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Transfer to Save

Looking For An Easy Way To Save?

Automatic Online Banking Transfers Put You In Control

With Online Banking you can quickly and easily create your own savings plan tailored to work with your budget. Simply set-up scheduled transfers within Online Banking.

Get Started With These Easy Steps:

  • Log in to Online Banking

  • Determine if you want to transfer funds between your Cardinal Checking and Savings accounts or between your Cardinal Bank and outside accounts
Between Your Cardinal Bank Accounts To/From Your Cardinal and Outside Accounts1
  • Click on the "Move Money" tab, click on "Schedule a Transfer"
  • Enter the Transfer "From" account and the Transfer "To" account
  • Choose the "Start Date" and click in the "Repeat" box
  • Choose the Transfer Frequency (Until I Cancel, Set Number of Transfers, or End Date)
  • Enter the Transfer Amount
  • Click on the "Make Transfer" button
  • Confirm your transfer selections
  • Click on the "Done" button
  • Click on the "Move Money" tab and "Transfer To/From Other Banks"
  • Enter the Transfer Amount
  • Select the Transfer "From" and "To" accounts
  • Select the start date
  • Select the Repeat Frequency 
  • Choose the Transfer Duration
  • Add a Memo if you'd like - you could set-up different savings plans such as saving for vacation or holiday shopping

 Remember, you can change your transfer options at any time.

Get Started Today!

Log in to Online Banking now to create your savings plan and watch your savings grow!
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Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions, below or contact us at 703.584.3400, option 2 or 800.473.3247.  Our representatives are available Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, ET.

Frequently Asked Questions

What accounts can I use to transfer funds for my personalized savings program?
You can schedule transfers between your eligible Cardinal Bank checking, savings and money market accounts.

I only have a checking account at Cardinal Bank. How can I use this program?
You will need at least two Cardinal Bank accounts to start your savings program. If you have your paycheck deposited into your existing checking account, you could open a new savings or money market account and set-up your Scheduled Transfers between your checking and savings or money market account. To open an account visit a branch near you, open an account online if you don't have an account with Cardinal, or open an account in Online Banking in the Additional Services section.

What transfer frequencies are available with Scheduled Transfers?
Scheduled Transfers provides many options for transfer frequencies. Scheduled Transfers can be made weekly, monthly, twice-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Do I have the option to stop transfers at any time?
Yes. You have the option to set your Scheduled Transfers to end after a number of transfers that you designate, at a date you specify or to allow transfers to continue with no end date.

If I want to change my Scheduled Transfers savings plan, can I change it at any time?
Absolutely, simply log in to Online Banking and go to Scheduled Transfers. From there, click on the “Edit” link to change your transfer amount, transfer frequency or end date.

Can I delete my Scheduled Transfers whenever I want?
Yes. You also can delete your Scheduled Transfers at any time. Log in to Online Banking and go to Scheduled Transfers. From there, click on the “Delete” link next to the transfer you wish to cancel.

How will I know that my transfers occurred?
An email notification can be sent to you. Your email address we have on file will be automatically populated in the “Email Notification To” space when you schedule your transfers. If your email address has changed, please update it in Online Banking. You can enter a message to go with your email if you choose. Please do not include any sensitive information such as your account numbers or social security number.


1 Available for Individuals only (no businesses).  Must be 18 or older.