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My-Cash-Now.net Review: Low Overall Rating and Non-Refreshed Website

Self-Introduction of My-Cash-Now.net


My-Cash-Now.net is an intermediator between a lender and a client. The information left on this website is transferred to different lenders who can offer you the most affordable conditions. This broker doesn’t guarantee the 100-% approval from a lender exactly after you submit the information. The final decision is taken by the lender you are going to work with. Our service is going to examine all the aspects of this broker’ performance. We will come to a conclusion that people should be sure about the website reliability before leaving an application there.

Types of LoansMin Loan AmountMax Loan AmountInterest RatePeriodDocumentsBad Credit History
payday loans $100.00 $1000.00agreed individuallyagreed individually
  • driver license;
  • state ID#;
  • ABA/Routing number;
  • account number.

Types of Loans

This online broker cooperates with lenders offering payday loans only. Unfortunately, there is no actual information about how much time it takes to transfer funds. There is no timeframe of this transaction specified. Broker points out speed and method of transferral depend on the lender you will cooperate with.

Terms of Use

The future client should the following requirements to qualify for a loan:

  • the age over 18 years old;
  • have a constant job or source of income;
  • have an active bank account.

These criteria are specified by this exact broker. But the lender may require additional information about your income, direct deposit of your pay, past payday loan history and state of residence. Moreover, the lender may contact you directly to clarify some issues.

quick loan

The min.loan amount is $100.00, the max. – $1000.00. The lender may offer you a greater sum of money if your credit history and cooperation are “pure”. The interest rate is calculated individually. The broker sometimes may determine the frames of possible interest rate but it takes place very rare. This broker specializes in payday loans only that’s why the loan has a short-term character. The exact period is also defined by the lender.

For being approved a client should have a permanent working place. If not he should another source of income. It should be confirmed in a written form.


It is specified that this broker collects the personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information. Personally identifiable information includes the phone number, email, driver license, state ID#, ABA/Routing number, account number and others. Non-personally identifiable information is comprised of the IP address of the computer making the request; your browser type and language; access times; information about areas of the site visited by users of the site; information about the links that users may select to visit on the site.


There is no need to provide any guarantors. We do not find the confirmation in the FAQ’s section but when we complete an application we have not be asked this information. We do not know the exact time period of processing an application because the time may be increased when your application is transferred to the lender directly.


There is no concrete information about the methods of the loan repayment. It is specified that all the details will be explained by the lender you are going to cooperate with. In case if you have any questions you are welcome to contact customer support group. In general, a payday loan should be paid back within 28 days from the moment the money is borrowed.


There is a possibility to get only one loan at one period of time. You cannot be approved for the second loan when the first one has not been paid yet. If you cannot pay for a loan at the due date you are welcome to contact customer support group asking for an extension. We do not find any evidence of how this procedure is carried out that’s why it is better to grapple with all the details before sign an agreement.

My-Cash-Now.net Bad Credit History

The question of bad credit history is defined in the FAQs but there is no clear answer. We cannot prove that My Cash Now provides for people with bad credit history the payday loans. This aspect should be discussed with the lender directly. Maybe you will be approved but the interest rate will be higher in comparison with clients with a good credit history.

Technical Characteristics

Is the Connection Secure?

Unfortunately, the connection is insecure on My-Cash-Now.net. Think twice before commanding this service. There is a high risk that your personal data will be disclosed or used in a non-appropriate way. Be sure your data is protected before commanding this or that eCommerce service. It is very important for a broker or lender to ensure 100% security because people enter their banking information in an application form.

insecure connection

Mobile Version

Regretfully, this broker provides no mobile version for clients. People won’t be able to use smartphones for leaving an application online. Be ready for this beforehand you have to use the personal computer for surfing this website.

Antivirus Presence

There is an icon of antivirus located on the front page. But we cannot examine its validity because it is not clickable. We may suppose that people are protected from viruses and other online threats spread on the Internet.


Convenience of Application

It is almost convenient to leave an application online via My Cash Now. There is no necessity to register on the website. You may easily start filling in an application just pressing the button “Get Cash Now”. The process of leaving an application will take just 3 minutes.
get cash now

The application form contacts several dozens of questions. First of all, the first question appears on the website. When you answer it you will be asked to answer the second one. All the application is comprised of such questions changing one on another. In fact, you won’t spend much time leaving an application but remember there is no secure connection on the website. There is a high risk of being infected with viruses and other online threats.

Is My-Cash-Now.net Secure and Legit?

ScamAdviser.com gives 97% of security for this website. But there is a confusing information about the probable website location. Probably, it is Thailand based but there is a suspicion it is located in the United States of America. The domain age is 4 years and 222 days. The popularity is unknown. This website was refreshed 259 days ago. We may suppose that this website has not been active anymore. In fact, this looks inactive because there is no new information appeared on the website.

The phone number is registered in Thailand. The email is recorded in the United States. The owner is Jo Boonthima. When we grapple with the server information we have found that other 799 domains are installed on the same server with My-Cash-Now.net. It means that these websites may have some influence on this website performance.

We cannot understand why ScamAdviser.com gives such a high-rating of security. Of course, there is no hidden information but the confusing is present. We cannot trust this website offering clients payday loans for a short-term period.


Reviews about My-Cash-Now.net

Reviews on My-Cash-Now.net

Unfortunately, there are no reviews left by customers on My-Cash-Now.net. We cannot fairly estimate the number of satisfied or non-satisfied customers. We have got one more evidence proving that this website is inactive. There are clients at all that’s why there is no word about this broker helping people cope with financial troubles.

Foreign Resources Reviews about My-Cash-Now.net

Unfortunately, we have not found any word about My-Cash-Now.net. We have spent several hours trying to find reviews about this broker. 2 years of existence do not provide any chance for customers to leave any feedback about this website. It would be useful to read more about others’ experience. Sometimes, reviews are a key element in deciding whether this online service is reliable or not.

Contact Information

“Contact Us” Section

This section contains only phone number. If you have any questions or have a desire to get acquainted with some aspects of this broker performance you may use this phone number: 1-877-257-9570. There is no live chat. We will grapple with the customer support group performance when reaching the exact unit.

phone number


Customer Support Group

There is a contact form for leaving your enquires. We have asked wшер what companies and lenders this broker cooperates but receive no answer. In the majority of cases, the answers are processed and answered within 24 hours and more. We have waited for 48 hours. The answer wasn’t given to us. We have disappointed and made a conclusion that people won’t cope with any kind of problems which may appear during the cooperation with My-Cash-Now.net.

Conclusion: Low Overall Rating and Non-Refreshed Website

My-Cash-Now.net is online broker providing an opportunity to get a payday loan online. Having analyzed this website we come to a conclusion it is not active anymore. It was refreshed 259 days ago. There are reviews left by customers. There is no detailed information about the lenders they are working with. To our mind, it is absolutely insecure to provide personal data to this online broker. All the transactions are insecure.

Though ScamAdviser.com gives 897% of security there is a mass with probable website locations. There are other 799 websites installed on the same server with My Cash Now. In general, the overall rating is low – 1.8 out of 5. Be sure this service is a reliable one if decide to cooperate with this online broker.

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