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Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is a great pick-me-up first thing in the morning when you need energy the most, and it is a great tool to help push through the mid-day crash that might threaten to slow your productivity at the office.

You may be surprised to learn, however, that coffee has a number of great health benefits beyond boosting your energy levels in the morning. Here are just five to consider the next time you think about brewing a fresh pot.

Weight loss

According to, a 22-week study following the habits of 16 overweight adults found that six subjects who had consumed green coffee bean extract had lost enough weight to achieve a normal weight for their range. What’s more, an abstract published in a 2005 issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports found that consuming coffee before exercise increases performance by approximately 12 percent. This is due to an increase of adrenaline caused by coffee that mitigates the perception of pain and increases recovery speed.

Mental sharpness

Drinking coffee may help you better focus on a task at hand, but Indiana University’s points out that the benefits on brain health go even deeper. According to studies, consuming three to five cups of coffee on a daily basis decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia by up to 65 percent, with some experts maintaining that coffee’s caffeine stores stimulate the production of glutamine and dopamine.

Living longer

Daily consumption of coffee has also been linked to an increased life expectancy. According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Health and AARP, men between the ages of 50 and 71 who drank at least three cups of coffee a day were 10 percent more likely to live longer than those who did not drink coffee, while women who drank three or more cups a day were 13 percent more likely to live longer than those who drank no coffee at all.

Comparatively, men who drank one cup of coffee a day were 6 percent less likely to die than men who did not drink coffee, and women who drank one cup were 5 percent more likely to outlive women who drank none.

Lower chance of diabetes

According to an abstract published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the amount of coffee consumed on a daily basis is inversely proportionate to your likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. Data from 18 different studies revealed that the risk of diabetes decreases by approximately 7 percent for every cup of coffee consumed every day.

Decreased chance of certain cancers cites multiple studies that have found the risk of developing liver and colorectal cancer decreases sharply in individuals who drink coffee with regularity. This is attributed to the presence of quinines, a particular type of antioxidant, in coffee beans. These antioxidants are made more potent when the beans are roasted, and according to the American Chemical Society, this has led to coffee becoming the primary source of antioxidants in American diets.

Coffee does the trick when you are looking for a quick energy boost or a delicious beverage, and if you are looking for a drink that has the potential to have long-lasting positive effects on your health, then it may just be worth ordering a double shot.