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MrLender.com Review: Checkered Reputation of UK-based Financial Provider

Mr Lender Self-Introduction

mrlender logoMrLender is an online financial organization providing customers with simple, short-term, flexible loans. Mr Lender is considered to be a leading UK-based short-term credit provider. Mr Lender (mrlender.com) is PDL Finance Limited trading name, Company Number 06738633 with registered Office 6th Floor, 25 Farringdon Street, London, EC4A 4AB, UK. PDL Finance Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 673310.

mr lender

Mrlender.com is considered to be awarded as Best Short Term Loan Provider in 2016 Consumer Credit Awards and Customer Service Champion 2016. This online lender was also a finalist of Credit Today Awards 2015 which seem enough to confirm its credibility but we are going to examine all the aspects relating to MrLender.com.

awardsThere are three main reasons defined by MrLender administration itself which may attract clients from all over the United Kingdom:

reasons to take use of MrLender

We are going to get to know more about MrLender to provide people with clear and accurate information and they may easily decide that this is the exactly online service for solving their financial troubles.

Types of LoansMin Loan AmountMax Loan AmountInterest RatePeriodDocumentsBad Credit History
  • short-term loans;
  • installment loans.
£ 200£ 1000£ 0,80 for each £ 100from 3 to 6 months
  • sort code;
  • account number;
  • card type.

Types of Loans

MrLender.com offers clients the following types of loans:

  • short-term loans – planned to be repaid in less than a year;
  • installment loans – a loan that is repaid over time with a number of written payments; normally at least two payments are made towards the loan.

types of loans

Upon approval, the loan amount will be transferred into your bank account. The money is usually transferred to your account within an hour from the time you get an approval.

As Mr Lender stresses out, all its loans are simple, short-term and flexible and application process as simple as ABC. Instead of they offer only two types of loans, they have affordable, as they claim, interest rates and general conditions allowing you to take a loan.

Terms of Use

There should be met main requirements to take a loan by means of MrLenDer.com:

  • UK resident;
  • age should vary from 18 to 65 years old;
  • full or part-time employed with a steady income of at least £600 per month;
  • active mobile number;
  • personal email address;
  • valid debit card linked to active bank account.

MrLender.com won’t lend to anyone with evidence of County Court Judgments (CCJs) within the last 3 years, Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs), or Bankruptcy. All applications filled in on mrlender.com are subject to credit checks and affordability estimation, and not everyone who tries to take it will be approved a loan.

The available sum of money on mrLender.com is from £ 200 to £ 1000. If you are a newcomer in this service, your total loan amount is up to £ 500. When a client has paid your loan back, a client may be able to increase the amount of borrowing by means of a subsequent loan. Short term loans available on Mr Lender should be usually paid back within a period of 3 to 6 months. Short-term loans are not suitable for a longer period.

Installment loan calculator on mrlender.com looks in the following way:

installement loan calculator

Monthly payments, in this case, will decrease depending on your payment period left. The loan a client borrows is distinguished equally over loan period implying the interest rate a client pays will decrease with each installment payment.

A daily interest rate is £ 0,80 for each £ 100. It means that you should pay additionally to your loan amount this interest rate. So that, you may by yourself to calculate total sum you have to pay back.

As one of the main criteria to take a loan on MrLender.com, you have to be full or part-time employed that’s why if you have no constant working place with monthly income on average £ 600, you are not able to file for a loan in this credit online institution.


To leave an application for a loan on Mr Lender, you have to provide the following documents:

  • sort code;
  • account number;
  • card type.

All the other information doesn’t require you to have any special documents. Mr Lender makes loan application process as paperless and hassle-free as possible, so, in most cases, clients are not required to send documents via post or e-mail. However, there are cases when the information you provide can’t be verified, and site administration may request supporting documentation from a client.

We do not find any information about how much time it is necessary to process customers’ application. But in fact, it takes from several minutes to some hours to process clients’ applications. There is also clear information whether you need to provide guarantees or contact persons to get a loan.


Each due date morning agreed installment amount will be debited from your payment card. A client gives site administration a permission to the debit necessary sum of money according to continuous payment authority (CPA).

Mr Lender will make two CPA attempts on the due day. In case if two payment attempts are not successful and a client informs the administration about its paying inability, Mr Lender administration will arrange one-off payment which is outside of CPA authority.

In case if two attempts are not successful and a client does not inform Mr Lender on due day, it will try to contact a client to recall its responsibilities. It may involve one-off payment, agreeing on a repayment plan, and/or agreeing with a client to use the CPA on subsequent payments.

A client is able to pay a loan back in full at any time by contacting customer service member using any of the following methods:

  • e-mail [email protected];
  • mr lender phone number: 0208-532-5022;
  • write to Suite 105W, Sterling House, Langston Road, Loughton, IG10 3TS;
  • log in to www.mrlender.com/MyAccount to pay online at any time.

As we speak about payment deferral, a client is capable to defer one of the scheduled payments and pay interest only once. As a client will pay additional interest rate, deferrals are not carried out automatically. Please remember deferring your loan payment will become a result of total loan cost increase, we would, therefore, encourage you to consider if this is the right option for you.

If you miss a payment or are late to pay back, Mr Lender does not charge a fee if you are late making a payment, or if you miss a payment. If any payment is not made on its due date you will continue to accrue interest on the outstanding capital balance at the rate of your agreement until the date of actual payment.

What happens if a client doesn’t repay a loan and doesn’t respond to Mr Lender attempts to contact a client?

If a client finds his circumstances have undergone some changes and he is not capable to pay a loan back on the due date, please contact Mr Lender administration as fast as possible because site administration always tries to help find a solution.

If a client doesn’t answer to contact attempts, Mr Lender will transfer your account to a third party collections agency. It will be an external company which will contact you to get loan payment.



Mr Lender provides no information about whether a client is able to extend a loan but it is clearly explained that a client cannot take a loan if he has not paid the first one yet. A client may contact mr lender and find the answer to all bothering questions. As we read a lot of information about this online service, a client may afford that Mr Lender administration will go to a meeting with your situation.

MrLender.com Bad Credit History

There is no information relating to issue whether a client with bad credit history is able to take a loan on mrlender.com. But it is known that Mr Lender loans may influence credit history of a client so that if you have not paid a credit back, it will negatively influence your history in general. There is a judgment that short-term online loans do not affect credit history but as it turns out everything seems to be opposite.

Technical Data

Secure Connection

All the connections and transactions are secure on MrLender.com. Clients’ personal data is protected by PDL Finance Limited (GB).

secure connection

The security certificate is verified by GoDaddy.com, Inc., company owner is PDL Finance Limited. MrLender.com protects clients’ personal data by means of 256-bit encryption. This is the most effective and reliable method to provide clients with absolute security. Customers’ personal data is encrypted in such way that no one hacker will gain access to information which should be confidential. Mr Lender.com doesn’t trade or disclose clients’ personal data.


MrLender.com Mobile Version

MrLender.com ensures clients with a user-friendly mobile version which is adjusted to different types of smartphones.

mobile version

Mobile version has no visible drawbacks which will be able to prevent clients to leave an application. There is no unnecessary scrolling and text doesn’t run one on another. Clients may easily make use of MrLender.com mobile version. Everything they need is to have access to the Internet and find this online service to file for a loan. There are all the ways to take a loan by means of the mobile device.

Antivirus Presence

There is no antivirus on MRlender.com. It means that there is a danger to “catch” viruses and other online threats. Your computer or mobile device are at risk zone to be damaged by viruses. MrLender.com claims that they have some kind of antivirus but it is not clickable. We cannot be sure that it really works to provide clients security from online threats.


Convenience of Application

The application form doesn’t require any special information. On front-page, there is Mr Lender calculator where a client is able to choose a sum of money and period. A client will know what interest rate he should pay back. It helps to make a customer informed about all the loan specifications. All the procedure is clear and plane that’s why it is user-friendly for people of different ages who are in reduced circumstances. And button “Apply” will transfer a client to the next step where he should fill in an application form to get to know the loan status.

calculatorA client should undergo the following steps:

  • employment details;
  • affordability;
  • personal details;
  • bank information.

Loan details are shown automatically transferred from MrLender.com calculator. Affordability details mean that a client should inform a lender about your monthly expenses.


As MrLender administration points out, a client is not required to send or fax any kind of documents that’s why you may easily take a loan via this online credit institution.

In general, this application form is easy and may be filled in within several minutes. It is paperless and hassle-free that’s why you may start right now filling in and will be approved in several minutes.

Is MrLender.com Safe and Legal?

We are going to estimate reliability and security of mrlende.com by means of special online service – ScamAdviser.com. ScamAdviser.com doubt MrLender security giving it only 10-%. There are justified reasons for this which are explained by this security service.

ScamAdviser.com doubts website location. It is claimed to be the United Kingdom based (91%) but there is 9% speaking for the United States of America. The server of mrlender.com contains other different websites involved in this online establishment performance. It means that this online lender may cheat you and give no money at all.

ScamAdviser.com announces that company owner is Adam Roberts and owner address is London, the United Kingdom. Domain age is 17 years 283 days but it is rarely visited, it also influences overall rating. The website is constantly refreshed but its speed is slow.

In general, Scamadviser considers this online facility as low trust and there may be a danger when utilizing this online service. Be attentive and get to know about MrLender.com as carefully as possible. But as for us, 10-% doesn’t inspire trust in MrLender. Mr Lender administration needs to do something to rearrange its activity and find more satisfied clients.


Reviews about Mr Lender

Reviews on Mr Lender

There is no separate page where clients of Mr Lender may leave reviews. We cannot estimate the amount of satisfied and unsatisfied clients. We cannot see how often they leave reviews on Mr Lender. Mr Lender provides clients with reviews left on another recourse which is considered foreign. Reviews are an integral part of making a decision whether this online service suitable for clients’ demands or not. To our mind, Mr Lender should provide customers with review form where clients will be able to leave a comment without using another service.

Reviews about Mr Lender on Foreign Recourses

We were not required to surf the Internet to find reviews about Mr Lender performance. They offer clients to read reviews left on foreign recourse – mr-lender.reviews.co.uk. The total amount of reviews are 21519, the majority of which are positive (88%) and only – 11% are negative. Rating of Mr Lender reviews is 4,85.

reviews rating

All the reviews are “fresh” and almost all have responses from MrLender support group.


These reviews invite the assumption that all the clients are satisfied with online service but why ScamAdviser.com claims this online service is rarely visited. Before applying for a loan, a client should grapple with reviews about Mr Lender to decide whether it is really reliable or not.

Contact Us Information

“Contact Us” Section

Mr Lender has all necessary information about their location and phone numbers to make it possible and the most convenient for clients to contact a support group. The postal address of mrlender.com is Suite 105W, Sterling House, Langston Road, Loughton, IG10 3TS. There are working hours at which you are able to contact a support group.

All the detailed information is given in an interactive way like this:

contact information

This online institution is working on all the territory of the United Kingdom. All the UK citizens are eligible to take a loan from Mr Lender.

Customer Support Service

Customer support service on mrlender.com performs its function in the best way. We were asked by a support group whether Mr Lender requires guarantees or any contact persons to take a loan and get the answer within 5 hours. We should point out we make use of contact form:

contact form

In this contact form you should choose what kind of inquiry you have for Mr Lender:


We get a relevant answer after reading which we get to know exactly what Mrlender.com doesn’t require any guarantees or contact persons to file for a loan. Everything is as simple as possible. From our point of view, MrLender.com support group reflects credit because the response was relevant and we had not wait for long to get it.

Conclusion: Checkered Reputation of UK-based Financial Provider

Mr LenderMr Lender is the United Kingdom financial lender. It offers short-term and installment loans with the flexible and affordable interest rate – £0,80. There is no need to send or fax documents and everything seems to be so attractive. But here there is information which should dent your confidence.

ScamAdviser.com, a reliable online security service, gives only 10-% of Mr Lender reliability. There are questionable facts about website origin – the United Kingdom or the United States. There 16 websites which are installed on the same server with mrlender.com.

They have no reviews about Mr Lender performance on site itself but there are reviews on foreign recourses which are absolutely positive but with responses from Mr Lender support group.

The overall perception of MrLender.com is positive but we are confused by ScamAdviser.com data which shows that there are some problems with online service performance. This checkered information makes us hesitate about Mr Lender reliability. Clients should themselves estimate whether it is a fit service for them or not.

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