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NHcash.com Review: Not Obvious Reputation of NHcash.com to Take a Loan Online

Self-Introduction of NHash.com


NH Cash has been cooperating since 2002 providing clients with payday loans online. But it turns out that NH Cash administration points out they are not a direct lender:

we are not a payday lender

We do not find any actual information about this online credit institution that’s why we will grapple with all the aspects gradually. We are going to understand whether NHcash.com is legit and secure.

Types of LoansMin Loan AmountMax Loan AmountInterest RatePeriodDocumentsBad Credit History
payday loans $ 200 $ 1 500agreed individuallyagreed individually
  • driver’s license;
  • Bank Routing Number and Checking / Savings Account Number;
  • debit card with your name on it.

Types of Loans

As we understand, NH Cash offers clients only personal payday loans. There is no actual information how and how fast funds are transferred because Nhcash.com stresses out they are not a direct lender but broker between client and an online lender. But we may guess, as, in the majority of cases, everything happens in this way – funds are transferred to the active bank account which you define in an application form. The speed of funds be transferred to your bank account is unknown.

easy personal loans

Additional service is a line of credit available only in States Utah, Kansas and the Commonwealth of Virginia. A line of credit is is an arrangement between a financial institution, usually a bank, and a customer that establishes a maximum loan balance that the lender permits the borrower to access or maintain. The borrower can access funds from the line of credit at any time, as long as he does not exceed the maximum amount set in the agreement and as long as he meets any other requirements set by the financial institution, such as making timely minimum payments.

Terms of Use

As usual, U.S citizens are eligible to get a loan, whether online or in-store, when they reach 18 years old but NHcash.com doesn’t provide any kind of information relating to client’s age. The absence of such an important information may prevent clients from getting a loan online. If you are interested in the available loan amount, you will find this information on front-page: you may borrow from $ 200 to $ 1500.

loan amount

You may use the scale to determine the exact loan amount you need to improve your financial state. But unfortunately, there is no scale with periods for which you are eligible to take a loan online in Nhcash.com. As we remember that Nhcash.com is not a direct lender that’s why interest rate and period are agreed individually with a lender you are going to cooperate with.

Also, there is no concrete information about whether you have to be employed but it is logical that you should have a steady source of income to pay a loan back.


A client should provide the following information including documents to be approved for an online loan:

  • cell phone;
  • driver’s license;
  • bank account information (Bank Routing Number and Checking / Savings Account Number);
  • debit card with your name on it (Non-Reloadable and Virtual Cards are Not Acceptable – We do not accept Metabank or ADP cards as a form of Debit Card).

For been approved, it may be required some additional information which will be processed within 1 business day. According to Nhcash.com requirements, they check all the credit information about the client by means of special bureaus providing the following information about your:

  • past banking relationships;
  • bill-paying;
  • credit history.

how do i qualify

There is no actual information about whether a client should provide any guarantors or contact persons but this data should not be approved by documents that’s why it won’t become a problem for customers when they are eager to get a loan online.


NHcash loans are not considered to be standard or cheap, but the cost is much lower than predatory payday loans or internet installment loans. The costs of your loan fall into two categories:

  • fees, which are the same no matter how much money you borrow;
  • interest and principal payments, which change based on how much money you borrow.

Here there is a table with fees and interest rates which you have to pay back:


It turns out that you have to pay monthly fee independently of the loan amount you borrow. But unfortunately, there is no concrete information about how a client should pay a loan back. To tell you the truth, there is nothing useful about whether a client is eligible to pay a loan partially or earlier. What about penalties is also unknown but remembering that Nhcash is a broker, all the information may be given by a lender exactly when connecting with it.

if you have any questions you are welcome to use NHcash phone number to find all the answers:

phone number


Whan surfing this online resource, you won’t be able to find any information about whether a client has a right to extend a loan or not. But if such an occasion takes place it is better to come in contact with Nhcash customer service group to adjust questionable aspects. In the majority of cases, there is a possibility to extend a loan but for an additional fee.

Nhcash.com Bad Credit History

There are cases when your credit history may be spoiled and you lose an opportunity to get a loan in official bank office but Nhcash.com is glad to provide clients with bad credit history to be approved for a loan which may help improve the financial state.

bad credit history

Of course, your data will be processed but it plays no key role. One fault in credit history doesn’t prove your inability of paying a loan back. Such credit institutions are necessary for people with bad credit history who decide to start a new “financial” life.

Technical Data

Secure Connection

Unfortunately, the connection is secure only when you enter the page to fill in an application form. It means that hackers may get access to clients’ personal data. But application form is protected by 256-bit encryption server, the security certificate of which is verified by Starfield Technologies Inc.

secure connection

It means that NH cash administration does everything to protect customers’ personal data from disclosure but unfortunately, they hide company owner name. Such a hidden information may prevent clients from being sure they are protected constantly. A secure connection is required to be present on such eCommerce recourses that’s why NHcash.com may ensure the highest level of security for customers. But remember that there is a risk for personal data being stolen because the secure connection is present only on an application form.

Mobile Version

mobile version

Mobile version of Nhcash.com is user-friendly and is easy to use on a mobile device. But there is a noticeable drawback in form of scrolling when opening application form. It prevents clients from convenient service online but it is still possible to apply for a loan by means of Nhcash.com mobile version. Moreover, this mobile version is adjusted to different mobile devices and it becomes possible to get a loan even in a public transport. Mobile version is a simplified way to get access to the application form and fill it in in no time.

Antivirus Presence

Unfortunately, there is no antivirus on Nhcash.com that’s why clients are able to “catch” viruses and other online threats. People, when commanding this service, should be sure they are absolutely protected that’s why it is necessary to install antivirus. The application form page contains the label of antivirus:


But it turns out that this label doesn’t work at all that’s why they misinform people that they protect their devices from Internet threats.

Convenience of Application

There are three main steps of application approval. They are:

  • approval;
  • validations;
  • funding.

application stepsTo get funds you have to fill in an application form containing also three steps:

  • personal information;
  • employment information;
  • banking information;
  • additional information.

how it works

After you fill in all this data, you are welcome to press the button “Agree and Submit” and you will get information about the Lender you are going to cooperate with.

agree and submit

To tell you the truth, it takes not so much time to fill in an application form that’s why 5 minutes and you are waiting for the outcome of approval or not. All the procedure is simple, everything is clear and there are no obstacles preventing you from getting a loan online in NHcash.com.

Is Nhcash.com Legit?

According to ScamAdviser.com, Nhcash.com has a high trust rating – 85-%. This site – Nhcash.com looks to be safe and legit but unfortunately, we cannot understand what Scamadviser.com levels down the mark. Website location and owner location are identical, it plays an important role for ScamAdviser.com to give a high rating.

But contact address doesn’t coincide, the difference lies in road name but city and state are the same. Maybe ScamAdviser.com decreases the mark for the fact that other 6 domains are installed on the same server with Nhcash.com.

Domain age is 15 years and 6 days but it has low popularity among US citizens. There are cases when we cannot explain why ScamAdviser.com gives such a rating but in this case, everything seems well enough to get such a high rating.


Reviews about NHcash.com

Reviews on NHcash.com

There is no page with reviews left on nhcash.com itself. It makes us think that there are no clients satisfied with service enough to leave a comment. We cannot estimate this online institution performance that’s why this is a great minus for this website organization. Reviews are the major part for clients who have a desire to command this service and get funds online.

Reviews about NHcash.com on Foreign Recourses

NHcash.com offers clients to read reviews left on TrustPilot.com – an effective recourse for giving people an opportunity to leave and read reviews.


The current rating on Trustpilot.com is almost 4 stars and positive reviews are predominant over negative. The majority of reviews are “fresh” and left by people even in September 2017.


Such reviews may help people decide whether it is appropriate to command the service of NH cash or not. In the majority of cases, people write down they are satisfied with the work done but there are cases when NHcash customer service is disgusting. Staff in customer support group is impolite and provides nothing useful for their wellness.


There have sometimes replies from NHcash.com support group but to our mind, the performance doesn’t become better, unfortunately. Such reviews are signals of impolite and poor service provided to NHcash.com clients.

Positive reviews contain the following aspects:


Contact Information

“Contact Us” Section

Contact section is supplied with all the required information for making clients sure they are able to come in contact with customer support group or site administration as fast as possible. It is possible to contact NHcash over phone number: 1-888-NHCASH0. There is also a possibility to sens fax if there is no other way to contact customer support group.

contact information

Address coincides with data given by ScamAdviser.com, the only difference lies in the street name. But they may change the office that’s why such a difference plays no major role for us.

Moreover, site administration provides clients with working hours: Monday through Friday – 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM Eastern Time.

working hours

NHcash has a toll phone number available round the clock:

phone number

So that, contact information is full and may satisfy clients from the United States of America who may make a choice that this online credit institution is legal.


Customer Support Service

Customer Support Service is an opportunity for clients to ask bothering them questions and get even an immediate answer. Life Chat is the fastest way of communicating with customer support group but NHcash.com doesn’t offer such an opportunity for its clients. Sometimes the label of life chat appears on the website but it is always unavailable. We cannot find the way to talk with someone by means of this innovative option.

One more way to contact with NH cash customer service is to use contact form looking like this:

contact form

after filling in all the necessary fields you will have to wait for the answer undefined amount of time because usually contact forms are responded within 24 hours and even more. We are still waiting for the answer but hope for the best.

Conclusion: Not Obvious Reputation of NHcash.com to Take a Loan Online

trusted and secureFrom the first sight, we find some inaccuracies and the first and the most important is confusing information about the fact whether NHcash.com is a direct lender or a broker. They claim they are a broker online but we do not find any evidence of with what institutions they cooperate. There is a lack of information concerning period and interest rate. It is rather difficult to get the real picture of everything you have to know before arranging a loan online.

Scamadviser.com gives 85-% of security for NHcash.com but it is left unknown why the rating is leveled down. But contact address coincides in both cases. According to ScamAdviser.com, NHcash.com looks to be safe recourse for getting loans online.

We have some confusion with reviews because NHcash.com has no in-site reviews left by satisfied clients. But Trustpilot.com provides a great amount of reviews left about NHcash.com performance. They are predominantly positive but negative – present as well.

In general, everything looks well but there is something that makes us disquiet. So that, it is up to clients to decide whether this online service is worth taking loans online or not.

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