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Cashinasnap.com Review – Financial Broker Company with Doubtful Reputation

Cashinasnap.com Self-Introduction

logoCash in a Snap is a website providing services of a broker to customers. This company helps people in need of money to find reliable lenders that would gladly issue the loan on favorable terms.

The money is issued in a very short period of time, as well as applications are reviewed instantly. The lenders cooperating with Cash in a Snap are claimed to be understanding companies providing loans even to customers with bad credit score. The company claims to choose only trusted lenders and make them compete for customer’s application.

Cashinasnap.com offers outstanding customer service, quick application process, high level of privacy and security. All these features allow the company to be one of the best among similar services on the Internet. The company claims to provide a convenient and quick process of lending money without huge fees.

Types of loansMin amountMax amountInterest rateTermsDocuments requiredBad credit
same day cash advance;
instant cash loans;
cash advance online;
installment loans
$100$1000depends on lenderdepends on lenderdepends on lenderyes

Types of Loans

Cashinasnap.com offers 4 types of loans:

  • same day cash advance;
  • instant cash loans;
  • cash advance online;
  • installment loans.

Although the first 3 types seem to be one and the same kind of loans, the website puts them separately from each other. Perhaps there are some differences that distinguish them from each other.

Filling in the application takes about 3 minutes as it is claimed on the website. After the application is sent the answer will come within a couple of minutes, so you will need to spend about 10 minutes to apply and get a decision.

After the application is approved the money are deposited directly into your checking account. In most cases the money are issued within few hours, however, some lenders may need 1 business day. Anyway, your lender will inform you about terms of money transfer.

Terms of Use

The company clearly states on its website that you can borrow from $100 to $1000. All lenders can provide only this amount and even with time, there is no opportunity to increase the maximum sum. However this doesn’t mean that all customers can get the maximum amount at once, it the lender decides otherwise, you can get only how much the lender approves. If you still want to get more than $1000, try applying for installment loan which has lower interest and longer repayment period.

Terms of loan repayment vary depending on the lender. Usually payday loans are issued for 30 days maximum, however, this period can be shorter. The lender will explain all fees and interest you will have pay before the contract is signed.

The interest rate also depends on the lender, but at average it may vary from 200 to 400% and more. The company strongly recommends not to take a loan is there is no intention to pay it back. Besides lenders will not approve an application if you do not qualify for a loan. There are a few requirements for borrower all lenders cooperating with Cashinasnap.com have:

  • be in your current job for at least 90 days;
  • be 18 years of age or older and a citizen or permanent resident of the US;
  • have a take-home pay of at least $1200 to $1400 per month after taxes;
  • have a current home and work phone number and valid e-mail address;
  • generally, active military cannot get a payday loan.

As it can be concluded, unemployed citizens can’t get a loan in Cash in a Snap. If there no permanent stable source of income the company can’t approve a loan since there is a high risk of non-payment.


For applying for a loan you don’t need any special documents. However, Cashinasnap.com warns that some lender may ask to fax some proof of income or other references. But this is not mandatory for an application. Guarantors are also not required for taking a loan here. The application form doesn’t contain any field for additional contact persons, so it is safe to say that no third persons are needed. Only in rare cases when lender doubts your solvency, you will have to send some documents.

On the website it is claimed that application is reviewed during several seconds, that is you get a decision on your application instantly. Money is transferred within several hours. This is a great advantage for the company as it turns out that customers can get money during 1 day in general. There is no need to waste your time on waiting for approval for several hours or even days, as in most similar companies. The procedure is quick and simple.


Usually, loan amount is withdrawn from the account on the due date, so customers do not need to visit any stores or make any payments. All you need to do is make sure that necessary amount of money is present on your account by the moment it has to be withdrawn.

Unfortunately, there is no information on the website about early payment. So you will have to discuss this question with the lender. Usually, no additional fees are charged for early repayment, however, some companies do not encourage customers to pay back early.

If you do not have an opportunity to pay on time you have to urgently contact your lender and discuss the problem. This is necessary to be done several days before the due date, otherwise, there may be additional fees for late payment. Remember that fees vary depending on the lender, so it is necessary to clarify this issue before signing the contract. But it is advised not to apply if there are doubts that you won’t be able to pay back on time.

Remember, lenders of CashinaSnap.com can pursue collections of past due accounts to the fullest extent by law. Additional fees, or even criminal charges, may be charged if you do not repay your loan. However, if your lender is a member of CFSA, you may be protected from criminal charges.


Some lenders can offer to extend your loans – a rollover. But again in some states, this option is prohibited by law, and in some – even several rollovers are allowed. This option can require additional fees. Anyway, ask your lender about rollover option before the contract is signed and assess your capabilities to pay off on time. On the website, there is information that, lenders-members of Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) are allowed to provide extended payment plan only once in a year.

If you already have an outstanding loan, Cashinasnap.com still can approve an application for you. However remember that lenders work under state laws, so you can do some research before applying and find out if the law in your state allows several loans at a time. Lenders can check third parties bureaus to find out if you have any active loans at the moment, but this actions will not be reflected in your credit history.

Cashinasnap.com Bad Credit History

On the website, you can find the whole section devoted to bad credit payday loans. Cash in a Snap doesn’t reject customers with bad credit score. On the contrary, the company wants to help customers to improve credit history. So if you qualify for a loan, you can apply and be approved. However, customers with poor credit score can get a smaller amount than other customers, but still, the company does its best to satisfy all customers they have.

Remember that non-payment is fraught with consequences and your case can be transferred to collections. So it is better to review your possibility to repay a loan and only after you made sure that your finances allow it, apply for a micro-loan at Cashinasnap.com.

Technical Characteristics of Cashinasnap.com

Secure Connection

Most reliable websites protect their customers from unauthorized access of any third parties. This is done because on such websites as Cashinasnap.com people enter their personal details concerning their identities and bank accounts, and if somebody steals these data, customers may suffer bad consequences. So before you give any such details to any website, be sure to check if the security level is at least at the average level.not secure connection

Unfortunately, Cash in a Snap didn’t provide any protection to its clients. Using this service is dangerous since there is a high risk of data theft and unauthorized access to it. Although on the website there is information that it is SSL-encrypted, in fact, we can see that the company doesn’t protect its customers’ data and provides false information to them.

It is better for the company to correct this issue as soon as possible, otherwise, the company may lose many customers because of unsafe service they offer.

Mobile Version

The website quite attractive and user-friendly mobile version. All functions and link work the same as in desktop version. Pictures and text are clearly seen, so there is no need for zooming. The interface is convenient and comfortable to use.mobile-friendly

Test for mobile-friendliness proves our conclusions. The mobile version of Cashinasnap.com is fully adapted for customers visiting the website from mobile devices. Although there some flaws in the work of the version, they are not numerous and do not influence overall work of the website. So it can be said that the website can be comfortably used for mobile phones and tablets.


Unfortunately, on the website, there is no information that the company uses any antivirus protection. This means that customers visiting the website are at risk of getting some malware on their devices. Especially vulnerable are those people, who do not have any antivirus protection on their device. The absence of antivirus can cause device breakage or even data theft. So we advise to think about your safety and install any free antivirus that can be found on the Internet.

Also, try to avoid such unsafe websites to be on the safe side. It is better to use only safe and reliable sources. Besides it there is no protection on the website, it speaks of the irresponsible attitude of the company to customers’ safety.

Convenience of Application

On the website, it is claimed that application process takes only 3 minutes of your time. There are only 3 steps in the application and no additional documents are necessary. All you need to provide is personal details, employment and bank account information. All these details are known to a person without any reminders and papers. However, some people this process can take longer, and most people will spend more than 3 minutes on filling in the application. So this is an exaggeration, the process at average takes about 5 – 10 minutes. Besides, if consider time for reviewing and transferring the money, it can be said that the whole process takes about 1 day.applicationapplicationapplication

If after you were approved, you decided that you do not want it any more, it is quite possible that you still will have to pay for a loan. There is no information on the website on this issue, so discuss this matter the lender before signing the agreement.

In general application process is quick, easy and convenient. There are no unnecessary steps and the whole process is carried out from home, which is very convenient.

Is Cashinasnap.com Legit?

According to ScanAdviser.com, Cash in a Snap has a very good rating – 88%. And although the website is rarely visited, safety rating shows us that the website can be trusted. Also, we can see that the company exists for quite a long time – almost 5 years, so during this time, it has earned a good reputation. However, the owner uses some services that hide his identity. This, of course, causes suspicion, but at the same time this can mean that the company simply is trying to avoid spam, so there is nothing strange in this matter.scamadviser

So in general, the report shows us very positive results and we can conclude that the company is safe to use.

Cashinasnap.com Reviews

Reviews on the Website

On the website, there is a special page with customers’ testimonials. But there are only 6 comments, without any dates, so it is unclear when and how they were left. Why is there so small amount of them? Also, there is no form that will allow leaving reviews for the website.testimonials

Of course, all the reviews are positive, praising the company, telling how wonderful their experience was. But what about negative comments from unsatisfied customers? Everybody knows that there are always some problems in the work of the website, so it would be more realistic if there were some comments about bad experiences.

Now it looks like the company itself wrote these comments to attract more customers. We would advise you to look for more comments on the internet on other websites and forums, to get a true idea of what the company is and how it works.

Comments on Other Resources

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find any reviews about Cashinasnap.com. There are no forums or discussions about the work of the company, so it is hard to get a clear idea of how the company performs its activity.

It is very strange that there are no reviews. It seems that the company has so few customers that no one wants to share their opinions. Or the company works so badly, that nothing good can be said about it. Anyway, it is always strange when you can’t find any reminder of the company in the Internet. Popular services always have comments, and people are eager to share their opinions.

We strongly advise to look for comments and study everything thoroughly before dealing with the company. Or better refrain from such doubtful websites until you find proof of their reliability.

Customer Support at Cashinasnap.com

«Contact Us»

There is a special page with contact details on the website. If you wish to contact the support group, all available details can be found there. As you can see the page is not very attractively organized. And there are almost no details of the company. All you can get is phone number, e-mail address and a contact form.contact details

It would be more convenient if at least hours of operating were also given. But we have no idea when the support group is working. Also, mailing address is necessary for those customers who want to visit the office of file a complaint. But the company didn’t manage to provide clients with comprehensive information about itself, which can’t be a positive point in favor of the company.

Support Group Service

As there is no live chat option, we can only send a request via the contact form on the website. The website provides almost full information about itself, but as it was said earlier, there is no information about early payment –our question will be about it. The contact form is quite simple, we fill in necessary details and submit a request.support group service

After we sent a message we got a notification telling us that we probably will have to wait for 24 hours for a reply. That’s quite long but still acceptable.notification

After 24 hours period, we still didn’t get any answer, which shows ineffective work of the support group. Many customers will remain without help and probably refuse to use services of this company because they didn’t get consultation on time. Not all people have the opportunity to call the support group, so the company should better organize all sides of its work.


In conclusion, it can be said that Cash in a Snap is a company with a doubtful reputation. On the one hand it is quite reliable and offers very convenient services, but on the other hand, the website is not worked out and some point are just left «untouched».

The company provides full information about its services on the website, so almost no question will arise. Everything is clear and well organized, though website’s interface is not as attractive and pleasant, as it is desired.

However, the security level is just awful here. The administration didn’t take any measures to protect its customers. Also, there are no reviews about the company, so it is unclear what to think about the company and whether it is worth to trust it.

So, in general, we think that the company should be treated with caution, and before dealing with it you should do some research and make sure yourself that there is no risk for you.

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