Review: Highly Unrecommended Online Service for Payday Loans

Self – Introduction of Allied Cash Advance

logoAllied Cash Advance is financial credit institution. This online payday service has a website which provides no exact information who they are and what kind of service they offer. There is no launch date. In the bottom of, we find information that this online institution provides in-store and online services for US clients. is not a direct online lender and does not provide online lending services directly to consumers. Allied Cash Advance only offers matching services and does not perform as a correspondent, agent, or representative for any lender or service provider. All financial and employment data is immediately removed from system after a client’s application acceptance by any of online lenders. Allied Cash Advance locations are diverse but remember that this online service is not available in all US states.

Types of Loans Min Loan Amount Max Loan Amount Period Interest Rate Documents Bad Credit History
  • payday loans;
  • installment loans.
 $ 50  $ 1500 agreed individually agreed individually
  • Social Security Number;
  • Identification Number;
  • ABA or Bank routing number;
  • Bank checking account number.
agreed individually

Types of Loans

Allied Cash Advance provides clients with two types of speedy payday loans:

  • payday loans;
  • installment loans.

As we mentioned above, this institution offers clients two kinds of services: in-store and online. If you visit one of their stores, after being approved, you will get money immediately. But here we should point out that Allied Cash Advance claims that they are not a lender itself. So that, the question raises how they may provide cash for clients immediately. What relates to has a lot of questionable issues. In fact, being not a lender, they do not have any access to money of lenders they cooperate with.

Speaking about online service, there is no concrete information about how fast money borrowed transferred and how you can get money: on credit card, cash or there are some other methods.

There are still so many questions unanswered that’s why we cannot estimate whether it is affordable to take payday loan or installment from

Terms of Use

Clients are eligible to take a loan depending on what types of service they are going to command.

Cash advance (payday loans) amounts and installment loans amount are defined by the state in which a client lives and his/her net income. Each state has its own regulations that control the maximum amount residents can borrow and for how long they can borrow it. Within the frames of what a client’s state, Allied Cash advance will review client’s net income to define the amount a client is eligible to borrow. These client protection practices assist clients to avoid getting more than they can afford to pay off. To find out about the maximum loan amounts and fees in your state, go to our location finder and enter a ZIP code.

find a location

Available loan amounts are from $ 50 to $ 1500. Interest rates on allied cash advance vary depending on the state where a client lives. To find out about the interest rates and maximum loan amounts in a definite state, go to “Location” page and enter a ZIP code. Approval times are, in general, very quick, but the timing will depend on how quickly lending partners get all of the documents required to process online application left on Allied Cash Advance.

There is no concrete information about age eligible for borrowing but regulations of the United States of America do not allow people under 18 years old to borrow from lending institutions.

Adequate information relating to whether a client should have a constant working place or not is absent. There are so many questions, the answers to which are not defined on


To take a loan with the help of Allied Cash Advance, it is necessary to provide the following data:

  • Social Security Number;
  • Identification Number;
  • ABA or Bank routing number;
  • Bank checking account number.

All these data should be provided but a client is not required to send or fax any papers. Allied Cash Advance provides clients with no information relating to whether a client should represent any information about contact persons or guarantees that’s why we can come to a conclusion that it depends on the lender you are working with to take a loan.

how it worls


There is no information about whether a client is eligible to pay a loan back earlier or partially. A client cannot find this information on It is rather difficult, in general, to find any helpful information on this online service website. There is only information having relation to the fact if a client is late to pay a loan back. In this case, if your cash advance payment is due, Allied Cash Advance support group will contact a client to collect the amount to be paid. If it becomes mandatory, site administration may transfer client’s account to a collection agency. You may be charged a returned check fee, depending on laws in the state a client lives in. Also, keep in mind that your bank may charge fees for checks that are returned due to nonsufficient funds.


Allied Cash Advance ensures no information about whether a client is able to extend a loan. We may come to a conclusion that they do not offer such an option for clients. Or there is one more way out exactly everything is dependent on the lender you take a loan from. You should come in contact this exact lender and find out the answers to all disputable questions arisen. Bad Credit History

It is left unknown whether offers clients with bad credit history any kind of loans. They do not stress out any kind of information relating credit history. In this unit, we are not able to make a decision whether clients with bad credit history are eligible to be approved. But we may conclude that it also depends on the lender you are approved for a loan. We try to ask the question whether a client is able to take a payday loan or installment loan from Allied Cash Advance or not. But they have some problems with support group performance that’s why this question is also left without an answer.

Technical Data

Secure Connection

All the connections and transactions are secured by 256-bit encryption data, the security certificate is verified by GeoTrust Inc. The company owner information is hidden. 256-bit encryption makes it difficult for unauthorized people to view information traveling between computers. Allied Cash Advance takes all the efforts to protects clients’ personal data when they leave online application on Allied Cash Advance. Clients may be sure their personal data is protected in the way no one will get access to it. Allied Cash Advance administration doesn’t trade or disclose personal data but may do it only in case if they need to protect itself during the court case.

secure connection

Mobile Version

There is a mobile version of Allied Cash Advance which is considered by Google as mobile-friendly.

mobile version

Clients may easily command this service by means of mobile devices, moreover different mobile devices. It helps save much more time for clients who get used to coping with all the problems by means of mobile phone. You just need an access to the Internet and you will see that it takes no time to leave an application form by means of mobile version. There are noticeable drawbacks which may prevent a client from leaving an application.

Antivirus Presence

There is no antivirus on Clients are at risk zone of “catching” viruses and other online threats. A client may not be sure that everything seems to be in order while clients command their service.

Convenience of Application

There is an online application available on allied cash advance front-page. When you press the button “Get Started”, you will see a detailed online application which you are required to fill in to get approved.

get startedTo apply for a loan, a client should provide the following information:

  • Transaction Amount;
  • Account Information;
  • Personal Information;
  • Income Information;
  • Employment Information;
  • Bank Information;
  • Additional Information;
  • Text Message Alerts;
  • Terms & Conditions.

This application demands a lot of information which has relation to financial issues. Clients should fill in all this and then press the button “Next Step”.

next stepAfter that clients will be asked some other facts mandatory for approving a loan.

In general, application form on seems to be ordinary and there is no special information which a client has to provide to Allied Cash Advance. But they offer three points: Additional Information; Text Message Alerts; Terms & Conditions which may take some time for clients to understand properly what they should do. Clients should read Privacy Policy to decide whether they need to get a positive or negative answer.

It is up to clients to decide whether this online application on Allied Cash Advance is convenient or not, each opinion is individual, what seems better for one, seems inconvenient for the others.

Is Allied Cash Advance Safe and Legit according to estimates the level of security of different e-commerce websites. is awarded 88-% of security what seems to be high trust rating. also believes that this site looks safe to use. Website location is the United States of America but company owner origin is hidden. This hidden information contributes to rating leveling down. This site uses an anonymous service – which prevents from defining the site owner. The reason for this may be that the owner does not want to receive spam, but be aware that many scam sites utilize this method to hide their identity. If this is an e-commerce site, is such kind of recourse, – would suggest you prove the business address from the website administration itself. Domain age is 12 years, 344 days but this online service is considered to be rarely visited. It means that this online service performance is not ideal.

We cannot check owner address because there is no contact information provided by Allied Cash Advance for clients to make them sure they are legal and safe. But website data is constantly refreshed which helps clients to achieve the stated goal to apply for a loan.

In general, the rating is really high and seems to be high trust but it is necessary to examine all the aspects before applying for a loan from


Reviews about

Reviews on

There is a separate page with reviews left by Allied Cash Advance clients. They are all positive but not dated that’s why we cannot estimate when these reviews were left on There is no form necessary to leave a feedback on the website. So that, the origin of these reviews on Allied Cash Advance is unknown. Of course, they may help make a decision but in general, all these reviews seem to be fake and falsified left by site administration itself. Clients may read them but they are not helpful and do not describe a real picture of Allied Cash Advance performance.

Reviews about Allied Cash Advance on Foreign Recourses

There are a lot of reviews left on different third parties recourses. Clients may read positive-negative reviews on

All the reviews are dated and fresh. Overall rating is 3,4 what seems to be no so perfect as written in reviews left on the website itself.

reviews on indeed

Reviews about are left according to the following aspects:

  • Work/Life Balance;
  • Compensation/Benefits;
  • Job Security/Advancement;
  • Management;
  • Culture.

These reviews may help a client make a decision whether this online service is what he/she really needs. Read them and make your choice.

There are also websites full of complaints in the address of Allied Cash Advance. People left their negative reviews drawing the real picture about this online service performance. Rating on is so low that it is terrible to read these reviews.


People complain about how they fail in cooperation with Allied Cash Advance describing cases in which they should cope with problems caused by this online service. All the complains are “fresh” and original. They may push people to refuse from cooperating with this online institution.

“Contact Us” Information

“Contact Us” Section

If we speak about contact information, we have found only telephone number:

telephone number

There is no factual address which makes clients believe in online service reliability. points out that there is some hidden information relating website owner location. It seems to be unreal that there is no mail address to which business letters may arrive.


Allied Cash Advance is cooperating on the territory of the United States of America. But this online service is not available in all states. To get to know whether this online service is present in your state you should press the button “Store Locator” where you will enter a Zip code or state. According to this data, a client will be able to know whether this online store is present ion this territory or not.

find a location

After finding your state in the list of available service you are welcome to leave an application and wait for approval.

Customer Support Service

Customer Support Service is a universal way to cope with problems and questions during the process of commanding this service. We try to ask the question relating to information we do not find on the website but everything was in vain. This online service provides no live chat but contact form. The contact form is inconvenient with various information to be filled in.

contact form

But it turns out that contact form is not workable. After sending an inquiry, we get “white page” with no sign of whether our message was sent or not. For what it will be necessary to make so many points if nothing is working.

Conclusion: Highly Unrecommended Online Service for Payday Loans

Allied Cash Advance is a credit online institution claiming that it is not a lender itself but a service searching for lenders suitable for each client’s case individually. There are some unanswered questions left after examining this service. There is no concrete information about loan extension or repayment. There is no exact information of what kind of credit history a client should have to take a loan from Allied Cash Advance. This online service is working on the territory of the United States of America but to definethe exact state of performance you should enter a Zip code or state you live in to find out whether there is an office there or not.

There are reviews on itself and on foreign recourses. Foreign recourse give an opportunity to read predominantly negative reviews about Allied Cash Advance performance but the website itself provides absolutely positive reviews without special form to leave a comment.

In all this, we may find only one “light spot” exactly data. This online service gives only 88-% of security. points out that there is hidden information which may be a signal of some illegal business.

So that, each customer should make a decision himself whether to take use of this service or not. We will be glad if mentioned above information will be useful for you.