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Ineedaloan.com Review – Service with Controversial Reputation and No Customers Reviews

Ineedaloan.net Self-Presentation

logoIneedaloanonline.net is a website helping people and reliable and trusted lender. The website itself claims to be not a lender but an intermediate between customers and financial organizations.

The company sets its main goal to provide the best service for its customers. The company understands customers’ need for person to person interactions so they made it a priority to provide what is expected.

The company stands out above other competitors due to dedication to customers needs and desires. Any client can get easy and understandable information about terms of getting a loan. However it should be remembered that not any customer can easily get approval. The company is a responsible service with a list of requirements to its customers.

On the website there is a special page with informative article about loans and financial services, which can be interesting to clients. You can read information given there to decide on further cooperation with the company.

Type of loanMin amountMax amountInterest rateTermsDocuments Bad credit history
payday loans;
installment loans;
auto title loans.
$100$5000depends on lenderdepends on lendernoneyes

Types of Loans

On the website there is information (in «About» section), that you can get the following types of loans:

  • installment loans;
  • short term loans;
  • auto title loans;
  • personal loans.

But on the main page in the footer there is a wider list of services provided, however all names of loans seem to be the same type, called by different names.types of loans

Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about terms for which the loan will be issued. The only information you can find is that the decision is made on the same day, the whole procedure is performed online, so there is no need to visit the office.

The money are transferred to your bank account, however if you need another way of payment, contact the company to ask abut possible options. No information about ho long it would take to get your money is provided on the website, so to learn this information you will also need to contact the support group.

Remember that terms and conditions may vary depending on state you live in, so if you need additional information, you can do some research by yourself or ask the company administration for consultation on the issue.

Terms of Use

There is completely no information about what requirement you have to meet to qualify for a loan. Age of the borrower is not specified, but since there is a requirement in the application to have a job and bank account, we can assume that the borrower must not younger than 18. Also it can be concluded that unemployed clients have no chance to get money here, however bad credit history is not a problem for Ineedaloan.net. All information that can be found on terms of taking a loan is presented on the page of application.terms

You can take from $100 to $5000. But again remember that not all customer can take maximal amount possible. The sum depends on state laws, customer’s solvency and credibility, and on many other aspects not listed on the website. Also there is no information about APR of the loan, neither somewhere on the website, nor during the application. This is very strange and inconvenient, because the most important information for the customer, above all, is how much he will have overpay for a loan.

The money are lent till your next payday so it an be concluded that maximal term of a loan is 30 days. However you can take installment loan, which means that there is no need to repay the whole amount at once – you can make several payment till you completely repay your debt.


As it was said before, there is almost no information bout terms and conditions. However, it can be assumed that since the procedure is help online, there is no need to provide any documents and references to the lender. The only information required in the application is your home address, employment details and bank account details. No guarantors are required either, as there is no statement that you will need them for taking a loan.

The application is claimed to be reviewed during 1 day, that is decision on your application is made on the same day as applied. This is very convenient that customers do not have to wait for a long time to get money.


No information about how you will have to pay back is provided. You will have to discuss this question directly with the lender, since such conditions are individual.

We can conclude that in most cases the money are withdrawn from your bank account on the due date. Since most loans are issued till the next payday, you will have to take care of the fact that money have to be on the account when necessary.

Issue of paying back your loan early is also discussed with the lender individually, but in most cases lenders encourage their customers to pay back earlier. However, about penalties for late payments and possibility to delay your payment you will have to talk with the lender, since we can’t even suggest what terms are applied here. All companies are different and it is impossible to predict what conditions will be put concerning this question.


As well as with previous point, we found no information about extension of the loan. In different states and at different lenders these terms vary, so it can be discussed with the lender before signing the contract.

As most reliable lenders, we can suggest that customers can’t take several loans at a time. The main policy of almost all lenders is – one customer – one loan. However you can contact the support group and ask if the conditions are different.

Ineedaloan.net Bad Credit Score

On the website there is a whole section devoted to information about customers with bad credit history. The company does its best to satisfy all customers, and since they cooperate with more than 100 lenders, there will be companies willing to lend money to you. But you have to bare in mind that since you have bad credit score, lenders see you as a high-risk clients in terms of paying back the money, so there probably be higher fees for you.

If you pay back the loan on time, this will help to improve you credit history and the next time you will be able to enjoy more favorable terms for a payday loan. So sort-term loans are a great way to improve you credit history in future.

So it can be concluded, that the company checks and considers you credit history but doesn’t reject you immediately. On the contrary, Ineedaloan.net does its best to find a lender for you to satisfy you need for money. Don’t be afraid to get a rejection, the decision of the lender depends on many other factors besides credit score.

Technical Data

Secure Connection

Reliable websites always provide the best and most secure service to their customers. Safety is one of the most important criteria on any website. If you have to provide your personal data to the website you have to be sure that this information is safety stored. To make sure that you have chosen the right website, see if it provides secure connection – if you see the green lock near the address line, than your data is protected and possibility of its theft is minimized.https protocol

You can even read more details about level of protection, to be on the safe side. As we can see Ineedaloan.net uses the highest level of protection possible. You data are transferred to the server with 256-bit encryption, and safely stored there. There is almost no chance that someone will be able to get your data and use it for illegal activities. This shows high level of responsibility of the company before their customers. However information about certificate owner is hidden, so you can’t be sure that it is reliable and true.certificatecertificate

Mobile Version

The website has attractive and user-friendly mobile version, so many modern people are able to buy medications not only from home, but from any place is they have a mobile device with access to the Internet. However there are some flaws: disclaimer text in the footer is not adapted for the small screen, so half of the text is simply cut out. In all other aspects, the mobile version is well organized, all function remain active and the text is readable, so there is no need for zooming.

Test by Google.com shows us that the website is mobile-friendly, which confirms our opinion. However there are quite a lot of errors and not opening link on the website, according to the report. In general the mobile version is very well worked through and users will be comfortable using it, but we would recommend the administration to work on all the flaws that appear on the website to improve its productivity.

Antivirus Protection

Unfortunately, there wasn’t found any antivirus protection on the website. This means that the company didn’t think about this aspect and users must be careful when using this resource, since it may have a potential threat to the device. It is better to always have your own antivirus program, to avoid problems in future, as when using unprotected websites without your own protection, you may get some malware on your device which may result is further breakage of the device or even data theft.

Convenience of Application

Application process is very simple and quick on Ineedaloan.net. All you need to do is to fill in 3-step application with the required information. In general it takes about 5 – 10 minutes. You provide information about yourself, your place of work and bank account details, and that’s it. No need to provide references and proof of income, no documents at all – this is very convenient and saves a lot of time to the customer.orderingorderingordering

Here you can choose what amount of money you want to get, but there is no choice of repayment date, so it can assumed that the lender will set the date depending on information provided by the customer. This fact can not satisfy some customers, especially considering that almost no necessary information provided on the website.

On the website it is said that decision on the application is made on the same day, so it will take several hours to get approval. However transferring money to your account can take much longer, though this information is not specified.

Is Ineedaloan.net Legit?

ScamAdviser.com rates Ineedaloan.net as a service that might be unsafe. The company has 58% rating of safety. The company is considered suspicious, so before cooperating with it check all information you can find about it. The website is more tan 12 years old, which is good, since companies that exist for so long can be considered reliable. Also the website has many visitors and very popular among customers, which also speaks in its favor.scamadviser

Information about the owner is hidden, which is very suspicious, however many companies do that to avoid spam messaging. So do not hurry to consider the company as a scam, basing only on this information. In general rating of the company is quite high and it can be considered as potential lender, but you need to get all possible information and make sure that there are no risks.

Ineedaloan.net Reviews

Reviews on the Website

Unfortunately, there are no comments on the website from its customers. There is no special page with reviews and no form to leave feedback. For such service this is a great drawback, since many people want to read others customer opinion about the company to decide whether it is worth dealing with it.

Many customers would like to share their experience, but they don’t have such opportunity, and those who want to read about the company are forced to search in the Internet for some other websites to get an idea about how the company works and is it safe and reliable.

Reviews on Foreign Resources

In the Internet there are almost no reviews about Ineedaloan.net. All we managed to find is 1 complaint about the service on reportscam.com. The complaint consists in the fact that the customer was scammed. He lost over $500 because the company told him to make a prepayment before he can get money. But most reliable companies do not ask for any pre-payments, so if somebody calls you and tells such things, do not pay anything and report scam to appropriate organizations.review

So basically, it is hard to judge is company safe or not, since 1 negative comment can’t reveal the whole picture, considering that this could be any other scam organization.

Contact Center

Contact Information

On the website in the footer you can find a link to special page with contact details. There you can find company’s address, phone number and e-mail, also here you can fill in contact form to send a request or question to the support group.contact details

Unfortunately, there is no information about hours of operation of the support group, so it is quite possible that your request will be reviewed for several hours or days.

The page itself is quite attractive and all essential information is presented there. We only advise the company to add some more details for customers comfort.

Support Group Service

There is no live chat option, so customers have no opportunity to have a real time conversation, except for calling the support group. So we have only 1 option – sending an e-mail to the company.

As there is no information at all on the website, we decided to ask about loan extension option, since there can be situations when customers can’t make payment on due date.

So we filled in the required details, text of the message and submitted the request. There is no notification that the message was sent or received by the support group, so we just hope that they got it and will answer in the nearest time.support group

Sadly, after 24 hours the company didn’t manage to answer our questions, which allows us to conclude that support group service is ineffective and its work is poorly organized. Most customers will choose another financial institution with more client-oriented customer service. We hope in future this drawback will be fixed and support group service will be improved.


Having reviewed all the above aspects we came to the conclusion that Ineedaloan.net has very controversial reputation. Besides absence of any useful and essential information on the website, the company provided no effective customer service, to most clients do not get quality service as they are promised to get.

The company claims to be the best service in the field, but on practice we cannot confirm this statement. There are no customers reviews, so it is impossible to get any idea of what the company is and if it can be trusted. Although there is no proof that the company is scam, we would advise you to review everything once again and maybe choose another more reliable service.

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