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GetCashNGo.net Review: Unsecure Lender-Matching Service

What is Get Cash and Go?

Get Cash and Go

Get Cash and Go is not a direct lender and does not make any credit decisions. This is a connective service which offers the network of lenders for quick loans online. As indicated on the website, Get Cash and Go is suitable for people who need urgent financial help, look for same day funding and want to get the answer right now. Get Cash and Go helps customers find the most reliable lenders, which deliver quick cash within 24 hours. The online service has been operating for 11 years. Their most popular services are payday loans. Get Cash and Go lenders are located in different states.

Loan typesMin.amountMax.amountPeriodDaily % PRDocumentsBad Credit
Payday loans, instalment loans, title loans, auto loans, personal loans$100$1000Depends upon the terms of agreementDepends upon the terms of agreementDriver Licence ID State, Account Number, ABA/Routing NumberYes

1.1. Get Cash and Go Loans

The company offers the following services: payday loans, instalment loans, title loans, auto loans, and personal loans.

Get Cash and Go loans

  • Payday loans (or cash advances) are short-term loans repaid on the day a borrower gets paid. They have a high interest rate, still payday loans are the most popular services offered by Get Cash and Go;
  • Car title loans are also short-terms. With these loans, the lender feels more secure. If the client fails to repay the loan, the lender will not lose money. For this reason, car title loans online require no credit check, are easily approved and delivered;
  • Installment loans are also very popular services of Get Cash and Go. They are suitable for those people who want to make a major purchase. The number of payments is predetermined, and their size depends on term and the interest rate. This allows customers to figure out the total amount they will have to repay. Installment loans are not as expensive as payday loans;
  • Personal loans offer more flexibility to cover urgent customer’s needs. People usually apply for personal loans through Get Cash and Go to pay for utilities, cover debt, or pay for expensive emergencies;
  • Auto loans (car funding, car leasing) is a new service of Get Cash N Go, which is suitable for people who need a car immediately but can’t afford it. Car leasing through Get Cash N Go can be profitable for both lender and customer. Car finance includes several different services that serve different needs for the client.

The company also offers gold buying service. They buy unwanted gold (for example, jury which was broken). Get Cash N Go promises to offer the most beneficial terms for the customer. Gold buying services are located at different locations. They buy gold, platinum and silver. With gold buying service, customers can get cash immediately.

As specified on the website. Get Cash and Go delivers funds faster than all other lending services. The times may depend on the lender and the customer’s individual financial institution.

Terms of Use

With Get Cash and Go, customers can apply to borrow between $100 and $1000. Loans terms and interest rates are not specified on the website and depend upon the terms of agreement. However, the online service guarantees that the detailed loans terms and fees will be displayed before a borrower makes a decision about whether to sign an agreement or not. The only way the lender can increase the total loan cost is if a borrower fails to repay his loan on the due date.

They say that it’s very easy to get a loan from Get Cash N Go. Almost any employed US citizen over 18 is likely to be approved for a loan.

Application Process on GetCashNGo.net

The process of getting a loan starts with an online application. This application only asks the basic information like name, phone, your state, kind of income, employer name, amount of money needed, etc. This will help Get Cash N Go determine whether the borrower is able to pay off a loan:

Get Cash and Go application

The company is interested in some additional details which you should also provide during application. Customers should mention banking card information and driver’s license/state ID. The account may be checking or saving and be at least 1 month active before you apply for a loan. Once you fill an application, it will be reviewed by the staff of Get Cash N Go. They match you with lenders in their network and give a loan offer. They promise to give a response immediately – no more than 24 hours. Once the loan application is approved, the customer will be given the money.

With Get Cash N Go, customers usually do not need to fax any documents. However, in rare cases faxing may be required.

Loan Repayment

AS indicated on the website, Get Cash N Go repayment terms may vary by lender and not every person will qualify for 90-day loans.

If the customer fails to repay the loan on a due date, he will have to pay a late fee in this case. The loan should be paid off on the scheduled day to avoid the fine. However, the company is ready to offer some alternative solutions if the customer contacts Get Cash N Go customer support service several days prior to the due date. Methods of loans repaying are also not specified.

Loan Extension

In case the customer is not able to repay a loan on a due date, he can extend the loan. But this option also depends on his location and the law of the state he resides in. If customers want to extend the loan they should contact the lender for advice. Get Cash N Go does not consult customers about such issues. Only the lending company can inform the borrower about the possibility of loan extending and additional fee.

Nothing is said about the possibilities of repaying the loan early or taking an additional loan through Get Cash N Go, however, we suggest it also depends upon the lender.

GetCashNGo.net Bad Credit

Get Cash N Go does not perform a credit check with your application, which allows to get cash very quickly. So this online service may be the last chance for people who have a bankruptcy for getting fast cash. Lenders have many interesting options for people who have been rejected by all banks because of bad credit history or lack of credit history.

However, as any other lender, Get Cash N Go does assess the credibility of the borrower. For this, customers are required to provide employment information during online application. Lack of comprehensive credit check gives the company opportunity to process each online application without delay.

However, the online service cannot guarantee to approve all customers with a bad credit history.

Technical Characteristics of the Website


GetCashNGo.net guarantees secure user transactions and that nobody will get access to the applicants’ personal information. However, it turned out that the website does not use any SSL software which could provide at least the minimal security. Customers should treat this website with caution, because the information they submit could be viewed by third parties (passwords, credit card details, messages and so on).

Get Cash and Go encryption

GetCashNGo.net should provide applicants with any security level. So far, this lender-matching service does not seem a safe place for submitting private information.

GetCashNGo.net Mobile Version

We checked GetCashNGo.net mobile version with the help of a Google Search Console. According to the report, this website is mobile-friendly:

Get Cash and Go mobile version

In general, GetCashNGo.net mobile pages have the same functionality. However, the mobile version seems to have some design problems – the mobile website displays as a thin vertical strip. Due to this, applicants may have difficulties using this online service from their mobile devices.

Checking Antivirus

GetCashNGo.net does not use an antivirus program, which means this website is not scanned for the presence of viruses, malware and other vulnerabilities, so applicants can get easily «infected». The service is vulnerable to online threats and cannot prevent attackers from having access to the private information stored on the website. So, personal information of customers is not secure with this online lender,-mating service and we can’t guarantee the success of online transactions over GetCashNGo.net.

Convenience of Using GetCashNGo.net

The company simplified the process of application for the convenience of borrowers. It will take you several minutes to complete the online application and get the reply immediately. Clients do not have to come to the lender’s office for that. The application process can be started right on the front page, without registration, which speeds up the process many times. In the beginning, the applicants are required to fill in the basic information: money amount needed, name, email and Zip code:

Get Cash and Go application form

After that, the applicant will be transferred to an extended application form, where he will need to fill in some additional information, such as employment information and banking card details. The application form is short and lists all questions on one page for customer’s convenience. So, from the very start, you will know what kind of information you will need to provide the lender with.

Regretfully, the website does not contain any detailed information about loans terms, interest rates, late fees and so on. They all vary by lender and can be seen only after submitting an online application. It would be much more convenient to know in advance all details about loans.

So, though the application form is simple and quick, we can’t consider this website informative. We managed to find only general information about Get Cash N Go loans.

Is GetCashNGo.net Legit?

Before applicants sign a contract with an online lending company, they need to ensure the service is legal and can be trusted. We checked GetCashNGo.net reputation and background with the help of Scam Adviser., The service reported that this company has a 73% trust rating out of 100%:

Get Cash and Go scam adviser

According to Scam Adviser, GetCashNGo.net appears to be located in the USA, but the owner country is hidden, which means that the owner of the website uses an anonymous service to hide its location. The domain age is 3 years. The website does not enjoys popularity but is regularly refreshed. Scam Adviser did not find any evidence that this website could be illegal. But hidden owner country did not allow Get Cash N Go to get a higher score.

GetCashNGo.net Reviews

On-site GetCashNGo.net Reviews

The best way to assess the credibility and reputation of an online lender is to read what other people say about its services. We took a look around GetCashNGo.net and found a special section called Testimonials, which contained 11 user reviews. These reviews are not dated and are all purely positive. One of the customers thanks to the online service for its great customer service and says Get Cash N Go is a reliable and professional service. According to the second client, Get Cash N Go has a simple and painless process. One more borrower is also satisfied with the services provided and has no complaints. Here are some of the reviews:

Get Cash and Go review

However, we are skeptical about their authenticity because it’s not clear how they appeared on this page: there is no special testimonials contact form where user could write about their experience of working with Get Cash N Go.

So we can’t trust these reviews and suspect they could be composed by the website’s owner.

We were unable to assess the credibility of this online lender-matching service basing on customer on-site reviews, so we decided to search for any look for any GetCashNGo.net reviews on third-party websites and forums.

GetCashNGo.net Reviews on Other Websites

What seems more alarming is that we were not able to find any GetCashNGo.net reviews anywhere else on the net. Probably, this online service has not managed to gain a reputation over these years. Reviews on third-party websites would have been very important to us because they show a real performance of the company.

Regretfully, we were unable to assess the company’s services. Lack of testimonials proves that Get Cash N Go is not popular among customers.

Customer Support

Contact Information

Get Cash N Go services are fully US based. However, we did not find a physical address of the company in the Contact Us section. The only contact information available was a phone number:

Get Cash and Go phone number

For some reason, Get Cash N Go prefers to stay anonymous. Hiding contact information means the lender-matching service hides information about itself. A phone number is not enough to be fully informed about the company. “Contact Us” page should be much more informative.


This service is not available in all states. The list of states this company services may change without notice.

Get Cash N Go loans are available in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Get Cash N Go loans are NOT available in New York, Arkansas, Vermont and West Virginia.

A broad availability across the country is a big advantage, however, each US state has its own terms and rates of Get Cash N Go loans.

How to Get a Consultation?

The company welcomes any questions about loans that require additional explanation. Get Cash N Go promises to always help customers to choose the best lenders who offer the good terms and conditions for their clients. However, for details about interest rates, fees and penalties, clients should contact the lender directly.

The company offers two ways of contacting Get Cash and Go:

  • calling at 1-855-782-6914;
  • using a contact form.

Unfortunately, Live Chat is not available on the website, so we had to use a contact form for reaching the manager of the company:

Get Cash and Go contact

We tried to figure out whether borrowers can repay their loans before the specified date in order to save money. Regretfully, we did not receive any reply. So Get Cash and Go clients should not expect a professional customer support service. There is no single person ready to want for that long being in a desperate situation. Get Most people will just find another online lender-matching service with an instant messaging.


GetCashNGo.net is a lender-matching service which offers many loan options and a wide range of payback terms so that every person could chose exactly what he needs. This service can help you find an interested lender, so if you do not qualify with one online lender, the may qualify with another. Another advantage is that bad credit score is not the main criteria of deciding about the loan request. However, there are some aspects that worry us: Get Cash and Go does not mention any rates or terms because they are not direct lenders and act purely as the middle party connecting clients with online lenders. Since the website uses no SSL software, third-party companies might get an access to the personal information customers filled out in the loan application. This increases the chances of the client’s personal information being stolen. In general, GetCashNGo.net might save you the time of having to apply with a dozen of online direct lenders. But we can not recommend this service since it has not shown any proof of its good reputation and licensing. The risks are simply too great.

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