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NeedCashNow1hr.com Review: Unpopular Lender-Matching Service from the Russian Federation

What is NeedCashNow1hr?

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NeedCashNow1hr.com is an online lender-matching service which connects consumers with short-term direct lenders in the case of unexpected financial needs arise. They promise they will be able to find at least one lender willing to help you regardless of your credit score and even if you have no credit. The company guarantees that consumers will receive the funds very fast and that there are no other third parties involved. They strive to help you find a trouble-free and instant solution. They claim to work legal direct lenders only.

Loan typesMin.amountMax.amountPeriodAPRItems requiredBad credit
Payday loans$100$10002-4 weeks or longer200%-1390%SSN, Driver’s License #Yes

Types of Loans

NeedCashNow1hr helps clients to find payday loans (short-term unsecured loans of a small amount). This is a unique kind of loan which is repaid on next payday of the client. The specific terms vary by state.

fast cash

You may need such loans when you have no money to pay for unexpected bills, car repair, vacation, home renovation, and so on. Payday loans have gained popularity since they can be obtained on the same day.

1 hour

Although the domain’s name is NeedCashNow1hr, the lender usually transfers the funds on your checking account on the next business day.

Terms of Use

The lenders can offer loan amounts between $100 and $1,000 for 2-4 weeks or whenever you get paid. Consumers should expect that these loans come with high interest rates ($15-20 for every $100), which makes payday loans more expensive than bank loans. The loan becomes especially expensive when you borrow a loan for several months because the interest rate grows.

To qualify for a loan, you must:

  1. be at least 18 years of age;
  2. legally live in the United States;
  3. be employed for a minimum of 90 days;
  4. have an active bank account;
  5. have an email address and phone number;
  6. meet minimum income requirements (not specified on the website).

The interest rates on payday loans depend on the amount borrowed and the term. The lender will also assess your ability to repay a loan based on your income but usually, it’s between 200% and 1390%.

All the details regarding the loan will be provided by the lender you are connected with before you sign the documents. The lender will also ask you to provide your electronic signature in order to enter into an agreement.


According to the website, applying for a loan with NeedCashNow1hr.com is “as easy as pie”, because the whole process is online and you need to only provide basic information. As soon as you are approved, the funds are deposited into your bank account in as quickly as possible. They also mention that “there is almost no faxing of documents required”. The word “almost” makes me think that in some cases though you are required to fax some documents. You do not need to provide a guarantor.


The loan request form includes some basic personal and financial information (your name, phone, email, occupation, details of your bank account, etc).

Loan Repayment

According to the website, all lenders from the network of NeedCashNow1hr offer specific flexible repayment options that suit a particular borrower.


Some of the lenders make the loan repayment very simple (obviously, it some cases, it’s difficult to repay a loan). Bear in mind that you will need to repay the amount of the original loan plus interest. You may opt for the direct withdrawal payment option on the scheduled date if you want to have the repayment done electronically. In this case, you neither need to mail checks/money orders nor visit the lender’s office. The direct withdrawal option will help to avoid late payments.

The lender-matching service mentions that it is very important to repay your loan on the specified date. This will help you avoid late fees and create a good relationship with a lending company. You should always ensure that you will be able to repay your loan before you sign the contract.

Loan Extension

If you are unable to make a payment on time, you need to contact your lender as soon as possible to discuss the available loan extending options. In most cases, a lender will be able to offer a specific flexible repayment plan for your individual case.

I found no information about whether it’s possible to repay a loan early without ant pre-payment fees.

NeedCashNow1hr.com Bad Credit

any credit

The lenders from the system of NeedCashNow1hr.com may check your credit history if necessary, however, people with bad credit or no credit at all can be approved for a loan anyway. The lenders may also perform credit checks with TeleTrack or DP. This helps them to ensure that a borrower is not bankrupt and that he has no other loans. These checks do not affect the credit score of a client.

Technical Characteristics of the Website


NeedCashNow1hr.com uses a 128-bit SSL protocol verified by Let’s Encrypt:


At the same time, the website’s administration reported that it does not guarantee that users’ personal information will not be decrypted by others. According to them, consumers access NeedCashNow1hr.com at their own risk. The lender-matching service bears no responsibility for any damages or losses users may incur due to the access of this service of the third parties. Considering this, you should weigh all pros and cons when using this website.

Mobile Version

In the modern world, people prefer mobile devices to computers, and the information is received mainly through a smartphone. If the site loads for a very long time, the user is unlikely to wait – most likely, he will simply go to a competitor’ site which will load fasters. The resource should be easy – without various special effects, devouring expensive mobile traffic. Pictures should be smaller than those on the full version of the site. Fortunately, NeedCashNow1hr.com is adapted for the mobile audience:


Any text is convenient to read. The font on the site is of an acceptable size. The same applies to the button “Apply” and other touch-elements – a person can easily press them with a finger. The mobile version is easy to read from any device with any diagonal. Filling out an application from a mobile device is convenient.

As we already mentioned above, the mobile version is easy to use, but there is also an opportunity to go to the full version of the site, if necessary.

Such mobile version will be surely appreciated by customers.


NeedCashNow1hr.com does not have an antivirus installed which means that the company cannot guarantee that users’ computers will not be hacked or infected with dangerous malware programs. Besides, the sensitive information can be stolen does not guarantee that users’ personal information will not be stolen by third parties. I would recommend the site’s administrator to take some efforts to provide consumers with a higher security level. There are too many competitor websites using advanced antivirus programs.

The Convenience of Using NeedCashNow1hr.com

The company guarantees a quick and simple application process, which is purely online. All in all, you need to complete 3 steps: apply for a loan online, get an approval, receive your cash:

3 steps

To use the services of Need Cash Now 1hr, potential borrowers will have to register on the website and fill in personal, employment and financial information that lenders may need to make a decision on a particular loan request.

application form

In a few minutes, a customer will be matched with a suitable lender and can get a loan offer that suits his financial needs. If you are not satisfied with an offer made by the lender, you can simply reject it. After processing a borrower’ details, the lender will approve or decline a request in a matter of minutes. Usually, lenders from the network of Need Cash Now 1hr do not perform any credit checks but some lenders may do it. If there are any doubts, the lender may require to provide some additional information.

If approved, the funds are transferred directly to a borrower’s bank account within a few hours or on the next business day.

I like that the whole process is online and you do not need to go anywhere to get a loan. However, this website is only a link between a user and a lender and does not have any details on exact loan rates and terms – this information will be specified by the specific lender a consumer is matched with. NeedCashNow1hr.com only provides some basic information about payday loans. So you will have to fill out sensitive personal and financial details without knowing the actual interest rate and loan period. But in general, this online lender-matching service is convenient and able to find the best lender for you in only 5 minutes.

Is NeedCashNow1hr.com Legit?

ScamAdviser is not sure about NeedCashNow1hr.com legitimacy and gives this website 60% of trust. According to the analysis, this site involves a high-risk country, namely, the Russian Federation.scamadviser

The domain name “NeedCashNow1hr.com” was registered 3 years ago, the site seems to be not much popular, however, ScamAdviser found no suspicious words in the domain name and this site is not currently listed as “suspicious.” The verification service is skeptical about the company’s actual location – the site seems to operate from the United States but is owned by Russia, namely, by Marina Tzukanova from Novocherkassk. Besides, the site may relate to Switzerland. This undermined my trust in this lender-matching service, especially knowing that this site is rarely visited. The main issue that worries me is the fact that this online company is using an anonymous service to hide its identity. I found not enough evidence that NeedCashNow1hr.com is a legit and safe site.

NeedCashNow1hr.com Reviews

On-site Need Cash Now 1hr Reviews

Customer reviews are the best proof that the company is legit and popular. This site does not have a testimonial page, instead, they posted 3 reviews on the front page which looks more like an advertisement.


If you ever wish to leave a review about your experience with NeedCashNow1hr, you will only be able to do it on an independent website. So far, I’m not sure what people think about this service, whether it was useful, helped borrowers to find a suitable lender with good rates and terms or it was a fake company stealing your sensitive data and calling you several times a day. I hoped to find the answers on third-party websites and online forums.

External NeedCashNow1hr Reviews

Unfortunately, I was not able to assess the online reputation of this matching service because not a single borrower shared his impressions on the web. This looks suspicious because this site is old enough. I can hardly believe that a company with a 3-year-history did not receive a single review. The real performance of this website remained unknown.

Customer Support

Contact Information

NeedCashNow1hr provided too limited contact details. They do not even have a Contact Us page. I was only able to find their email [email protected] and city of location – Los Angeles. This is not enough for consumers to have a good image of this company:


The company definitely has something to hide and Scamadviser conformed this fast. There is no evidence that this company is located in the USA.

NeedCashNow1hr.com Locations

There are no details regarding the states in which this company is operating. I only was able to find the information that some states banned this service. So before you apply for a loan, you will need to take a research on the availability of payday loans in your state.

Getting a Consultation

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact the company via email [email protected]. They claim to be always available to answer consumers’ questions about NeedCashNow1hr website, its services and online loans in general. According to the website, the lender-matching service strives to provide clients with the first-class customer support and answer all inquiries as soon as possible. But if you have questions about your particular loan, you need to contact the lender directly, because NeedCashNow1hr is only an intermediate party and has no details regarding your loan contract.

I tried to contact the staff member using the specified email address [email protected] to specify NeedCashNow1hr.com locations. Unfortunately, the answer never came. This means that their customer support is either poorly organized or not active at all. There is no other way to reach their representative.


NeedCashNow1hr.com is not a lender but only a matching service which does not makes any credit decisions. The company neither lends cash to consumers but only acts as a link that connects people to a network of independent online lenders. It’s nice that most lenders from the system do not require faxing any documents and work with even with bad credit. The website only specializes in payday loans so if you are interested in other loan types, this service is not suitable for you. ScamAdviser is not sure whether this site is credible and reports that it’s owned by the Russian Federation. Besides, not all consumers will find it convenient to fill out an online application and provide very sensitive details without knowing exact rates and fees. In addition, the company provided only 1 way of contacting the customer care department. I am very disappointed that the company does not bear any responsibility for the safety of users’ personal information and has no external reviews from previous borrowers. There are just too many suspicious aspects that worry me. I rate Need Cash Now 1hr 2.8 stars out of 5 and recommend you searching for more reliable loan providers.

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