Review: 100-% Security – Sign of Reliable Online Service

LoanNow Self-Presentation

logoLoanNow is a licensed, socially responsible direct lender, proudly based in the USA. team motto is “Money in Minutes”. They try to provide clients with loans an affordable conditions for all.

money in minutes

Every loan taken from LoanNow has fair and straight-forward terms and support with outstanding customer service, inclusively of easy-to-use online tools and resources. There are three main reasons why LoanNow is so popular among US clients:

why LoanNow

There is an opportunity to take a loan from LoanNow if you are a resident in which state it is permitted by law and based on applicant’s creditworthiness. If you have a desire to take a loan, you are welcome to contact support group and get to know whether it is permissible to take a loan. is accreditated by BBB (Better Business Bureau) having a vast amount of experience – 21 year and BBB rating is A+. This institution (BBB) is a proved one showing the credibility and reliability of LoanNow.


Types of Loans Min Loan Amount Max Loan Amount Period Interest Rates Documents Bad Credit History
 installment loans  $ 1 000  $ 10 000  12, 18, 24 months  agreed individually
  • Driver License;
  • State ID.
 agreed individually

Types of Loans

LoanNow offers clients only one type of loans exactly installment loans. Installment loans are closed-end loans, meaning they have a fixed start and end date that is defined during the loan application process. In its turn, installment loans are subdivided into two types:

  • secured – are installment loans backed by collateral organizations which can be seized if the borrower defaults to pay a loan back;
  • unsecured – are installment loans known as signature loans, because they are secured only by your signed contract, which represents your promise to pay a loan back.

Money borrowed is transferred directly on your active bank account (a client will need a valid checking account that accepts ACH debit and credit transactions) without any delays because is a legit direct lender. They claim it takes several minutes for approval and several hours (max the following business day) to refill your bank account with money borrowed. Speed of money transferal depends on your bank specification and performance. claims they sharpen skills constantly to simplify this procedure as much as possible. There is on other way to get money when taking a loan from LoanNow, everything is safe and secure.

Terms of Use

There are the following Loannow requirements mandatory to be eligible to take a loan:

  • constant working place;
  • proven source of income;
  • email address;
  • verifiable phone;
  • an active and valid checking account;
  • be at least 21 years of age.

Available loan amount (we remember that LoanNow offers only installment loans) is from $ 1 000 to $ 10 000. The period for paying a loan back is from 12, 18, 24 months. There are no short-term loans available on There is special calculator on helping you to see available loan amount and periods.


Interest rates are calculated individually depending on loan amount and period you should pay this loan back. As LoanNow is a direct lender, it is logic that they should provide clients with all the information necessary to take a loan, and interest rates are not an exception.

It is possible to take a loan without working place if a client is able to confirm his monthly income (amount of income is not defined). But if you cannot prove documentary your monthly source of income, you are not eligible to take a loan from


As speaking about documents necessary for taking a loan from, you will need only Driver License or State ID. This documents confirming your identity will give a chance to be approved for an online loan. There is no need to fax or send documents by means of e-mail, it makes is a hassle-free service. The time for filling in an application form is reduced considerably. But there are cases when site administration may require more documents from you (but it is absolutely customized).

In the majority of cases, clients are not required to ensure guarantees. But there is the greatest possibility for clients to reduce interest rates almost for 50 % if a client will provide guarantees from family, friends and etc.


It is the most attractive option ensuring that online loans are suitable for almost all people in the United States of America.

Application form may be filled in within 5 minutes and processed within several minutes. But there are cases when application may be processed with two business days. This is the maximum processing time. But in general, several minutes and you will get SMS or e-mail confirming your approval or disapproval.

Loans Repayment

LoanNow provides an automatic payment option called Electronic Fund Transfer (ACH), so a client never has to worry about forgetting a due date. By means of this option, LoanNow administration electronically debits clients’ bank account for the loan amount on your due date.

A client can make additional payments or pay a loan back at any time with no pre-payment penalty. Paying off a portion or all of your loan could save you a lot of money when speaking about interest fees. encourages clients to make early payments. A client can even pay with your debit card directly from dashboard. When a client makes early payments client’s dashboard will update to cancel out future payments and show new amount due. Paying off loan can increase LoanNow score and get a client access to better rates in the future.

For your convenience, payments will be electronically debited from your checking account unless you make alternate arrangements. At LoanNow, staff cares about customers and are always there for them. If you find that you can’t make an upcoming payment on your loan, call Customer Service agents at (800) 437-1875 or submit a request. You may be eligible for a courtesy due date adjustment that will give you some extra time before your next payment.

There is no actual information relating to penalties in case if a client misses a payment in due day. We ask this question by means of contact form and will wait for the response.


There is an opportunity to extend a loan, you should call Customer Service agents at (800) 437-1875 or submit a request. If you are eager to take a loan before you have paid the first one, really it is impossible. First of all you should have paid a loan back completely and then you will be able to take next loan which amount may be higher than the previous one.

There is no concrete information about how much times a client is able to extend a loan. For finding the answers to this question, you’d better to contact administration. Bad Credit History

There is no information whether a bad credit history will influence approval from They do not stress out that presence of bad credit is a sign of disapproval only. But they point out that there is a possibility to improve your credit score by means of LoanNow online service.

earn rewards

If you pay a loan back without delays and missing dates, you will be rewarded. Your total credit score on will be improved considerably. But it doesn’t help us to understand whether bad credit plays a major role for them to approve a loan.

There are the following steps which should be met to improve your credit score:

  • connect bank;
  • 1st loan approved;
  • on-time payments;
  • payoff a loan.

launch your score

It is possible to enhance credit history if it was even bad. Maybe LoanNow is your way out if you have financial troubles.

Technical Data

Secure Connection provides the clients with not the most effective method of protection – just 128-bit encryption service. It is of course better that nothing but there are more efficient ways to protects clients’ personal data.

secure connection

The security certificate is given and verified by, Inc. but the company name is hidden. There is no opportunity to know who makes everything possible to protect your personal data.

This online service is a financial one that’s why site administration should do everything to provide clients with the highest level of security. Clients’ personal data should not be disclosed or trade. Online hackers may easily get access to personal data when they are protected by 128-bit encryption only.

Mobile Version of

Mobile Version of is user-friendly and have all the necessary points to make this service for clients convenient and easy. There are some problems with calculator located on the front page because it doesn’t show loan amount and period you choose. But in general, mobile version of LoanNow is suitable to fill in an application form and be approved.

mobile version

Mobile version is easily adjusted to different mobile devices without noticeable drawbacks. The text is readable, and front-page text is decreased to make it more convenient for people not to make too much scrolling.

Antivirus Presence

There is no antivirus on There is risk that a client’s device may “catch” viruses and other online threats. There are cases when viruses “infect” software of computer or mobile device. administration should install antivirus to make their service more safe and secure.

Convenience of Application

Application form is convenient and takes really 5 minutes. Everything is distinguished according to mandatory steps. The application form is comprised of:

steps for filling application form in

As you can see it is necessary to create an account on This procedure is simple and requires from you e-mail as login and password.

The next step is comprised of information about yourself with the following fields mandatory for filling in:

application form

After you enrol everything required you are welcome to press the button “Continue”. The next step is verification process after which you should send electronic signature.

Moreover all the procedure of taking a loan is hassle-free without sending or faxing any documents. Really speaking, clients will be satisfied with online application because it is deprived of steps relating monthly expenses because there are cases when you are not able to estimate them fairly.

So that if you decide to file for a loan on you are welcome to choose loan amount and period in calculator and continue filling in an application form:


Is Legit?

It is a logic question when you are going to command an online service whether it is legit or not. We are going to estimate legitimacy by means of gives 100-% security for LoanNow. It means that this security service has no pretenses to this credit institution at all. There is no hesitation relating to company owner origin and website location. They are both the United States of America based. Jesse Stockwell is the owner of

Domain age is 21 years, 78 days, but domain cost is not so high – why – there is no answer on this question. But it is obvious for that has lots of visitors.

So, in general, is secure and reliable online service which is proved by But there is an opinion that people should check everything carefully before applying for a loan.


Reviews about

Reviews on

There is no separate page devoted reviews left about LoanNow performance. There is no opportunity for clients to leave a comment without surfing the Internet n search of available third parties recourse. Clients should have all the options to share their opinion. Reviews about LoanNow may help other clients make a decision and take a loan from this online service.

To our mind there are cases when a client is satisfied and is proud to leave a review but doesn’t have such an option. Try to cope with this problem and you will have more evidence to your reliability.

Reviews about on the Third Parties Recourses

Surfing the Internet, we found reviews about on trustpilot.

People may leave reviews there about how they cooperate with The rating on TrustPilot is high – 9,2 % out of 10-%. People are eager to leave reviews about The percentage of 5 stars is 77-%. 21-% of 4 stars and 3 – 2-%.

rating on Trustpilot

But here there is one great disadvantage: all the reviews are 2016 dated and it means that people do not leave comments in 2017. LoanNow performance may change considerably for a such period of time. There are negative reviews as well as positive about People there may easily share their opinion and be satisfied that they help some of the make a decision.

Here is the example of negative review left on Read it and decide whether it is fairly left comment or not:


As we mention above, positive reviews predominate over negative and they show that clients are absolutely satisfied after cooperation with

positive reviewsAnalyze all the reviews and find your own way.

“Contact Us” Information

“Contact Us” Section

“Contact Us” section contain address and working hours. Clients are able to find what they need there except telephone number. Sometimes it is necessary to have all the contact information within reach in one place. Working hours information is additional source for clients to see when they may address to customer support service and get the responses without delays.

contact information

After surfing we find telephone number on page “Help”. Here is the number available on the working hours:

telephone number

As we remember from mentioned above information, LoanNow performs on the territory of the United States of America but there is no complete list of states where they have license. When filling in an application form, you have to choose a state but disinformation may become a reason of refusal.


Customer Support Service

There is no life chat on but there is a contact form which may be the best solution for lack of anything better. We try to take use of this contact form and ask the question about whether administration applies a penalty if a client misses a payment on due date. But we are still waiting for the answer. We get an automatic message informing us that they will be glad to provide us with response as fast as possible. But for a long period of time, we have got nothing from customer support service.

Conclusion: 100-% Security – Sign of Reliable Online Service is a lender working on the territory of the United States of America. It is approved by Better Business Bureau having rating A+. This online service offers clients only one type of loan – an installment one. Available loan amount and period is $ 1 000 – $ 10 000 for 12, 18 or 24 months. Interest rates are determined individually. There is the greatest opportunity to improve credit score if a client has paid a loan back in time without missing due date. gives 100-% security rating for There is no doubt about company owner origin and website location. 100-% security is the greatest evidence speaking for LoanNow reliability and security. There are reviews on different third parties recourses but there are reviews on itself. There is no contact form to leave a comment.

But clients may read reviews left on TrustPilot about this online recourse – and decide whether they are ready to take a loan via this online establishment or not.

In general, this online service is reliable enough having the most simply hassle-free application form. The approval will come within several minutes and money is transferred on the next business day. You may start filling in and wait for the approval. It is up to a client to decide whether is authoritative for them but we may dare recommend you this online service.