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310loan.com Review: A Lender with a Long History but Mixed Reviews

What is 310 Loan?

310 loan logo

310loan.com is a direct lender which has been active for 19 years. They claim to be the most trusted online lender. The head office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, the lender provides short-term loans to Canadians nationwide. The company works with province governments to help improve payday loan regulation. They offer online loan approvals and promises money transfer within 30 minutes. According to the website, using this lending organization, you can get the best lending experience possible. They claim to have the advantage of knowing what people really need when it comes to borrowing: to get funds quickly, conveniently and easily from a reliable lender. They say to be one of the first companies to provide online short-term loans in Canada. The lender is also proud to be a member of the Canadian Consumer Finance Association (CCFA) and comply with all required province regulations.

Loan typesMin.amountMax.amountPeriodAPRDocumentsBad credit
Payday loans$50$1,5002-4 weeks391% – 652%SSN, social insurance, bank statementYes

Types of Loans

310loan.com provides payday loans (also known as cash advance, a short-term loan). These loans are used to cope with unexpected financial difficulties between paydays. The lender reminds that payday loans should only be used as a short-term solution — they are not suitable for long-term financial troubles.

money transfer

According to the company, no other lender can transfer funds via Email Money Transfer service faster than 310 Loan. You can also opt for a direct deposit.

  • If you choose Email Money Transfer service, the funds will be delivered to you within 30 minutes. To qualify for such a transfer, you will need to have an e-mail address and an active bank account;
  • If you opt for a direct deposit, the funds will be deposited to your bank account via Direct Deposit. If you apply for a loan by 10 am, the company can send the money into your bank account within 1 business day. But the exact timing depends on the policies of your financial institution.

Terms of Use

310 loan offers loan amounts ranging from $50 and $1,500. The maximum loan amount you can qualify for will depend on your income and other employment details. First-time borrowers can get up to $600, however, if you have successfully paid off your first loan and decided to apply for the second time, you will be able to get higher amounts.


So if you want to increase a loan limit with this company, you must establish a good reputation. Usually, clients can increase their credit limits by $100 or even more upon returning their loans two times.

To qualify for a 310 loan, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • be at least 19 years of age;
  • have a regular income;
  • have an active banking account with at least 7 transactions in the last 30 days;
  • not be bankrupt, not have any debts.

The lender wants clients to know that they are not able to offer a loan to people on social assistance, employment insurance or CPP. Besides, they cannot guarantee that you will be 100% approved for a loan even if you meet all the listed requirements. The final decision will be made by the lender.

310 loan interest rate depends on the province you are living in. Typically, the APR ranges from 391% to 652%. See an example of the APR for a 2-week payday loan:

  • Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario – 391%;
  • British Columbia, Saskatchewan – 443%;
  • Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Yukon – 652%;
  • Nova Scotia – 574%.


You can apply for a 310 payday loan via online application or apply by phone.

During application you will be required to provide some personal and banking information:

  • If you opt for a direct deposit, you need to send a bank statement for the last 30 days;
  • If you choose direct deposit, you will be required to send a detailed bank statement for the last 30 days and a voided cheque or a pre-authorized payment form;
  • If you do not choose direct deposit or do not have online banking, you will be required to send a bank statement for the last 30 days, a voided cheque or pre-authorized payment form and proof of your regular income.

Bear in mind that residents of Manitoba must send a bank statement for the previous month.

There are 4 ways for sending documents to the lender:

  1. Download the required documents in PDF format and send them to [email protected];
  2. Take a photo of the required documents and email them to [email protected];
  3. Use 310 Loan bank statement capture tool;
  4. Fax the required documents at 1-866-558-3333.


Payday loans are usually repaid on the day you get paid. All the details will be listed in your loan documents. The original debt + interest will be withdrawn from your banking account on the due date.

The lender recommends borrowers to make all payments on the due date, since missed payments may result in additional fees or penalties. If you delay your payment, you will be charged fee of up to $50. You can avoid this fee by ensuring you have the required amount of money on your due date.


It’s not mentioned anywhere on the website whether clients are eligible for loan extensions, so you’d better specify this issue before applying for a loan. As soon as you have successfully repaid your 310 loan, you can apply for a new one.

310loan.com Bad Credit

It does not matter whether you have good or bad credit – you can still be approved for a loan with this lender. The company does not perform any credit checks. Their goal is to provide friendly and helpful service to all customers without exceptions.

bad credit

When applying for a 310 loan, all you need is to prove that you will be able to repay the debt.

Technical Characteristics of the Website


310loan.com secures your personal data by using encryption technologies: Geo Trust accredited this site to have a valid SSL certificate. That means that all you sensitive details will be safe from identity theft and other threats by hackers. It also testifies that the company has a good reputation.


The website uses a 256-bit SSL certificate but the website’s owner is not indicated in the browser. It would recommend users to choose websites using the best encryption technologies.

Mobile Version

310loan.com is a mobile-friendly website, which adds even more reputation to this lender. There is no need to scroll the pages with your finger, all images and elements are displayed correctly, the main page contains no distracting information.


I appreciate that this company took efforts to create a separate mobile version because most modern users prefer to apply for loans online using mobile devices.


Unfortunately, 310loan.com does not protect your devices from viruses and other online vulnerabilities, so users can easily be infected with “something unpleasant”. It’s very important to know that you are fully secured when applying for a loan online, so I recommend the lender to work more on customers’ safety.

Convenience of Use

It’s nice that you can start the application process without registration. Besides, the whole procedure is online so you can apply for a loan online at any time and from any location. Thus you may avoid waiting in line at a store.

If you a first-time customer, you need to click on the “Apply” button and fill in the empty fields. If you are an existing client, you can fill out an express application – all of your personal details will be saved.

All in all, you need to follow 4 simple steps:

  1. complete an online application or apply by phone;
  2. send the required documents using one of the suggested options;
  3. verify your personal information when 310 Loan representative calls you;
  4. if approved, wait for 30 minutes and get your funds via Email Money Transfer.

Before applying, you need to choose the province you are living in:


The convenient loan calculator will guide you on rates and terms of a payday loan in your province:


The website is very informative. They disclose all the details borrowers need to know: rates and fees, eligibility criteria, repayment terms, non-payment charges, and so on.

Besides, the lender offers you to get a $50 referral bonus if you invite your friends or relatives to use the services of 310 Loan. When they repay their first payday loan, you get $50. In addition, the referred friend receives a 20% discount on his first loan. It works this way: during the application process, your friend should mention your name to be confirmed.

Is 310loan.com Legit?

Scam Adviser seems to be not completely satisfied with 310 Loan legitimacy. The lender received only 88% out of 100%. Besides, the site has been was threat listed.


Although this website is very experienced (18 years), it is rarely visited. ScamAdviser reported that the site is located in the United States, although it presents itself as a Canadian lender. The site’s owner country is hidden. Probably, these aspects raised doubts in ScamAdviser and become the main reasons why the lender received only 88% of trust.

310loan.com Reviews

On-site Reviews

Customer reviews are very important for people who are thinking about taking a payday loan online. That is why I was so interested in what previous clients say about this organization. Unfortunately, I found no 310 Loan views on their native website. This is strange because they encourage customers to leave feedback and comments using the contact form.

Reviews on Third-Party Websites

Since this lender has been providing loans for over 18 years, I expected to find a huge number of 310 Loan reviews on the Internet and I did find them. Many customers were absolutely satisfied with this company and left positive reviews. Andrew reported that it was very easy and quick to apply for a payday loan via the phone and the customer care department was super friendly. Bram said that this lender provided a fast, friendly and helpful service. He mentioned that they transferred the funds in less than in 1 hour. Bram is a happy client who will use this website again, when necessary.

good reviews

However, some clients were completely disappointed with the services provided. Jim said it took him 4 days to receive his loan, although the lender promised that it would take only 30 minutes. Coco Leoni posting a 310 Loan complaint reporting that the company made a mistake when specifying the due date and demanded to repay his loan earlier than he expected. He asked other consumers to be cautious. The third client said they are “thieves” because they took money from his banking account, although he had not borrowed any funds from them.

bad reviews

That’s a pity that I found many 310 Loan complaints. I just have to hope that in most cases the clients are happy with the services provided.

Customer Support

Contact Information

310 Loan contact information is fully disclosed on the website: this lender is also known as Direct Credit Operations Inc. and located at 7495 132nd Street – Surrey, BC, Canada V3W 1J8. You can easily check up other locations in the section “Locations”.

Other contact details:

Regular operating hours are also disclosed on the website. There is not a single aspect which remained unclear.

310loan.com Locations

310 loan services are available to Canadians only. The lender provides loans in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan. Regretfully, these loans are currently unavailable in Quebec.


Getting a Consultation

According to the website, 310 loan customer service team is friendly and useful. They strive to provide the best possible customer care. Their staff is always ready to help you when you have any questions about payday loans or the lending process.

You can get a consultation by calling at 1-800-310-5626 Monday through Friday 8 am to 9 pm and Saturday from 10:30 am to 7 pm. You can also ready the customer care department via email at [email protected].

They mention that if you want to leave comments about the services of the lender, you need to fill out the contact form available on the Contact Us page.

I wanted to find out whether they can approve a loan to a person who is turning 19 next week. Regretfully, nobody answered my question within 6 hours. I conclude that 310 Loan customer support is far from perfect and requires optimization. I would also recommend them to provide a live chat on the website.


310loan.com seems an experience and convenient website for getting payday loans online. Their main benefit is that they work with all customers regardless of their credit. The application process does not take much time but you should be ready to fax some documents if you want to be approved. The website fully disclosed rates and terms of payday loans for all provinces. The rates are affordable but I’m not sure that they are lowest on the net. Scam Adviser, however, has some doubts about 310 Loan credibility since the website seems to be located in the United States. The reviews available on the net are mixed, which means that the lender is not able to provide excellent services to all of its customers. Another drawback of this organization is that they offer loans to Canadian residents only, so if you live in another country, you will have to look for another lender.

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