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Cashcentral.com Review – Service with Poor Reputation among Customers

Cashcentral.com Introducing Itself

logotypeCash Central is a licensed financial online institution satisfying financial needs of customers by lending money on attractive and affordable terms since 2006. Cash Central is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, however its service covers many states in the US. The company employs only high professional staff that that has decades of combined lending experience. Cash Central continues to be one of the leading lending facility in the Internet with reliable, secure and user-friendly lending policies.

Cash Central provides outstanding personal service, simple process, integrity, and privacy to all its customers. The company is legally registered and licensed by state, and each customer can expect transaction to be handled individually. Also the company is a member of Community Financial Services Association of America as stated on the website, but you cannot check this information as no link to the website of certificate is provided.

Type of loanMin amountMax amountInterest rateTermsDocuments requiredBad credit history
payday loans
installment loans
line of credit
title loans
$100$5000depends on the state4 days – 24 monthdepends on the state?


Types of Loans

Cashcentral.com offers several types of loans for its customers to choose:

  • payday loans;
  • installment loans;
  • line of credit;
  • title loans.

Besides personal loans you can also get special services devoted to helping people to reduce their payments and save money:

  • budget planning tool;
  • reduce your cabal bill;
  • dispute credit report.

After filling in 3-step application, the money will be sent directly to your bank account after you get approval. The procedure can take up to 3 – 4 days, but you can get decision much faster. If you get a special Green Dot prepaid card, the money will be issued to it on the same day as application was filed. You can apply for the card directly on the website and get it quickly and without any troubles.

Installment loan costs vary based on term and interest rates. Payday loan cost varies, depending on the state, amount borrowed and term. No other fees are charged, and if someone calls you or sends a request to pay money before you get a loan – these are scammers. Cash Central website has a special page devoted to information about fake lender pretending to be some official company and trying to steal your money. With the page via link in the head menu and be aware of any suspicious activity.

Terms of Use

On the website there is no clear information about how much money you can get. The amount depends on your reliability and solvency and laws of the state you live in. On the main page you can find a note that for installment loan the average amount is $1000 – $5000. But these numbers can vary, so you need to clear these issue with the lender.

The same thing is with terms of the loan. No information about how soon you will have to pay back. However the company warns that usually payday loans are issued for 2 – 4 weeks, but you can use the money for a longer period of time. Remember that using payday loans for months can be expensive for you and tat they are not intended for long-term use. For specifying terms of the loan you are willing to take you also need to contact the lender and discuss the question.

On the website, you can use the map to find information about rates and terms in your state, as it may considerably vary. The special tab can be found on the head menu on any page, as well as in the «FAQ» section. Information about interest rates is also different for residents of different states, so you won’t find a concrete statement about how much your loan will cost you.

As for requirement for customers, they are different depending on the type of loan you want to get. To find out if you qualify for a loan just visit the pay of the loan and read the information there. All the links are given on the main page in the head menu in a special tab.

So to get a payday or installment loan you need to meet the following requirements:

  • have a source of income, verifiable in states where required;
  • have a valid checking account in your name;
  • have two current (and valid) telephone numbers;
  • social security number;
  • be over 18.

For title loans, there is no information on requirements since the company doesn’t provide these types of loans online. However, they cooperate with companies that do, to provide the best and most convenient service to the customers.

Lines of credit can be issued if you satisfy all the listed above requirement for payday loans, but you also have to not be in active duty military status, or the spouse or dependent thereof. But you have to note that lines of credit are only available in Kansas. So basically only very few customers can get such a loan.

As you can see for all available options you have to be employed, as otherwise your source of income can’t be verified, so unfortunately unemployed customers will not be able to get money in this company.


To apply for a loan you don’t need any documents. You provide basic information about yourself and your income, and after that, you can send your application for review of the company. So there won’t be any problems with filling in the form. However, Cash Central warns that in some states proof of income in mandatory according to the law, so you will have to provide references and documents to the lender.

There is no information about whether you will need the guarantor, but when filling in the application you have to provide 3 contact persons with your family, friends or co-workers. This is not very convenient since not all people can have so many friends and relatives to put them as contact persons.

Time for reviewing your application is not specified either. In the «FAQ» section there is information that approval can take long enough time, so be ready to wait for some hours or even days. The money is issued in moments after approval, but also this is not always so. In general, the money is issued on the next working day. If you apply on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you will be able to get money only on Monday. You can make this process faster, if you get a special Green Dot prepaid card, as was said in the previous point. Via this card, you can get your money on the same day as applied. If you don’t have such a card and don’t want to get one, be ready to wait for up to 3 – 4 days before you get your money.


To pay back your loan you only need to necessary amount of money to your bank account. The company automatically withdraws payment from your account on the due date. So you don’t have to waste your time visiting the office and paying the loan. However there are other options available, to learn more you need to contact the company by phone.

If you don’t have the opportunity to pay back on time, you need to contact the support group several days before the due date. The company offers several options for such situations: courtesy extension (the link provided in the «FAQ» section), refinance loan. So as you can see the company tries to satisfy customers need and doesn’t charge any fees for late payment if you inform it about your financial difficulties.

You also have the opportunity to pay back your loan early or make payments before the due date. For this, you will have to choose the appropriate option in the «Customer’s Section» or call the support group. All details are given in the «FAQ» section. Besides you can make payments to reduce your principal in the «Customer’s Section» – all information is also in the «FAQ» section. No fees for early repayment are charged.


Unfortunately, there is no information on the website about extending your loan. So to find out if you can get such service you need to contact the company by phone and ask managers for information. We believe that company will try to find a way out and offer you the best possible service.

As for taking more than one loan at a time – the company doesn’t issue several loans to 1 person. They believe that customers will have difficulties with repaying several loans, so the only chance to get another loan is to repay the previous one. However, you will have to wait for several days to get a new loan since in most cases a waiting period is required before a customer is able to request a new loan from the same lender. In other cases, Cash Central needs to verify that original funds have cleared your bank account to avoid scheduling two loans at once.

Cashcentral.com Bad Credit History

There is no clear information about approving loans to people with bad credit history. We can suggest that credit score of customers is not so important for the company when making a decision. Besides, you don’t need to provide any documents or guarantor as it was said earlier, which means that the company only checks your solvency.

In the «FAQ» section you can read that the company checks consumer reports from several agencies to verify information in your application, this information also influences the decision but in general, if your paying capacity is fine there shouldn’t be any problems. But anyway it is better to ask the support group this question and get a detailed answer.

Technical Data of Cashcentral.com

Secure Connection

To protect personal data of customers most reliable websites provide a secure connection. This connection protects any information you enter on the website when registering or when sending an application, so all sensitive data are encrypted and safely sent to the server where it is stored and no one can steal them and use without your consent. To make sure that you are protected, before giving any information check the address bar of the page. If you see the green lock near the URL address – you can be sure that the website took all necessary measures to provide safe data storage; if not – we advise you to choose another website with more secure conditions.https protocol

As we can see Cashcentral.com provides a secure connection on all pages of the website, while many other similar websites protects only those pages where the application is located. So no matter what page you are on, you can be sure that no one can get your data without your permission. If you want to get more details about the level of security on the website, you can always view the certificate of security which is at free access to any user.certificatecertificate

The website uses 256-bit data encryption, which is the highest possible level of protection, so you can safely use all the recourses on the website. But information about certificate owner is hidden, so we cannot check the reliability of the document. But anyway presence of protection on the website shows the responsible attitude of the company to customers’ data security.

Mobile Version

The website has a mobile version. The version is very well worked through – all the functions remain working, the website is adapted to the screen of the mobile device, the text is readable, the pictures are clearly seen and do not need zooming. However, with all the attractiveness of the website and its good functioning, it should be said that there is a great disadvantage – the website is working very slow, each page takes several seconds to load.mobile-friendly

Test by Google shows us that the website is mobile-friendly, which proves our estimation of the website as attractive and convenient to use. There are only 2 pages, that had problems with loading. This disadvantage can be quickly fixed by the administration, and in general, it can be said that Cashcentral.com has a very well functioning mobile version with almost no flaws.


Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find any information about the presence of antivirus protection on the website. This means that customers should use the website with great caution. Those who do not have any antivirus on their devices should choose another service with a higher level of protection.

The absence of antivirus means that you can easily get some malware on your device. This can lead to very serious consequences – data theft or device breakage. So make sure that you undertake all necessary measures to protect yourself before using such services, entrusting your data to them or downloading anything on your device.

Convenience of Application

Applying for a loan is very easy and quick on the website. You are offered to filling in the 3-step application and get a decision in several minutes. But in reality, this may take much longer, and first-time customers may need more time than others.

Information required in the application is the basic about you and your pace of work, your income and your bank account details. In general, application will take you about 15 minutes to fill in and send to the company. No documents or guarantors are needed (if not stated by your state law). Note that during the procedure of filling in the application, there is no field for indicating the amount of money you want to take and the term you are interested in.applicationapplicationapplicationapplication

If you decided to cancel your loan or realized that you don’t need the money anymore, you have to do this before the business day is over. That is you can cancel your loan without any charges only on the same business day. To do this contact the support group, or visit the «FAQ» section, where you can find instruction in the special section.

In general we find application process quick, convenient and easy. There are no troubles with filling in information and sending the application. Unfortunately, we don’t know how much it will take to get a decision, but if you have a positive credit history and your solvency is verified, approval will be granted in no time.

Is Cashcentral.com Legit?

According to ScamAdviser.com Cashcentral.com is a very reliable and secure website. It has 100% trust rating and has lots of visitors. Also, the website is rated popular by Alexa.com, which is also a good point.scamadviser

The domain age is very impressive 17 years, during such a long period the company earned great reputation and popularity among customers. The location of the company is undoubtful – US. However the report doesn’t provide us any address of the company, so we cannot compare it with the one on the website.

So, in general, the report shows us great results – the company is operating in the US market for a long time, it has a good reputation, level of reliability is high. All this means that customers can trust this company and with no fear apply for money to this lender.

Cashcentral.com Reviews

Reviews on the Website

On the website, there is a special page with customers reviews about the work of the website. There you can find 3 comments and a special list of recorded phone calls from customers expressing their opinion about companies work. This is a very original and creative way to present reviews on the website so that there will be no doubts that they are fake and not true.testimonials

Of course, all the reviews are very positive, which seems strange. There must some negative opinions, as no company can operate without any problems at all. Besides these people do not say the name of the company, so you can think that they could be taken from any other company. However, there is no proof of that, so we consider that the company has a very good reputation among customers, and their way to present them is unique.

Reviews on Foreign Resources

On the Internet, there are lots of customers’ reviews about Cashcentral.com. But the thing is that mostly these comments are very negative. Most customers claim that the company is scam and fraud. Their customers’ service is very rude and ineffective, they ignore calls and provide no useful information.reviews

Best Business Bureau has also lots of negative comments, but the administration of Cashcentral.com answers to all messages and tries to resolve the problem.review

Also, PissedConsumer.com has many messages from customers of the company, expressing their dissatisfaction with the service. In general, after reading all the reviews you have very negative impression about the company and will never want to lend money from them.reviews

However, among all these negative testimonials, there are some positive reviews. Some customers are satisfied with the work of the company and will gladly return to them again. So it should be admitted that the company is not as bad as it may seem. However, negative comments are more numerous than positive, so consider this when deciding on the company.reviews

Customer Support Service

Contact Information

On the website, you can find a special page with contact details, which help customers to come in contact with the support group. Here you will find phone and fax numbers of different departments of the company, office address in Ohio, address where to send your payments and working hours of the support group. Also, you can leave an e-mail to the company via a contact form on the same page.contact details

Everything looks very attractive and all information is presented very conveniently. You don’t need to look for additional details – here is the most comprehensive information about how to contact the company.regulatory agencies

Also, there is a special page for contacts of regulating agencies in states where Cash Central provides services – «Questions or Complaints». If any problems appeared, you can easily find the necessary address and phone number and contact the agency. The link to this page can be found in the footer of the website.


Cash Central is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, however, its service covers many states in the US. You can find the map of companies offices by many links, e. g. «State Licenses and Regulations», «Rates and Terms», etc.locations

If you count, you can see that Cashcentral.com provides services in 25 states. Below you can see in which states Cash Central offers its services and what service available or unavailable in different states.

Payday LoansInstallment LoansPayday & Installment LoansLine of Credit
North Dakota
New Mexico
South California
Rhode Island

As we can see, terms and rates vary, depending on the state you live in. Amounts available for a loan also differ from each other considerably. Besides, not all states have the option of installment loans, and as it was said before the line of credit is available only in Kansas. So before applying make sure that necessary option and amount is available is your region.

Online Support Group

The company provide a very convenient live chat option on the website. This means that you can get a consultation on the website in real time, without waiting for the answer for several hours.

We decided to ask managers about the necessity to provide any guarantors for applying for a loan. The procedure takes usually few minutes and you get the answer immediately, but the problem is that the support group is not working round the clock, so customers that urgently need consultation after the working hours can’t get it. The same thing happened to us, we were not able to get answers to our questions because the live chat was unavailable at the moment and we had to wait for quite a long time to get the opportunity to talk to a manager.live chat

In our opinion, the support group have to work round the clock so that all customers could get the consultation at any convenient for them time, no when the company office starts to work. This may encourage people to use another service that offers round the clock operation mode and doesn’t make customers wait.


Having analyzed all the above points we can conclude that Cashcentral.com can be trusted in terms of borrowing money, but you have bare in mine some flaws and problems that may appear when dealing with this company.

First of all, there are too many negative comments about customer support service and work of the company in general. This is a very bad point for company’s reputation. Also, there are no clear terms for loans, and you don’t know for sure how much will the loan cost you. So you will have to contact the support group and get details.

The support group is not available at any time. You will have to wait till it is open to get a consultation. The most customer would prefer to use another service, so this is another great disadvantage for the company.

However technical characteristics and security level of the company are very impressive and the customer can be sure that they are protected while they are using the website. This is a great advantage and cannot be ignored.

It is up to you to decide whether to use company’s services or not. We can only advise you to be cautious and estimate all the risks. Do not ignore negative comments on the Internet. People like you share their bad experiences to warn other customers about scammers and fraud. So in general Cashcentral.com seems reliable and safe, but still, negative comments and absence of clear information do not allow considering it as a high trust service.

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