Mobile Banking

Bank of America, Bank of America Bank and Cardinal Bank offer a variety of Mobile Banking solutions designed to meet your Mobile Banking preferences.

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is a package of services and a convenient SMS-service that allows you to perform various operations with plastic cards, allows you to receive information about all card transactions, as well as make payments, transfers and other operations using a mobile phone at any time of the day and anywhere on earth.

Opportunities for Mobile Banking Users

Connecting to Mobile Banking gives you the following options:

  • receive real-time SMS about card transactions;
  • find out the balance;
  • replenish the account of your mobile phone, as well as the phone of close people;
  • block the card;
  • transfer funds from one account to another within the same bank (including to another person’s card);
  • make payments in favor of organizations that have entered into an agreement with the bank;
  • receive SMS about transactions, passwords in the Online Banking;
  • transfer money to a charity fund;
  • repay loans;
  • manage the Mobile Banking itself;
  • connect “Autopayment” – the phone account autocompletion service;
  • receive promotional offers of the bank.

Well, perhaps the most useful option is the transfer of funds to the recipient, knowing only his/her phone number. Note that both the sender and the addressee must be connected to the Mobile Banking.

How to connect Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking from Bank of America, Bank of America Bank or Cardinal Bank can be activated in various ways. Bank clients can choose the most convenient option:

  • ATMs;
  • through a specialist in a bank office;
  • calling the hotline.

In the case of an ATM, you must insert a card and enter your individual PIN. In the menu, you need the item “Mobile Banking”. The service will be connected to the cell number that is tied to the card.

If it’s easier for you to visit a local office of the bank, you can connect mobile banking service through a specialist. For this, you will need your ID.

But why go to the office if you can just call the hotline? A bank representative will ask you to answer a series of questions so that the client can go through the identification procedure. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare an ID and your card in advance, to remember the code word and the number of your mobile phone that was specified during the registration of the contract.