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Avoid Spear Phishing Scams during our Merger with United Bank

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During mergers and acquisitions, fraudsters may attempt to obtain and exploit confidential data for financial gain. Be on the lookout for an increase in spear phishing attempts during and after our merger with United Bank.  

Spear Phishing is an email targeting a select group of people and not a mass mailing.  The sophisticated email appears to be from a trusted source, while it tries to lure you into discussions regarding the merger, your accounts or it may include a fake website in hopes you will reveal sensitive personal or account information.  

Would you be inclined to respond with your online banking user name and password?  After careful consideration, simply delete the email.

  • Spear phishing email targeting a group of customers.  Double-check the senders email address.  Legitimate United Bank emails will be From:
  • Be leery if your name is not showing in the To: or CC: and the email is requesting to provide, review or update confidential information.
  • Do not disclose confidential information unless you are certain of the recipient’s identity.
  • Hover or pause your mouse on all links to verify the tooltip reveals the same destination as the website link.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately if you receive an urgent or demanding call, text or email regarding your account.  

Use these simple techniques everyday as you peruse your Inbox:

·  Always delete unwanted, unsolicited SPAM emails and never reply or unsubscribe.

·  Do not respondif you receive an email, text message or telephone inquiry requesting personal information. 

·  If an unexpected phone call, text or email appears to be from a legitimate business, always hang up and contact the business from the information on your statement, business cards or from their website. 

·  Install and update anti-virus software and turn on your computer’s firewall.

·  Turn on an anti-phishing options that may be offered by your email provider.

·  Cardinal Bank will never make unsolicited calls or send unsolicited text messages asking customers to provide, update or verify personal account information, such as passwords, social security numbers, PINs, credit or check card numbers or other confidential information.

·  If you have provided personal information to an unknown source or suspect fraudulent behavior, please call us immediately at 703.584.3400 or 800.473.3247 and follow these steps.

As always,

  • Be skeptical and take a few seconds to observe, hover and scrutinize emails.
  • Closely monitor your accounts for any unexplained transactions.
  • Remember...Education is the best resource to stop all forms of phishing. The best defense is not technology, it's you. Think before you click.