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Cashone.com Review – Reliable Financial Institution for Short-Term Loans

Cashone.com Introducing Itself

logotypeCashOne is an online company offering its customers help in finding reliable money lenders to loan them money for a short period of time. The company constantly monitors practices and polices of partner-lenders to ensure the best and most secure services for its clients. On the website you may find information that no upfront loan fees are charged before the loan is granted, otherwise you’re dealing with scammers. There are websites in the internet that try to steal people’s money, claiming that they act on behalf of CashOne, so the company ask its customers to be cautious and not trust such websites.

Type of loanMin amountMax amountInterest rateTermsDocuments requiredBad credit history
payday advance loans;
fast payday loans;
faxless payday loans;
payday cash advance;
next day cash loan;
fast cash advance;
same day cash loans;
low cost cash advance;
guaranteed payday loan.
$100$1000521.43%up to 31 daysrecent paycheck stub(s);
recent bank statement(s);
VOID personal check, if available;
current utility bill with your name and address;
valid state issued driver’s license or identification card;
valid social security card.

Types of Loans Offered by CashOne

CashOne offers its customers several types of loans, among which you can find the one that suits your situation and needs. They are:

  • Payday Advance Loans;
  • Fast Payday Loans;
  • Faxless Payday Loans;
  • Payday Cash Advance;
  • Next Day Cash Loan;
  • Fast Cash Advance;
  • Same Day Cash Loans;
  • Low Cost Cash Advance;
  • Guaranteed Payday Loan.

On the website you may find detailed description of each type of loans on the special section «Payday Loan Services» in the head menu.loan services

After filing an application and getting approval, money will be sent to your bank account during 1 business day (note that banks do not work on holidays and weekends). CashOne claims to offer money transfer on the same day.

Also there is such an option as 1 hour payday loan, but according to what the company tells itself, such loans are very rare. The thing is that to file an application, process it, get approval and explain all terms and conditions to the client, it will take more time than 1 hour. Besides even if all these procedures are performed within several minutes, money transfer also takes some time, so basically you will get your loan within 4 – 8 hours or 1 business day, as practice shows.

Terms of Use

To get an approval for a loan, you should meet the following requirements:

  • be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen;
  • be employed and had your current job for at least 90 days;
  • net income (after taxes) should be at least $1,200 per month;
  • have a checking or savings account at a bank or credit union;
  • have a current telephone number and valid email address.

Before you apply for a loan, the company advises to attentively read all terms of lender’s policies. Learn all the fees and conditions for your individual loan and after you are completely alert, sign the contract. Usually all issues about payback, amount, terms, etc. are discussed with the lender, as they may vary in different organizations, according to information found in the «FAQ» section, but on Cashone.com website you may find special pages devoted to each of these questions.

The amount of money available for a loan at CashOne is from $100 to $1000, and the loan can be granted for 31 days maximum. Still the company advises to clear out these issues with the lender, as the amount and terms may change depending on your income and lender’s policy.

Also on this website you have a very convenient option – you can calculate your fee for a loan. And a special section is devoted to explaining to customers how this process is done. The interest rate here is 521.43%, and this rate is considered when estimating your loan as well as amount you take and for how many days you need this loan. Special calculator will help you to figure our how much will your loan cost to you. All this information as well as link to «Loan Estimator» you can find in «Loan Information» section – «Fee Schedule». Again remember, that this numbers may change at different lenders, so consult your lender before taking a loan.

As it was mentioned in the requirements, unemployed customers and customer with income lower than $1200, working at this place less that 90 days, can’t get a loan at this company. But as for bad credit history, here the company assures that there will be lenders willing to give money to you despite your credit history.


To file an application you need to provide necessary information. All this information will remain confidential and will be disclosed only to your lender. After you get an approval you may have to fax or e-mail some additional information to your lender. So for your application you might need to provide the following documents to your lender:

  • recent paycheck stub(s);
  • recent bank statement(s);
  • VOID personal check, if available;
  • current utility bill with your name and address;
  • valid state issued driver’s license or identification card;
  • valid social security card.

On the website there is no information about guarantors, so you can make a conclusion that you don’t need one, which is very convenient. It is sometimes very hard to find a person willing to become a guarantor for you.

Your application will be processed in several minutes, usually it doesn’t take long to find a lender willing to grant you a loan. But after you get approval, you should carefully learn all the conditions of your lender and get information about all loan fees you will have to pay.

Re-payment Options

Methods to repay your loan depend on your lender. Usually, via ACH electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank checking account. But on agreement with your lender, payments can be made with a debit card, cashiers checks or money order. To clarify this question, contact your lender and ask for details.

So, payment options are the following (may vary from lender to lender):

  • full payment – in full on the due date;
  • extension only – fee for extension only (once per loan only);
  • extension plus – fee for extension plus at least 10% of the original loan amount;
  • early payment – in full early less the prorated unearned interest.

On the page of «Payment Options» you will also find detailed information about preferable time and day of payment, as well as description of each option separately. So after reading this section you will have no questions about how to pay for your order.

Cashone.com also offers an option for each customer to remind about payment day. The company will send this payment reminder on your e-mail with indicators of low balance, due date and payment options. For busy people this is very convenient, as we often forget such things.

Loan Extension

Cashone.com provides such an option as loan extension. In the «FAQ» section there is information on how to get an extension of your loan. Again the company first of all reminds to consult your lender.

If you have no opportunity to pay off your loan at the due date, some lenders (but not all) can postpone your payoff till your next pay day. You might have to pay some fee for extension, but all details should be clarified at your lender.

On the website among payment options you can find 2 options including extension of you payoff. According to option you choose, you can postpone you payment once (pay fee for extension only) and several times (pay extension fee + 10% of your loan amount each time).

Also most lender offer renew your loan if you want to, but you have to discuss the terms with your lender. And if you want to take another loan while the previous if not repaid, than Cashone.com warns you that traditionally, the lender grant’s only 1 loan at a time. However, there is no information about possibility to take another loan at another lender.

Cashone.com Bad Credit

Even if a customer has poor credit history, CashOne is ready to help to get a loan. Among all partner-lenders there will certainly be one willing to issue a loan for you despite your credit history. To find out if you can get a loan from CashOne, you need to file an application on the website. Perhaps, if you have a stable job and good income, poor credit history won’t be an obstacle on the way of getting a loan.

CashOne Technical Characteristics

Secure Connection

To protect customers from data theft and unauthorized access most websites us special secure connection. This connection sends all personal data provided by customers to the server via 128- or 256-bit encryption. To check if the website is safe, look at the address bar – if you see the green lock, than the company uses secure connection.https protocol

To see details about security level, you may read safety certificate which is available to each customer on the website. As we can see the company provides the highest level of protection – 256-bet encryption. The certificate is verified by GoDaddy.com, Inc, but the owner information is hidden. In general it can assumed that the website is completely safe to use.certificatecertificate

Mobile Version

Mobile version of Cashone.com is well worked through. The website is adapted to use via mobile devises. All function remain the same, but the interface and organization of the website is attractive and user-friendly. According to test results, there website has no flaws that need to be fixed. The text is readable, all links are clickable and clearly seen. So customers can easily use their mobile phones and tablets to apply for a loan at any place and any time.mobile

Antivirus Protection

Unfortunately, there is no sign that the company provides antivirus protection on their website, which means that customers can easily get a malware on their devices. This is a great drawback for a company, as level of security is decreased by this fact. Those customers, who don’t have their own antivirus on their devices are recommended to use another, more secure website.

Simplicity of Application

To get a loan at Cashone.com you need to file an application on the website. The process is quite easy and doesn’t require much information from you. But after the application will be sent and approved by some credit institution, you probably will have to provide some other information and documents to the lender to prove your solvency, such as: paycheck stub; bank statement; VOID personal check; current utility bill; state issued driver’s license or ID; social security card (as it was mentioned before).application

There is no need to register on the website, which saves your time. The whole procedure will take 10 – 20 minutes. Application can be filed only online, so you won’t have to go to some office and get a loan in the comfort of your home, sitting on the couch.

If you have any questions about application process or other problems, you may find all necessary information in the «FAQ» section and in various sections of the menu, with very detailed description of the issue it is devoted to. Besides you may contact the support group for further assistance.

Is Cashone.com Legit?

According to test results by ScamAdviser.com, the company has very high trust rating. The report shows 100% of safety, though the website is rarely visited. The domain age is very impressive – almost 15 years, and the speed of the website is high. However the address indicated in the report doesn’t coincide with the one on the website itself (where it is said that the address is not a physical location). This can mean that the company doesn’t want to reveal real location of their office for some reason (maybe because they don’t have one). But the location of the owner and the website is in the same country – USA. This is a good sign for reputation of the company.scamadviser

In general high trust rating proves our previous estimation of website security – it is safe to use and quite reliable.

Cashone.com Reviews

Reviews on CashOne

On the website you can find page with customers testimonials about company’s work, but there are very few of them – only 8. Besides there is no date indicating when these comments were left here. Since that time, the situation could have changed. So we can’t trust this testimonials as they may be written by the administration of the company itself. There is no feedback form, so it is unclear how customers managed to leave their comments here.testimonials

There is no proof of the fact that the comments are left by real people. All comments are positive, no negative opinions at all. Maybe because the company won’t publish them, not to spoil its reputation. So we can’t see the real picture and will have to look for people’s comments about CashOne on other websites.

Other Websites about Cashone.com

CashOne has many reviews from customers on different forums (https://cashone.pissedconsumer.com/, https://www.bbb.org/utah/business-reviews/payday-loans/cashone-in-west-jordan-ut-22243230/reviews-and-complaints, https://www.scambook.com/company/view/36987/Cash-One-Finance). But the problem is that most of them are special forums for complaints about the service. Having read most of them we maid a conclusion that all the complaints are the same, and people claiming that the company is scam are responsible for their problems themselves. All these people didn’t pay attention on the alert message on the main page saying in strong red type that the company NEVER calls to customers and asks for upfront payments. The company encourages not to report for such frauds and never send them money. So all people, that have send their money were dealing with some clone-website, claiming they were Cashone.com.commentscommentscomments

At the same time, TrustPilot.com has lots of comments from satisfied customers, as well as negative ones. But positive comments are much more numerous so you can see that the service is reliable and most people are happy with its service. Besides comments on this website are left by real people, so you can trust them, but still we recommend to check everything again and get a detailed consultation before using the service.comments

Customer Service at Cashone.com

Contact Information

On the website you can find a page with contact details. Here you see everything you need to contact the support group and ask your questions. Unfortunately, there is no physical address, only mailing (which they underline not to be physical). But considering the fact that the company is just a third party between lender and customer, it doesn’t have to have a physical address, the company can operate online. This also explains absence of the list of offices around the country – the company has partner-lenders that may be located anywhere, so if you need contact information of organization you take money from, you can ask for it from the lender.contact info

Besides working hours they give holidays on which they do not work – a very useful information for most customers. Here also you can find contact form to send your request to the support group via e-mail. In general the page is informative and gives almost all necessary information.


Contacting the Support Group

There is no live chat option so customers can’t get instant answers to their questions, only if they call to the support group. We decided to use the contact form on their «Contact Us» page. After filling in all necessary information it turned out that it is impossible to submit a request. Probably there is some technical problems on the website, because we got a notification that the e-mail address didn’t match the required format. But how this format looks like is not explained.contact form

So basically we didn’t get any help and even were not able to send a request, so it is hard to judge how effective the support group performance is.


Having analyzed all the above points it is possible to conclude that Cashone.com is quite a reliable and safe place to get a sort-term money loan. This service offers you licensed and trusted lenders. All terms and conditions are explained in details on the website with the note that they may change from state to state, and from lender to lender.

Technical characteristics of the website are also good, and safety level is high. Customers may be sure that their data will not be stolen by some frauds. Besides the website has alert message warning that some scam websites, claiming to be CashOne, can try to steal clients money. That’s why all bad reviews about the service in reality are just stories about how people were tricked by these scam websites, that are not really CashOne.

Although there was no possibility to check the support group service, we believe that there are some problems that will be fixed in the nearest future. But in general Cashone.com is a reliable service to help you when you urgently need money.

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