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Aaacash.com Review: A Lender-Matching Service With No Customer Reviews

What is AAA Cash?

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AAACash.com is a free referral service which matches people with lenders that offer short-term loans that may help in emergency situations. The company is not a lender and does not make any loan decisions but it works with a vast network of reputable lenders that can make the most suitable loan offer for your particular financial needs.

Loan typesMin. amountMax. amountPeriodAPRDocuments requiredBad credit
Payday loans$100$10002-4 weeks200% to 2,290%Driver’s license or Social Security number, proof of employment over the last monthYes

AAA Cash Loan Types

AAA Cash cooperates with lenders that may provide you with cash advances (also known as short-term loans, instant cash, payday loans) in order to help you overcome financial difficulties. A payday loan is a small loan with a short term which is designed to help individuals deal with emergency expenses like repair costs, medical expenses, utility bills, credit card bills, mortgage payments, and so on. Lenders can help people pay off their bills before the day they get paid, without late fees in the process.


According to the website, customers can be approved as quickly as the same day, and get the funds the next business day in banking account.

Terms of Use

AAA Cash is not a lender and does not have knowledge of loan fees and interest. Lenders from its network will provide all the details based on your online application. Companies may also have to change their fees and interest rates a bit to comply with state laws and regulations. The matching service never determines the terms and rates of your loan.

Using this service, you have no obligations to sign a contract. If you are not satisfied with a loan offer, you can always reject it. Submitting a request is free.
Consumers with all credit types can borrow loan amounts ranging from $100 to $1000 for 2-4 weeks.

You must comply with the following requirements:

  1. legally reside in the United States;
  2. be at least 18 years old;
  3. have an open checking account in your name;
  4. have a phone number and email address;
  5. provide proof of a steady income (pay stub or a Social Security check).

Meeting these requirements does not guarantee that you will be matched with a lender.

The annual percentage rate will be also disclosed by a lender who is connected to. Because AAA Cash is not able to give you the exact APR for your individual payday loan. APRs can vary by state and also depend on the personal information that you provide during loan application.

They, however, mention that the APR on a payday loan can range from 200% to 2,290% depending on many factors (loan amount, duration, fees incurred, loan renewal). There is a representative example of a 400$ loan taken for 14 days:


AAA Cash also mentions that some states can only provide payday loans up to $500. Other states give funds for only 2 weeks, and some states allow having only 1 payday loan at one time.


The application process is purely online and only takes a couple of minutes. Customers will need to complete a loan request and provide the following details:

  • driver’s license or Social Security number (these documents are needed to verify a client’s age);
  • proof of steady employment over 30 days;
  • phone number and email address

Lenders from the network of AAA Cash does not require any guarantor for getting payday loans.

Loan Repayment

When you e-sign the contract, you are agreeing to repay the principal and interest that are specified in the document. AAA Cash is not a lender cannot inform you about charges associated with your loan. All these details will be provided by your lender.

Payday loans are typically due on your next payday. The funds will be taken directly from the bank account that you provided during the application. This way, you will not miss your due dates. However, you must ensure you have enough funds in your account to make a loan payment.

If you fail with your payment, additional charges may incur so you should read and understand nonpayment, partial payment and late payment details specified in the contract. Lenders from the network of AAACash have a right to pursue legal debt collections but the referral service is not engaged in debt collecting. Applicable collection practices will be also stated in the loan documents. You’d better discuss this issue with your lender directly.

Loan Extension

Prior to signing a contract, your lender will specify loan extension options. Be sure to read and understand them. According to the website, loan extension policies vary greatly by state and lender.

AAA Cash recommends clients to extend their loans only in the case of emergency because this may make a payday loan very expensive. If you want to avoid nonpayment and/or late payment fees, you should repay your loan in full on the specified date.

The website does not contain any information on whether borrowers are allowed to pay off a loan early, before the due date, in order to save on interest.

Aaacash.com Bad Credit

AAA Cash network of lenders approves clients regardless of their credit score, so you can apply for a payday loan even if you have bad credit or no credit.

The referral service is not involved in making credit decisions and it never performs any credit checks. The lenders typically do not perform credit checks using Experian, TransUnion and Equifax agencies. However, some of the lenders may conduct a credit check with other agencies to verify your solvency.

Bear in mind that your credit score may be affected by your lender’s actions. If you fail with loan repayment, your lender has a right to report your non-payment to the major credit bureaus, which could spoil your credit rating.

Technical Characteristics of Aaacash.com


AAA Cash claims that they value customers’ privacy and security use advanced encryption technologies to protect users’ sensitive information during application. I looked at the top left corner of my browser and saw a small green lock symbol and an “https” before “aaacash.com” which means that the website is secured. It turned out that they use a 128 bit SSL encryption protocol. The security certificate is verified by Let’s Encrypt:

secure connection

However, such an encryption is considered minimal. I think the website’s owner should provide a better encryption for clients’ safety.

Mobile Version

Aaacash.com has failed a Mobile-Friendly Test from Google:

mobile version

Google detected that the website’s content is wider than the screen. As such, it will not be able to make the life of its “mobile” users easier. Using this website on your mobile device, you may have to cope with horizontal scrolling, contents that are displayed correctly, links that are close to each other.


The website does not use any technologies to protect users from viruses and hackers. There is no antivirus and this makes using this website a risky place. Using an antivirus would have inspired more trust in AAA Cash website.

Convenience of Use

The AAA Cash loan application process is quick and easy. You can request for a loan in a few minutes. Visitors of this website do not need to register. They just need to click on the Apply Now button on the main page, which will take them to an application page:


Here they will need to provide some basic information in order to be approved for a loan: Social Security number, credit score, employment and income information, banking account number, contact details.

Once you complete this application, AAA Cash will attempt to connect you with a suitable lender who is ready to make you a loan offer. Once you are approved, you will be able to review the loan terms and rates and decide whether to accept the offer or not. If you agree to the terms and rates, you will need to e-sign the contract and wait for your money to be deposited into your bank account.

At first sight, this referral service seems useful, as it matches you with the right lender basing on your personal information. But when using this website, you need to fill out an application without knowing the exact loan terms and rates. It would be disappointing to learn that the loan comes with too high interest rates after you have submitted all the personal details required.

What I also dislike about AAA Cash is that their website is very narrow and looks old-fashioned.

I conclude that the website is useful and convenient but not informative – it contains no loan details and only connects you with a lender. Usually, people prefer to know the loan cost before applying.

Is Aaacash.com Legit?

ScamAdviser.com is a website that checks other websites’ background. The analysis showed that Aaacash.com has a high trust rating – 86% out of 100 and looks safe to use:


The domain was created almost 12 years which is a relevant age for a referral service. It’s nice that the website has not bee banned during this long period. The website is located in the USA but ScamAdviser was not able to determine the website’s owner country. The thing is that AAA Cash is using an anonymous service to hide its identity. Besides, the website is rarely visited. There were the reasons for Scam Adviser to give only 86% to this matching tool. The report testifies that users may have a good experience with this website but before using it, users are recommended to confirm the legal address of AAA Cash.

Aaacash.com Reviews

On-site Testimonials

The website does not have any customer reviews that would have thrown any light on the actual performance of this referral tool. So it’s not clear whether this service really helps people who find themselves in a difficult financial situation. I think they should create a testimonial page for borrowers to have an opportunity to share their personal experience with AAA Cash

Reviews on Independent Websites

Regretfully, the external user reviews were not available either. No matter how hard I tried I could not find any comments about this website on the net. This looks suspicious because this website has been active for over 11 years. Many referral services manage to receive comments ever after several months of operating. Lack of third-party AAA Cash reviews is a bad sign, which means that this company is unpopular.

Customer Support

Contact Information

The website lists the detailed contact information of this company. I was able to find AAA Cash phone number, physical address and email address. They claim to be located in Dallas, Texas:


I appreciate that they try to be as transparent as possible. Every borrower needs to know the contact details of the company he is using. I found no issues that could alert customers.

Aaacash.com Locations

There are no information about states that allow payday loans. There is only a notice that residents of some states will not be able to get cash advances. Besides, it would be nice to know AAA Cash locations in advance because each state has its own laws and regulations relating to short-term loans, so the specific terms and rates of a loan will be influenced by the state you are living in.

Ways to Get a Consultation

If you have any questions about AAACash.com-related services, you can reach their customer support team by calling 1-800-936-2274, emailing at support@aaacash, or filling out a contact form which is available on the Contact Us page. Unfortunately, Live Chat is not available on the site.

But if you have any questions or concerns about loan rates and other details (repayment options, extension, late payment fees, and so on), you should contact your lender directly since AAA Cash does not possess any loan details and does not make any decisions.

I decided to send my question to support@aaacash and find out whether payday loans were available to people living in West Virginia. I waited for 6 hours but nobody answered. I conclude that the customer care department is poorly organized.


AAACash.com is a link to a lender providing short-term payday loans up to $1000. This referral service could be useful in some cases when you do not know exactly which lender will be suitable for your financial needs. The advantage if that lenders from the network of this tool approve customers with any credit score. The application is easy and convenient but it requires users to fill in too many sensitive personal and financial details. Considering that AAA Cash is just an intermediary, this could be stressful for some people.

When using this lender-matching service, users do not know exact loan terms and rates until they complete an application form and get connected to a lender. The thing which worries me is that this online company has no customers reviews over 11 years, however, ScamAdviser reported that this website can be trusted. I recommend you selecting another referral service or a direct lender with a well-established online reputation.

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