loans

Payday One offers payday loans only for its customers. The approved sum of money is transferred to your bank account directly. As this online company poses itself as a broker the time of money transfer is defined individually. It is pointed out that sometimes people may get the funds within one hour. But this procedure speed is dependent on the online lender you borrow money from.

Terms of Use

For qualifying for a loan a customer should meet the following requirements:

  • be at least 18 years of age;
  • have a job or other regular sources of income;
  • have an active bank account.

The minimal age for becoming eligible for borrowing money is 18 years old. But remember this information is related to this exact broker. The lenders may have some other requirements which should be met. The min. loan amount is $100.00 when the maximum – $1000.00.

loan amount

The loan period is unknown. All the information will be specified by a lender you choose. Remember, a payday loan is a short-term loan limited in time. You should pay it back as fast as possible because it will help reduce the interest rate.

The interest rates are also not defined. All the information will be cleared out by a lender able to provide the most suitable for you conditions. The question with employment is also not clear. You should prove that you have a constant working place or just have some other source of income. In other words, you should prove your paying capacity.


The application takes just several minutes for clients to fill it in. The application will be processed within several minutes as well. You will see the number of lenders with the most affordable conditions for your exact case. The number of documents and time for processing the application may vary depending on an online lender you are working with.


There is no need to fax any documents to prove your identity and solvency. But you should have the following documents to fill in an application form:

  • Social Security Number;
  • Identification Number;
  • Driver License;
  • ABA/Routing Number.

If you do not have one of this document you may interchange them. For example, if you do not have ID number you may enter social security number instead. But remember the information presented by a broker may be unclear. Clarify the more details with a lender.


Unfortunately, there is no information about how to repay a loan back. We believe all the details will be given to you by an online lender. But to our mind, there should be given any information about possible repayment options for making it more clear for a future client. There is no concrete information about how it is possible to pay a loan back. There is no word whether it is possible to pay a loan back earlier or partially.


Regretfully, there is no specified information about the possible extension options. All the details should be agreed with a lender individually. The absence of a concrete information is an omission when commanding the service of an online broker. You are welcome to clear out all the extension details about a possibility to change a due date or to get another loan to pay the first one back when connecting the online lender.

Bad Credit History on Paydayone–com.com

It is possible to get a loan having a bad credit history as mentioned by this broker. But there are too many nuances of an exact lender you are going to borrow money from. In the majority of cases, they do not pay attention to your credit history or its absence but there were observed the cases of unapproved online applications.

bad credit history

Technical Characteristics

Secure Connection

The connection on paydayone–com.com is absolutely insecure. There is no encryption on the application form as well where the clients enter their personal data. So that, there may appear problems with the unlegalized access to your personal data. Be attentive. Such a negligence may cost them much because clients may file for a court because of the lost personal data.

insecure connection

Mobile Version

There is no mobile version of paydayone–com.com. Only a desktop version is able to provide you with the information necessary for arranging an order online. More and more people are striving to issue for a loan by means of a mobile phone. But the site administration neglect this option.


There is an antivirus icon on the application form. But unfortunately, it is not clickable. We cannot check its validity. The front page doesn’t contain any signs of an antivirus presence on the website. It means clients’ gadgets may be infected with viruses and other online threats.


Convenience of Application

The application form is comprised of 2 sections. The first one includes the personal information including:

  • first name;
  • second name;
  • address;
  • ZIP-code;
  • phone number;
  • work phone number;
  • others.

The second step includes the information about client’s working place, social security number, routing number and other banking information. In fact, such an online application doesn’t look pretty well. But in general, people will not lose too much time filling it in. But we remember, there is no secure connection even on this page where you enter your personal data. It means this online broker endangers the personal data. We cannot prove it to be convenient for customers.

Is Paydayone–com.com Legit?


ScamAdviser.com gives 63% of security. There is a small risk of being cheated. There is a mass of the website location: probable website location is Singapore when probable website location is the United States of America. Unfortunately, there is no concrete data about the year of existence, no address, the phone number and email address. There are also other websites involved in this online broker performance. There are some other 729 websites involved and installed on the same website.

Such a situation makes people and future customers believe they may come across with illegal business. In fact, we cannot trust our personal pharmacy in such an online broker.

Reviews about Paydayone–com.com

Reviews on Paydayone–com.com

It is a disappointing fact but there are no reviews left on paydayone–com.com. There are no clients having a desire to leave a feedback showing their experience with this online broker. The absence of reviews proves the fact of unreliable online service. We believe this broker will improve this situation by showing more details about people cooperating with it.

External Reviews about Paydayone–com.com

Regretfully, there is no word about this online broker. We do not have any information about the performance of this website left by clients having commanded this service already. We are hopeful there may appear reviews on the Internet but when we do not know.

Contact Information

“Contact Us” Section

Regretfully, there is no “contact us” page. There is only a phone number: 1-855-572-8248. Unfortunately, this is the only information given to the customers. It is not allowable not to provide customers with the contact information.

phone number


This online broker has a license to cooperate and provide the service on the territory of Canada and the USA. Unfortunately, there are specified states, provinces and territories. It is better to ask the question of a correct lender online.


Customer Support Service

There is the only way to contact customer support group – over the phone. We have tried to use this method but failed. The call was not received. Unfortunately, there are other ways to find the solution to any kind of problem related to this online broker.

Conclusion: Caution! Highly Unrecommended Online Broker for Canada and the USA

Paydayone–com.com is an online broker providing an access to the lenders. Residents of Canada and the USA may command this service. But we cannot recommend it all. There are several reasons for this:

  • an absence of the correct information;
  • an absence of the secure connection and mobile version;
  • negligence of antivirus installment;
  • an absence of reviews: internal and external;
  • contact information is absent;
  • the customer support group doesn’t work.

The ScamAdviser.com gives 46% of security but it is not enough to become reliable. The overall rating is 1,7 out of 5.

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