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Trusteer Rapport FAQs

Trusteer Rapport

Questions And Answers

How much does it cost?

Cardinal Bank is pleased to provide Trusteer Rapport free of charge to our Online Banking and Cash Management Online customers.   

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If I install Trusteer Rapport, will I no longer need to use anti-virus or anti-spyware software?

No.  Trusteer Rapport is an additional tool to help protect your accounts online.  It is used in conjunction with your anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spyware software programs.  When used together, you are further protecting both your computer and your browsing session from malicious attacks.   

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How does Trusteer Rapport work?

Once installed on your computer, Trusteer Rapport automatically provides a higher level of security during your Cardinal Bank Online Banking Session.  Trusteer Rapport also lets you manually apply Rapport's protection to other websites that you use in which you sign in and exchange sensitive information, such as your email or a retail shopping site.

When you connect to Cardinal Bank, Trusteer Rapport does three main things in the background to make it morel difficult for criminals to target you:

  1. Trusteer Rapport verifies that you are really connected to the genuine website as opposed to a fake website created by criminals.
  2. Once verification is complete, Trusteer Rapport locks down communication between your computer and the protected website. This prevents criminals from hijacking your online connection with the bank.
  3. Trusteer Rapport protects your computer and internet connection by creating a tunnel for safe communication, preventing criminals from using malware to steal your log-in data and tamper with financial transactions or information exchanges.

When you bank, trade, or shop online, Trusteer Rapport can significantly reduce your exposure to the growing threat of financial fraud and identity theft. 

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What are Trusteer Rapport's system requirements?

View Trusteer Rapport's system requirements and supported platforms list.  

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Does Trusteer Rapport Work with My Operating System and Browser?

Trusteer Rapport works with all major browsers including IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, both on Windows and Mac.

For Windows Operating Systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or Server), Rapport supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10
  • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7, 8.1* and 10* (*desktop mode)
  • Firefox 42, 43, 44 (32bit)
  • Firefox ESR 38.2, 38.3, 38.4
  • Google Chrome 46,47, 48

For Mac OS X (Mountain Lion 10.8 and up), Trusteer Rapport supports:

  • Firefox 42, 43, 44
  • Firefox ESR 38.2, 38.3, 38.4
  • Safari 6.2, 7, 7.1, 8, 9

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Does Trusteer Rapport update automatically?

Yes, Trusteer Rapport automatically applies security and software updates. Security updates are applied immediately and software updates are applied after reboot when the operating system starts up.  It is a good practice to always reboot your computer after a software update. 

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How do I know Trusteer Rapport is running?

The Rapport system icon (   ) appears whenever Trusteer Rapport is running. If the icon does not appear, Trusteer Rapport may have been stopped or uninstalled. To start Trusteer Rapport, select Programs > Trusteer > Trusteer  Rapport > Start.  If the icon is gray, simply click on it and follow the on-screen prompts to activate Trusteer on that site. 

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Why doesn't the Trusteer Rapport icon appear in my browser?

If the Trusteer Rapport icon does not appear in your browser, there are three possible reasons:

  • You chose to hide the icon from the address bar. Trusteer Rapport is still protecting you but the icon is hidden. You can restore the icon.
  • Trusteer Rapport does not support your browser.
  • Trusteer Rapport has been stopped and is not running. You can start Trusteer Rapport again.

For more information, visit Trusteer Support.

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I have a problem. How do I get support?

Trusteer support is available 24/7 through the Live Support link on the  Trusteer website.

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Which attacks does Trusteer Rapport protect against?

Trusteer Rapport’s proprietary browser lockdown technology is designed to prevent unauthorized access to information that flows between customers and websites regardless of which specific malware issues the threat.  These techniques include redirection to a fraudulent website, server compromise, keylogging, session hijacking, and many other malicious attacks.  Since Trusteer is regularly and frequently updated, it is better able to respond to the most current version of any type of known attempt to fraudulently obtain personal information.   

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Does Trusteer Rapport store or send any information about me?

All information sent from your computer to Trusteer Rapport is anonymous and includes technical details, not private information. When Trusteer Rapport suspects that your personal information has been compromised, it sends us a warning which includes an identifier that allows us to associate the incident with your account. Trusteer Rapport does not retain this identifier or any other private information. 

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Does Trusteer Rapport also protect my identity when I log in to my web-based email account?

Yes, if you manually add Trusteer Rapport's protection to your email website.  

Once you have installed Trusteer Rapport,you should always use it to protect your web browser sessions with Cardinal Online Banking.  You can also use it during sessions with other websites that contain private or personal information, such as: 

  • Mutual fund accounts
  • Online brokerage accounts
  • Email (such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Gmail)
  • Social networking sites (such as Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, and LinkedIn)
  • Insurance applications
  • Personal medical information websites
  • Online merchants (such as eBay, Amazon,, and

Learn more.

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Is Trusteer Rapport hacker-proof?

Unfortunately, no security solution is completely hacker proof. Trusteer Rapport adds a very important and unique security layer that allows you to better protect your sensitive information and promptly react to threats aimed directly at you. However, security is a constant battle, and Trusteer Rapport, along with other security products and features, makes it harder for criminals to commit crime. 

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