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GOspeedyLoans.com Review: Shady Reputation of Oklahoma Online Lender

Self-Introduction of GOspeedyLoans.com

LogoGOspeedyloans.com is online lender offering clients an installment loans up to $ 1470. This online lender has legal permission to work in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. But when looking through an application form we find out this financial institution performs in Oklahoma onliny, in two locations – Roland and Stilwell. No work is told about Colcord. We are going to estimate its legitimacy and security to make people sure they are in safe hands.

Types of LoansMin Loan AmountMax Loan AmountPeriodInterest RateDocumentsBad Credit History
installment loansunknown$ 1470agreed individuallyagreed individuallyno required YES

Types of Loans

GOspeedyloans.com specializes in installment loans only with low monthly payment. You may get your cash by means of only one way – you have to visit one of this lender office to get check. There are two main offices of GO Speedy Loans in Roland and Stilwell:


Speed of funds transfer is unkown but when you enter office of this speedy loan organization, you will get money immediately. This procedure cannot be carried out without personal attendance.

Terms of Use

To qualify for a loan in GOspeedyloans.com, a client should meet the following requirements:

do i qualify

  • be currently employed or get social security/supplemental income;
  • be a local resident within the lending area;
  • be at least 18 years of age.

Maximum available loan amount is up to $ 1470 but min amount is unknown unfortunately. There is no information about interest rates and periods. Maybe this information is given when a client has a call from site manager to complete an application form enrolled online. Absence of employment is not a cause to turn down an application for credit in case if you have social security/supplemental income which you may confirm documentally. But if you employed, the business is simplified several times.

When a client provides all the mandatory information, a lender doesn’t hesitate when processing an application for getting a result – approval or disapproval. In general, requirements for approval are not enormous that’s why a client has all the possibilities to be approved.


get startedNo special documents are required for application enrollment. This lender doesn’t require Social Secure Number or Driver License. Mandatory for enrollment information in an application form is:

  • location;
  • name;
  • data of birth;
  • email;
  • loan amount requested;
  • purpose of loan;
  • marital status;
  • total dependents;
  • middle initial;
  • physical address;
  • mailing address;
  • cell phone;
  • employment information (employed by, job status, net pay).

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation of the necessity to provide any guarantors or contact persons. The majority of online lenders doesn’t require to get such an information. It is unknown how much time it takes to process an application, but finally you will get a call from online lender manager to finally cope with all open questions to be approved.


Regretfully, GOspeedyloans.com provides no actual information about how to pay a loan back. It is written that payments and monthly and low. It is logical that a client is able to pay a loan back earlier because it may help him reduce interest rate fees. It is unknown whether there are penelties when you miss payment or are late with it. This unit ensures no concrete information at all, to our mind if you claim you are an online lender, you have to explain in complete detail all information for clients’ needs.loans that fit your budget


Extension is an aspects which should be discussed individually. There is no explanation of extension possibilities that’s why it is better to contact customer support service to clear out this issue. Available phone number is 918-427-8883 in Roland and 918-696-4320 in Stilwell.

Bad Credit History on GOspeedyLoans.com

bad credit

Front-page of GOspeedyloans.com contains the following statements: Bunkrupcies, Bad Credit and No Credit. Having read these words, we come to a conclusion that there is high chance to be approved for a loan from this online lender. When a client has a bad credit history, such micro-loans organizations are the only one opportunity to get cash and improve credit history if payment is made in time. No credit is one more aspects because of which a client may be denied in credit that’ why such people address lenders especially online to cope with financial troubles.

Technical Data

Secure Connection

insecure connection

Pitifully, GoSpeedyLoans.com provides no encryption of clients’ personal data. When starting application filling in, a client’s personal data may be stolen by hackers. Of course, GoSpeedyLoans.com may say they do not require any banking information or SSN, information which get some value but protection should be ensured for any page on eCommerce resource. The Internet is full of hackers who can easily get access to such free data. GoSpeedyLoans.com should change this situation and guarantee clients’ 24-hours protection.

Mobile Version

Mobile version is present and friendly. There are no noticeable drawbacks which may prevent people from getting loans online. People may take use of mobile device to apply for a loan in any occasion. Mobile version is arranged in the better way in comparison with desktop version because application form is not in rambling arrangment. People may easily understand whether and what should fill in.

mobile version

You are welcome to take use of GOspeedyLoans.com mobile version and solve your financial problems as fast as possible.

Antivirus Presence

Unfortunately, there is no antivirus on GOspeedyLoans.com. Computers and mobile devices are at risk zone to “catch” viruses and other online threats. Antivirus plays an important role in protection that’s why it is one of the greatest neglected points. People should be secure everywhere when commanding this service.

Conveneince of Application

Application for a loan is carried out in three steps:

3 stepsA client has an opportunity to apply for a loan online or over the phone. The second step implies only call from online lender manager helps you get to know the result. And the third step – funds receiving but in office only.

In general when filling in an application form, a client is not required to provide any valuable information, only common facts pointed out above in unit “Application”:

  • location;
  • name;
  • data of birth;
  • email;
  • loan amount requested;
  • purpose of loan;
  • marital status;
  • total dependents;
  • middle initial;
  • physical address;
  • mailing address;
  • cell phone;
  • employment information (employed by, job status, net pay).

There is no need to register on site and create personal account. Application form is randomly arranged, we cannot make a screen of this form completely, just some parts.

application form

Analyzing different online lenders or brokers websites, we have seen more structured application forms providing with examples how to apply for a loan. Such organizations, if they want to attract more clients, should have everything almost ideal. This online service doesn’t cause desire to command its service. This online lender requires to provide purpose for loan and makes this field is mandatory. But if a purpose doesn’t seem to be solid to be approved, what to do in this case?

Is GOspeedyloans.com Legit?


GoSpeedyLoans.com has 88-% of security given by ScamAdviser.com. Website status is “High Trust Rating. This Site Looks Safe to Use”. But we cannot understand why. Owner country information is hidden, probable website origin is the United States that’s why such a great percentage of hidden information should push ScamAdviser.com to think properly about this financial service.

Domain age is 4 years 274 days, but during this period of time this resource popularity is not known. There is so much hidden or unknown information that we cannot rely upon 88-% given by ScamAdviser.com. We offer future clients to get to know more details about this online lender because an anonymous service using can sometimes be just the fact that the owner does not receive spam, but be aware that many scam sites apply this anonymity as a way to hide identify.

If you decide this lender is suitable for you, it is better to contact them over phone and discuss all bothering you questions as fast as possible. Phone numbers of GoSpeedyLoans.com is given on front-page.

Reviews about GoSpeedyLoans.com

Reviews on GoSpeedyLoans.com

Do reviews play an important role for making a decision? Yes, of course, clients should leave reviews to raise up reputation of online insitution among other clients. GoSpeedyLoans.com has no reviews left by satisfied clients. It is very odd that popularity of this site is unkown according to ScamAdviser.com. It means that there are clients of this online lender at all. When people are successful with this online service, they should have a desire to leave a feedback but in fact, onGoSpeedyLoans.com everything seems to be opposite. Site administration makes people think they are popular but there is no evidence to it.

Reviews Left on Foreign Resources about GoSpeedyLoans.com

Unfortunately, there are no reviews left on foreign resources that’s why people won’t be able to understand and estimate this online lender service. It is very strange that for 4 years no one has a deire to leave a review about GoSpeedyLoans.com. We cannot believe in such a fact. There are so many online websites where people may do this that’s why irregularities double. We insistently recommend you not to jump off the deep end and get a loan on GoSpeedyLoans.com. Before it is better to communicate with staff and managers to grapple with the system offered by GoSpeedyLoans.com site administration.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

“Contact Us” section contains the following information:

  • two contact addresses of offices in two locations;
  • two phone numbers.

contact information

Unfortunately, there is no email for coming in contact with customer support service but there is a contact form meeting this demand. It becomes possible to contact support service group over the phone that’s why if you still have any questiopns, you are welcome to get responses.

Locations of GoSpeedyLoans.com

GoSpeedyLoans.com performs on the territory of eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas but here we have a question: if they are working in Arkansas why they have provided no addresses because cash may be transferred only when visiting office. GoSpeedyLoans.com has representational offices in two Oklahoma cities: Roland and Stilwell. There is a note about one more office in Colcord but here there is only phone number.


GoSpeedyLoans.com should devide this information in more details to make it understandable for all people. But people are welcome to get installment loans up to $ 1470 in Roland and Stilwell.

Customer Support Service

There are two main ways to contact customer support service: over phone and contact form. By means of contact phone a client is able to ask bothering him questions and get a response. But more and more often, customer support service representatives do not answer question as fast as we want. We have asked about min loan amount and interest rates but still wait for the answer. We will be glad to get the answer but everything is in vain.

Conclusion: Shady Reputation of Oklahoma Online Lender

GoSpeedyLoans.com is online service offering people installment loans up to $ 1470. Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about periods and interest rates. We fail to find out what minimal loan amount is available. There is no understanding how much this loan will cost. GoSpeedyLoans.com performs in Roland and Stilwell, Oklahoma. There is some mention about Arkansas but we have no evidence that they have office there, because cash is given only in office face-to-face.

ScamAdviser.com gives 88-% of security to GoSpeedyLoans.com but we cannot understand why? Almost all information is hidden. Company origin is hidden, website location is the United States of America. Popularity of this online lender is unknown. Be attentive while choosing this online service.

There are no reviews either on GoSpeedyLoans.com or on foreign resources. We spend time surfing the Internet but in vain. Clients should connect customer support service to get to know more information about this service. It is strange that for almost 5 years no one has a desire to write a reviews about GoSpeedyLoans.com performance.

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